Huge military convoy in Colorado

Stryker Vehicles Down I-25
Stryker Vehicles Down I-25
Stryker Vehicles Down I-25
Stryker Vehicles Down I-25

Huge military convoy in Colorado

A huge military convoy rolling through Colorado has local citizens and the wider national United States audience curious as to what’s going on. The two week operation is called Operation Raider Focus. There are reports of flat beds with razor wire, tanks, helicopters, and various support vehicles trek across I-25 for training. It is reported to be the largest military convoy in Colorado since World War 2. The convoy is said to include roughly 650 vehicles with 300 of those being Stryker armored vehicles.

As reported by The Gazette:

Over 1,200 military vehicles and around 5,000 soldiers from the 1st Brigade Combat Team took a massive road trip down I-25.

And 9News:

[…]1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 4th Combat Aviation Brigade, 4th Sustainment Brigade as well as other Fort Carson units and about 750 Soldiers from Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Fort Bragg, North Carolina and Fort Hood, Texas[…]

The convoy to the the training area is expected to last through April 22nd. In an interview with a soldier familiar with the operation, he said the training exercise of all of their equipment is to test their, “logistical reach.” He also notes that it’s just practice for further cross-functional training that is a regular exercise. They are headed from Fort Carson to the Pinon Canon Maneuver Site for further training.

The next set of training is for a “mock war in the desert of California in June.” I think it’s safe to take that literally, and not that they are actually training for a war in the in the California desert. That’s something they should probably work on communicating. I know training there is common though, because it has similar conditions to the Middle East.

What’s going on? I remember something like this before…

This may give some flashbacks of 2015’s “Jade Helm” event. Jade Helm 15 if you recall, was the big conspiracy event first broke by Alex Jones of InfoWars that turned out to be completely true.

On July 15, approximately 1,200 U.S. troops, mostly Special Operations forces, will participate in Jade Helm 15, a two-month military training exercise sprawling across seven states in the American Southwest, including Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.

While Jade Helm will be one of the largest military training exercises ever performed on domestic soil, the operation has garnered national attention for a slightly different reason: It’s the subject of conspiracy theories propagated by wary libertarians and conservatives worried about the potential establishment of martial law.

There was no martial law of course, but the lack of transparency didn’t help the anxiety the situation caused. Concerns about potential events like this being training or a segue into a martial law-type event haven’t gone away, with every troop movement rekindling the discussion. The bottom line is that mass troop movements inside the U.S. make people uneasy. So somewhere around the lines of 5,000 troops moving around Colorado is going to raise eyebrows.

One such good collage of pictures and videos is from a Youtuber by the name of DAHBOO77 who does a good job of collecting and redistributing information such as this. You can see the military is working with Law Enforcement, and traveling in smaller groups as to not tangle up traffic. You can tell they put in a lot of time planning for this to not disrupt everybody’s daily life. This is of course because they don’t have dedicated “military roads” like they used to. Thanks to my military buddies that reminded me of this as I wrote this article.

This is completely normal. So let’s trust, but verify.

It’s also important to note that training like this happens all the time. Our military doesn’t have traditional parades like some around the world do. If you live around military bases, you’re actually probably already used to this. I for example lived many years around JBLM in Washington State, and it wasn’t unusual for the military to be convoying East and South all the time. There would also be frequent military aircraft overhead daily, as well as and Navy in Bremerton, Seattle, and as far south as Portland, OR.

The point is, I can appreciate this time that the military is reaching out and being more diplomatic about letting people know what’s going on. Remember that they are our friends, brothers, and sisters. They have to do lots of training, so they can be the best they can be. Until we actually see or hear about them training about something concerning, let them go play with their toys. From the interviews, they seem very happy. If they’re happy, I’m happy.


  1. Having been in the Military these exercises are necessary and very effective. When a situation arises, you need to know where to go and what to do in an orderly manner. These training excercises accomplish that to the extent that your reactions to a certain situation becomes a normal reflex. There isn’t any time to screw around.

  2. My daughter just sent me a video she took while waited at a RR crossing in North Texas. The engine was hauling maybe 100 flat bed cars loaded with military tanks, vehicles & equipment. Wonder if it is part of the same convoy? I understand how important these exercises are and that show strength makes me feel more secure. God bless our troops.

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