WHERE ARE THE MODERATE MUSLIMS? Egyptian Researcher Inquires

Mythical Muslim Moderates

Watch Hussein Aboubakr, Military Instructor,Researcher, & Egyptian Native Tell Us Why Islam Is Not Moderate, Nor Capable Of Reform In Our Current World – Video provided by PragerU

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Hussein Aboubakr Learned firsthand about the truth of Islam in his native land of Egypt. He grew up under the shadow of submission to a fierce religion, & bigotry against anyone who would not accept Islam as their sacred master. They have an even deeper hatred for Israel, & Hussein was trained from birth to follow in this pathetic parade.

He once blogged,

From the days of my early childhood in Egypt, anti-Semitism was not only a common phenomenon it has been a national characteristic of my country… Anti-Jewish propaganda can be easily found in mosques, bookstores, on the radio, in newspapers and on TV.

Aboubakr Adds,

I was taught that a Jew is essentially a demon in flesh and that it is our destiny as good Muslims to kill them all. … There is a Muslim consensus that any acts of violence against Israel — including suicide bombers in buses — are justified if not encouraged.

Despite his daily dose of antisemitic conditioning by this brutal religious society, by some miracle he developed a keen curiosity for the Jewish culture, religion, & even their Hebrew language.

By the time he attended Cairo University, Hussein was anxious to immerse himself into the very enclave that all of his countrymen abhor with a red hot revulsion.

After enduring his own struggle against the oppressive Islamic fist, including a prison stay of more than a year, he was granted political asylum in America. Now, he spends his time admonishing the non-Muslim world to open their eyes & see the injustices that Islam forces upon the rest of world.

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