Ted Cruz Slams Democrat Hypocrisy at Gorsuch Confirmation Hearing

Today was the first confirmation hearing of Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court.  Democrats wasted little time using the hearing as an opportunity to whine about Garland and the perceived snub he faced last year:

As CNN reports:

Sen. Patrick Leahy called it an “extraordinary blockade” that was “totally unprecedented in our country’s whole history.”
Leahy criticized Trump for relying on conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society last year to vet and recommend his list of potential Supreme Court picks.

“Senate Republicans made a big show last year about respecting the voice of the American people in this process,” he said, referring to Trump’s election victory. “Now they’re arguing that the Senate should rubber-stamp their nominees selected by extreme interest groups and nominated by a president who lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.”

Ted Cruz responded in the eloquent and epic fashion we’ve come to expect from him:

From the Blaze:

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) recounted Monday some of the policies of previous presidents that could have been wielded against Democratic Supreme Court nominees to show the hypocrisy of the questions being asked of President Trump’s nominee, Judge Gorsuch. He did so while on the Senate Judiciary Committee for the confirmation hearing of the nominee.

“Some Democrats slandered Judge Gorsuch,” Cruz explained, “as being, ‘against the little guy,’ because he has dared to rule based on the law, the law that Congress has passed, and not on the specific identity of the specific litigants appearing before him. This is absurd.”

“Many of these same critics have spent the last eight years attacking the Little Sisters of the Poor,” Cruz continued, “a Catholic charity of nuns for having the audacity to live according to their deeply held religious beliefs.”

You really need to take a long look in the mirror if one day you find yourself attacking nuns, attacking the Little Sisters of the Poor, and the next day you find yourself orating on the need to protect the little guy.

“A judge’s job is not to protect the little guy or the big guy,” Cruz explained, “a judge swears an oath to uphold the constitution and to follow the law fairly and impartially for every litigant, little or big.”

“In the past weeks as well,” he continued, “some of my Democratic colleagues have questioned Judge Gorsuch’s independence, and suggested that he needs to answer questions about the actions and statements and even the tweets of the president who appointed him. I would ask, was Justice Ginsburg or Justice Breyer, asked about the sexual harassment that had been filed against president Clinton by Paula Jones. No, neither was asked about that lawsuit.”

Was Justice Kagan asked about President Obama’s incendiary comments at the State of the Union attacking the Supreme Court for a decision he disagree with? No of course not. Those questions were not asked because they were inappropriate political questions that have nothing to do with the record of the nominee before this committee.

Cruz had vowed that Democrats would not filibuster Gorsuch’s nomination previously. The media had also taken aim at the nomination with a “fake news” misleading report smearing him a fascist based on a joke made during his college days.

If today’s confirmation is any indication, the rest of the week should be filled with fireworks!  Stay tuned!

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