*NBA IDIOT ALERT* LeBron James Makes Foolishness Fashionable Again

NBA Star & anti-Trump bigot LeBron James launched a bold attack upon our POTUS after Trump’s comments on the Charlottesville tragedy.

Despite the fact that President Trump was exactly correct in his statements, the delusional ‘King’ James unilaterally decided that Donald is a racist hater.

LeBron lamented,

Hate has always existed in America. Yes we know that but Donald Trump just made it fashionable again… Statues has nothing to do with us now!

James took exception to Trump’s assertion that the alt-left protesters were also to blame for the violence at this monumental rally.

Apparently, these ignorant left wing athletes think that ONLY people with opposing ideologies to their own can be blamed for evil deeds.

Nash Rash

As if LeBron James is not enough to quell our fearless leader, another NBA notable tag teamed with the Queen City King to pile onto Trump. Steve Nash opened his little yap to snap at the President’s ankles.

Referencing Trump’s mention of owning a winery in Charlottesville, Steve nashed his teeth at this with a nasty retort:

To defend white supremacists and then slang his sh*tty ass grape juice pretty much sums the man up.

Since WHEN can you credibly accuse someone of defending one side when they actually blamed BOTH sides for the violence?

Media Hides The Truth

Accurate footage shows left wing zealots attacking right wing protesters with bats & other dangerous weapons, but the media covered up this information to create a false narrative against conservatives. Not only did they protect their alt-left thugs, they simultaneously called the ALL the peaceful protesters Neo-Nazis & white nationalists.

Once again, Trump correctly called them out on their lies. In FACT, most of the original protesters who had a permit to gather there were just peaceful folks who stood up against the terrorists who wanted to tear down the monument.

To further set back this liberal scourge, President Trump launched a brilliant set of questions that serve as a warning to those who will deface American history. In a a specific reference to protesters removing a statue of Robert E. Lee, Trump asked the media,

This week, it is Robert E Lee, … I noticed that Stonewall Jackson‘s coming down. I wonder is it George Washington next week and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after?

He then rhetorically quizzed the press, asking them if Washington & Jefferson were slave owners. His point is, every historic figure immortalized by monuments will be reviled by at least one individual or group. All of history’s famous heroes can be criticized for shortcomings, but removing their statues will not change history, nor will leaving it in place harm the residents of the present day.

We Learn From Beauty AND The Beast

In fact, we can learn & grow from our monuments. Children can stand at the foot of these representations & be educated by their parents & teachers in all aspects of their legacy, both good & bad.

When you erase history, you erode our understanding of all the positive & negative building blocks of our civilization. The only result of such censorship is catastrophic collapse.

Many centuries ago, an angry mob destroyed mankind’s greatest repository of accumulated knowledge in Alexandria, Egypt. We can assume this legendary library contained many objectionable works that would offend many people.

What we DO know: This grand building held the most precious information of history’s advancement, & its destruction set our future achievements back by hundreds of years. Famous scientist Carl Sagan once asserted that if the Alexandria Library was not eliminated with its valuable contents, we may have reached the Moon by the 1600’s.

The liberal mindset is stuck on stupid, blinded by misguided rage, & they are playing a dangerous game with our human advancement…



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