Another Airline Attack: Delta Pilot Strikes Passenger !!!

No company wants to be outdone by their competition,  so Delta upped the ante here by throwing in their own chips.

Instead of calling in security to deal with a conflict between passengers, this pilot took the controls & flew this situation right into the ground.

The fallout will further erode the fragile relationship between the airline industry & customers…

(TMZ) – DELTA AIR LINES PILOT HITS PASSENGER During Fight at Atlanta Airport

4/29/2017 8:01 AM PDT

A Delta pilot smacked a passenger who was fighting with another passenger at the Atlanta airport … and it was caught on video.

We’re told the incident went down Sunday or Monday. The plane had just landed and the passengers were leaving the jetway when 2 women started fighting.

The pilot appears and tries separating the women. He then grabs one of them by the arm and hits her. The pilot walks away as the women are still on the ground.

We’re told a Delta employee gave a supervisor the video almost immediately after the incident.

We’re also told some Delta employees were upset because security wasn’t called.

We reached out to Delta, and a rep tells us the airline is investigating and “taking this very seriously.”

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