*BREAKING* James O’Keefe Poised To Take Down Fake News Media: People Will Be Fired

Project Veritas Chief, James O’Keefe came out to say, his organization will soon release the results of their biggest & best investigation into the mainstream media.

From all indications, this looks like the real deal, & O’keefe promises that people will be fired as a direct result of his latest project.

James says,

In the coming weeks, you’re going see one of the biggest investigations this organization has ever done. 

It’s a continuation of American Pravda series. It’s aimed at the media. We’re going after their holy grail.

He is not at a loss for words in his confidence that he will win this battle, continuing,

We have tripled our journalists in the field. 

They are not even here, they are out there everyday. It’s gonna be big, it’s gonna be massive. If they think they can shut us down with this crap lawsuit they’re sorely mistaken.

Because not only are people in the media probably going to lose their jobs and be exposed for what they are, but this [lawsuit] is going to be exposed for what it is.

So stay tuned ladies and gentleman. Fireworks are coming.

Here is O’Keefe’s video Tweet:

Unfortunately, we have heard these promises from James in the past, only to be disappointed in most cases.

However, we do appreciate his eagerness to attack America’s enemies, & always wish him the very best with Veritas!

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