The New Media, We are it!

With all of the Fake news out there, you know, CNN, PMSNBC, Addicting info, Salon, Dailykos, Media Matters and a host of other outlets the truth is hard to find. We are the New Media!

I have been making the statement that we, the public, empowered by social media have become the New Media. Streaming it live daily into people’s lives. Of course all of the MSM scrambles to try and stay ahead of us, the people, the public. Telling us not to believe our lying eyes. Insisting that we cannot understand the complexity of what is really happening.

They told us that Trump was in the race to ensure a Hillary Presidency, they lied. Again they said Trump would not get the nomination, they were wrong.  They claimed that all the pundits left and right agreed that Trump could not Beat Hillary, he did. It’s not really that they were wrong so much as it is that they purposely tried to manipulate us into believing we were wrong.

So here we are, The New Media. Do your own research.  Create your own blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to get your message out. Join  debates and argue your points. Expose hypocrisy daily and reinforce the truth. Rally behind those who stand for what is right and honest. Never take no for an answer as we seek to advance the cause of Freedom, Liberty and Truth.

To those who would listen, this is my advice. Get involved, stay focused. Write a Blog, create a Facebook page, Group or  Twitter account. Do absolutely everything that you can do to push back against the Organizations that seek to keep you blind to the truth. Understand that every victory counts no matter how small. Do not get bogged down when we do not get everything we want.

The left has made small gains over the last 60 plus years. They have taken what we allowed them to have. We need their patience, learn from their example. We did not arrive here overnight , we will not turn it around in a day.

Never get Frustrated with the daily attacks on our Great President. Do not worry when they call the repeal and replacement of 0bamacare “0bamacare lite”. Do not become weary of the fight. Stand strong, be involved, engage the enemy! We will win but only if we do not waiver in this battle for the soul and greatness of America and its People.


About Dan Volkman 20 Articles

Dan is what some may call your average everyday commonsense conservative. Dan desires what the original framers gave us in a small, limited Federal Government and believes that the States should be responsible for everything not outlined in the powers granted to the Federal Government by the Constitution. Life is hard, especially if you are dumb but those life lessons are what make us the people we are. Dan has an associate’s degree in Biblical studies and Served in the United states Air Force from 1985 through 1990. Since then he has held a multitude of Jobs that have built his character and shaped his views. Dan has a total of five children, four living, one son and three daughters. His oldest son Daniel passed in 2012 from a drug and alcohol overdose. Dan currently lives in the Western North Carolina Mountains. and is an active Musician playing Guitar in several Projects.

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