*BREAKING* Anti-Trump Protester Shot By Police In Phoenix *Watch Video Here*

Police in Phoenix, Arizona do not allow protests to get out of hand, as clearly illustrated on Tuesday night at President Trump’s big rally.

When the anti-Trumpers started advancing upon the event, law enforcement pushed back BIGLY !!!

But, one brave Trump hater would not be stopped by a massive wall of cops,


As this protester ran up & kicked a can of tear gas at police, one officer shot him right in his manhood with a rubber bullet!

Of course, this fierce tactic worked, as you will see in the video footage below:

Watch this painful incident here(courtesy TMZ/azfamily):


  1. Time for the media to support non violence and STOP defending these Radicals and Hate Groups … ALL OF THEM .. Neo Nazies…BLM…Antifa … The Media Needs to calm it down it is them who brought about this Discord . Not Obama … Not Clinton and Not TRUMP … It is Congress and the Media who keeps this violence alive

  2. Love this. I could watch this all day. Here is something to think about considering Antifa is being allowed to run amuck without any pushback. It is absolutely way past time to up the anti. They asked for this they are going to get it. If they keep on they are not going to like the next step. Democrats are blaming Trump for this. No Democrats/liberals bussed these domestic terrorists in and encouraged them to resist and swarm Trumps Rally. Everyone should start being concerned with the tens of thousands that over ran Boston and they tried to do it in Phoenix last night also. Soros and his domestic terrorists were bragging how they were going to swarm and overwhelm the Trump supporters. People need to wake up and start going after the democrats who are praising Antifa’s violence and destruction and who are encouraging and inciting them and BUSSING them in to do this. If it was the other way around the whiny haters would explode as we saw with the over dramatic response to Charlottesville which the libtards set up and went wrong when deaths occurred and ran to the nearest reporter to scream Trump did it when the overwhelming evidence coming to like tells a different story. Democrats/libtards must start being called out and held responsible for this crap and turn the tables on them getting away with blaming Trump. When they can over run large cities with tens of thousands of violent domestic terrorists who proceed to destroy and assault everyone in site should be of concern to everyone in this country. Quite frankly it like an invasion and take over of major cities and with as embolden as they are getting thanks to libtards they might just decide to over run a city govt and occupy major cities like they have done and continue to do on university campuses for months at a time or longer. It is almost like the university takeover was a practice run. If you sit back and look at the increase of violence and the massive numbers of tens of thousands being allowed to group up and overrun large cities. It is almost out of ISIS handbook. Look how they started their invasions of Syria, Iraq ect and spread like parasites. Then they just kept the cities they overran and their Caliphate was born. Mark my words the more embolden and incited by democrats/libtards and the endless supply of money of king terrorist SOROS and we are going to be in some serious trouble if Democrats/liberals are going to keep getting away with inciting and encouraging Antifa’s violence and suffering zero consequences. It is time to go hard after the leaders of the democrats that are endorsing and encouraging Antifa. The backlash need to be a hostile and aggressive as the back lash was against Trump over Charlottesville. Democrats are getting absolutely zero back lash or suffering any consequences what so ever for supporting violent domestic terrorists that are spreading across this country like cockroaches and parasites. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    • We should treat these flag haters like they do in China. Pull up in swat vans get out kill them all and drive away. Problem solved. Wearing masks shows intent to hid recognition from your crimes.

  3. Antifa are the true Nazis here, they use the same tactics that the Nazi party used before WWII to gain power in Germany.

  4. Where were all these people doing this over islam who ran shit loads of people over? Give me a break! You don’t tell us when or where we go in this country. DO you see any rulers here? Kings or Queens? Hell!

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