Disgusting: Democrats Show True Colors by Refusing to Stand for Widow of Fallen Seal

President Trump honored the wife of fallen American Hero Ryan Owens during his address to Congress Tuesday Night.  President Trump honored the sacrifice the fallen Seal made:

“We are blessed to be joined tonight by Carryn Owens, the widow of a U.S. Navy special operator, Senior Chief William “Ryan” Owens. Ryan died as he lived: a warrior, and a hero — battling against terrorism and securing our nation. I just spoke to General [Jim] Mattis, who reconfirmed that, and I quote, “Ryan was a part of a highly successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemies.” Ryan’s legacy is etched into eternity. For as the Bible teaches us, there is no greater act of love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Ryan laid down his life for his friends, for his country and for our freedom — we will never forget him.”

If you watch the video of the moving moment, some of the top Democrats can be seen just sitting there. Spefically Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders. In fact there’s a whole group of Democrats wearing white (to honor women’s rights ironically) who couldn’t be bothered to get up.   It’s at about the 2 minute mark of this video:

And about the 3 minute mark of this video:


    • You are so right , they showed such disrespect to that woman and all who served an paid the paid the price for US, the American people. Thank You President Trump !

          • you left out the details…Obama scrubbed the mission due to intel wasn’t sufficient to give the ok and also wanted full darkness[ moon was out]. Trump went ahead without proper data and got people killed.

        • Trumps orders did not kill him those orders were already in the works before Obama left office.So quick to blame Trump you don’t realize every time we get a new president they inherit all the shit the old president did n has to fix that first.really need to brush up on your shit before you open your mouth and start bashing the President.

        • This has become a joke….You democrats should be ashamed 8 years of Obama and a promise to END(non) wars and how many men died in the Idle Promises.Every service man died is terrible But respect to the widow is a must.

        • well you didnt read the truth about father he just wants to understand why his son died ,hes in horrible pain,for his loss,hes not blaming anyone hes son was doing what he signed up to do such as my husband whom i lost also.the pain of the loss is excruciating, a person needs time to heal.the only one using this is anti trump people ,the democrates ,using him as another way to complain about trump and disrespecting him by not standing ,to honor our fallen soldiers and his family.shame on you thank you for laying your life down to help us win america back from all the evil.thank you sir we will remember you.

        • And the widow should be disrespected because…..??? Really? Are you such an ass you can not even be respectful to a widow who lost her husband while serving our country? It has nothing to do with who ordered what and who attended what.

        • Sage you need to.know what you are talking about before spouting off bad info….that was all over about Obama,s orders…

        • YOU do not ahve the facts! Yes the father wants answers..but the fact is this! It was the last administrations plan already being implemented before he got in office and carried out when he jus got in office. THE real problem is that the enemy was ready, which means to be they knew. The big question is WHO leaked the information to the enemy, that is why he is really upset!

        • FACT: Obama signed the order for the operation, knowing full well that (weather) conditions would not be suitable until after he (Obama) left office.

        • Prove it. Show us verifiable documents that show sufficient detail to back up your otherwise baseless assertion.

          Making stuff up that supports your closely held belief system does not make it true.

          I’m a former USAF officer and pilot. I understand the difference between intel and facts. Such understanding in the context of the actual operational needs is crucial to even begin to assert what you have.

          So get your information together and let’s discuss.


      • Go to the 2:00 mark and look directly down from the O in widow. They are right in front of a larger gal in white. You can clearly see that those 2 are seated and never moved.

    • The butt hurt liberal buttercups are INCAPABLE if giving even one centimeter to the Predident. To include their refusal to recognize the widow of a military hero to their disrespectful mass departure st the moment of the end of the speech; they demonstrate their disgusting attitudes towards their President and the American people. It’s simply childish petulant behavior that you would correct in a two-year old. Pathetic and disgusting.

    • The butt hurt liberal buttercups are INCAPABLE if giving even one centimeter to the Predident. To include their refusal to recognize the widow of a military hero to their disrespectful mass departure st the moment of the end of the speech; they demonstrate their disgusting attitudes towards their President and the American people. It’s simply childish petulant behavior that you would correct in a two-year old. Pathetic and disgusting.

  1. Democrats don’t like our Military or our Police that put their lives on the line for our Freedom. They don’t have any respect for the people that don’t make it back. They vilify the people that make this Country great. We could be like these other Countries that mistreat and kill people based on gender or sexual preference but we’re not. These are the cultures we are trying to keep out of the Country. Yeah, it’s racist and prejudice to keep these dangerous Cultures out says the Liberal Sheep. What they don’t realize is Japan and many other Countries already protect their borders. So are they trying to claim Japan or many other Countries as racists?

  2. Maybe because this bloating out of his ass talking idiot called trump, insulted all the men fighting for their country and died, by saying they are not fighting to win!!!

    Maybe they dont respect this not worth of breathing lying ass because of that??!!

    • Maybe you are too stupid to know better! You people are the very reason why democrats lost 1,000’s of seatd across the country. America is sick and tired of this constant lack of respect for god, country, and law! We had to accept the fact you were able to get Odumbo into office and watch him continue the lack of respect for law enforcement, christians and our military! It’s now time to repair the carnage!

      • Problem is muslims wanting sharia law over the constitution are running the DNC. As a muslim org, WHY would they stand up for America?

    • Actually, our military loves President Trump. The reason that he said what he did is because Obama has been against our military and kept them from taking more action in the field. I advise you to do some research before you comment.

    • De groot, read the article stupid. The military loves Trump, it’s the disrespectful democrats who are turning their back on a fallen Seal’s wife.
      Go troll somewhere else.

    • Thank you. Every time you speak like this it helps get rid of another Democrat. The uneducated are helping get rid of this mess one speech at a time and one example at a time. At this rate we supporters of this administration need to simply sit back and watch Nancy Pelosi and the rest of them destroy themselves. Maybe you should get on your knees and pray for a change. Support our President and our Country

      • Those Democrats have an islamic agenda, and Trump is against them and the terrorists they want in here. DNC is now muslim controlled. Perez-Ellison

    • we are not fighting to win and the military is happy to hear the truth come out of his mouth, it is the reason I begged my husband to retire… We have been saying it for the last few years, We cannot fight to win with hands tied behind our backs…. So speak not of which you know nothing….. This military family thanks Trump and so do all in my husband’s platoon.

  3. That woman’s husband just died, are these people so hard hearted that to simply show her some sympathy for her loss is beyond their capability?

  4. You guys realize that Trump was using the widow for his own political gain, right? Just like he ordered her husband on a doomed mission. Wake up, folks. Trump is only in this game for himself.

    • Obama approved of the mission before he left office. Do your homework before posting and leaving no doubt of your ignorance. Unfortunately they had to wait for proper positioning of the moon to fulfill it.

    • he ordered no one, missions are planned months in advance and a quick check of google would show this to be an Obama led mission…. Another one who knows not of which they speak….. these missions have months or years of planning

    • Well he didn’t but at any rate over 200 others gave her a standing ovation for two minutes. What was their evil agenda??

  5. Guess I’m not watching the same video because everyone, including Mr Sanders stood. Take a look at 30 second mark and you will see him standing. Yep they sat before the clapping was done but Ryan’s family also tried to sit down multiple times.

  6. Witness it last night. In the beginning they did’t. Then realized, the political image and stood up. But, some continen to sit down the whole speech. What’s worse is that these self proclaimed women’s rights champions refused to stand up and applause for the 1st. Lady when she entered the House to take her seat. The camera showed Poloci and her crowd of rep dressed in white all doing this outrageous act. An award of courtesy toward every 1st Lady. Hypocrisy in its true form. Actions speak louder than words. Shame on the house democratics. The entire American public witnessed it.

  7. If you watch the video you see they all stand up, at one point people start to sit down as the clapping wains a bit, the clapping continues but the camera moves away, so you do not see if they stand up again. I can tell you that I do not for one second believe that they did not stand up, especially Senator Sanders, who is a true and strong advocate of veterans. I am also sure this photo was not taken at the time of the honoring of this brave soldier. It is just another way to make people place blame and hate each other. Stop allowing yourselves to believe all the false and ridiculous things that are being put out there from both sides. Find the truth before you jump into the fire!

  8. Has anyone even WATCHED THE video??? Everyone in the whole room stood up!!!
    The screenshots able has “Capitol hill” in the caption above the actual video posted does NOT!! Please post FACTS instead of tearing this nation apart and fueling hatred from slanted “fake” articles.

  9. Did you guys even watch the video, or are you just taking the articles word for what happened? The democrats clearly stood, they just sat down first. The article should be called “Democrats lose 3 minute standing/clapping competition.” The media lies to BOTH parties. Democrats aren’t the only ones that get fed “fake news.”

  10. Yes, it was disrespectful of anyone who chose not to acknowledge Mrs. Owen’s husband and his tragic death. It was also disrespectful of Pres. Trump to exploit her and her loss in order to emphasize and justify his immigration ban, particularly when just the day before and that morning he passed the responsibility for Sgt. Owens death off onto the shoulders of his military leaders, saying “They lost him.” He is the top military commander. He authorized the operation. It was and is his responsibility.

    • I don’t know if this picture in particular was during the honoring of the fallen soldier. The majority of democrats stood though there were a few who didn’t. I am a conservative but lets not make things worse than they are by blaming ALL democrats for the actions of a few. This is why this country is in such a mess because of lies and exaggerations. Let’s be better than that PLEASE!

    • Marianne-if Mrs. Owens felt exploited she didn’t have to be there. President Trump was honoring him. Trump is one of the few Presidents who actually respects our troops and Veterans.

  11. No. THIS IS FAKE NEWS! This is pissing me off. I just had this convo with someone else. They went and watched it again and agreed with me. I watched it. 3 x’s. This clip did not show during this part of the speech. It was shown while he was talking of something else. Yes they sat throughout but the house all stood when he spoke of our military, veterans and fighting Isis! This is the kind of posts that keeps fueling the divide in this country. Both sides are guilty as hell including me. We need to be more careful with the posts we share. You may be contributing to the fall of our democracy as we know it. We need to be more responsible with our posts.

  12. Regardless of who signed or not..the wife, the son of the Father that lost his husband/son should be honored for this fallen hero. PERIOD!

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