*BREAKING NEWS* 18 People Killed By Fiery Bus Crash In Germany

A bus crash in Bavaria has left 18 victims dead & 30 injured in a horrific accident today.

German authorities reported that a bus carrying German senior citizens crashed into a truck this Monday, the accident resulted with at least 30 people injured and 18 people dead. Caught in a traffic jam, the truck was at the end of a line of vehicles on a highway close to Muenchberg in Bavaria, and close to the border of the Czech Republic.

Burned Alive

Conservative Forever Reports, the bus was traveling from Lausitz to Lake Garda in Italy. German policesaid that at least 30 are injured and many of them are in serious condition and that the other people “are believed to have died on the burning bus,” a statement said.

And it was reported that by the time that authorities arrived on the scene the bus was partially burned. The truck that was hit by the bus was also burning. To identify charred bodies forensic specialists were brought on the scene. Irene Brandenstein, Police spokeswoman stated that the bus and the people that were trapped on it were severely damaged.

“The investigation of the accident is very complex and time-consuming,” Brandenstein said.

She said that there were 48 people on the bus, not including the two drivers, which is still unknown if they were among the survivors of this tragic accident. The police reported that the senior citizens were from Saxony and that all the people on the bus were German.

“Our thoughts are with the families of the victims and we wish all those who were injured a speedy recovery,” said Angela Merkel, German Chancellor in a statement.

Officials said that until the investigation into the accident is finished the highway will be closed.



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