Should we re-write American history to make Liberals happy?

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The American Left admires Hitler so much, they are constantly invoking his name.

Immediately after thugs in The South started tearing down Confederate monuments, a group of Liberals, Leftists, Anarchists and Snowflakes descended upon East Wenatchee, Washington, a town of just 13,000 located in the geographical center of the state, screaming “Hitler, Hitler, Hitler.”

In the 1950s, Eastmont School District built two new elementary schools.  With a bow to America’s history, one was named Ulysses S. Grant and the other was named Robert E. Lee, despite the fact that Washington State was created long AFTER the Civil War.  Both the school buildings and the school names exist to this day.


You guessed it!  Looney Leftists, mostly from other cities in Washington State, are DEMANDING that the name of Robert E. Lee be removed.  The Left never “asks.”  They get their way mostly via threats and/or subterfuge.

The school board meets once a month.  Beginning with August’s meeting, Leftists from as far away as Seattle (150 miles) have attended, screeching and demanding that American history be wiped out.  When locals got wind of this, they organized, too.

At the October 23rd school board meeting, the board members heard voices on both sides on this issue.  There were over 4,000 signatures from LOCAL residents to KEEP the name, and just 643, mostly from outsiders, to change the name.

About 75 people attended the October board meeting.  Board members listened to anyone who wanted to talk, and accepted the petitions.  In the end, they voted to put the “name issue” before the voters in the next general election, in November 2018.  This made the “change the name” crowd mad and the “keep the name” group happy.

Both sides knew, if the school board ignored the ones who scream the loudest, and allowed VOTERS in the district to decide, that it was likely the name would remain.  Indeed, when Americans are allowed to decide, The Crazy Left usually loses.


The screaming and demanding has not stopped.  A very small group of local Liberals, aided by professional Anarchists from outside the area, have continued to harass school board members and others, demanding they reconsider the October 23rd decision.

They have also been publicly questioning the legality of the decision-making process, even going so far as to lie.  Now, there is a new tactic from Liberals.  NOT!

Knowing full well that the October agenda listed the name change issue and invited citizens to attend, whiny Liberals are claiming that the decision to put the matter to a vote was made behind closed doors.  Hopefully, this back room was not smoke-filled because Liberals hate smokers almost as much as they hate voters.

It was the Leftists who tried to circumvent the legitimate process, harassing and threatening the superintendent, the East Wenatchee mayor and others.  That maneuver was somewhat successful as the superintendent reversed his previous stance.  He showed up at December’s board meeting, proposing that “Robert E.” be dropped from the name, and he was backed up by the mayor.

The board was lukewarm about this “solution,” but they did put the issue on the January 8th board meeting agenda for discussion.


Rage needs an outlet.  Liberals have been seething with anger since last year’s presidential election and hunting for ways to vent their rage.  Besides rioting in the streets and cooking up all kinds of faux narratives to harm the Trump Administration, they have focused on removing any trace of the historical figures they don’t like.  This is EXACTLY what dictators throughout history have done.

Liberals are on a rampage to destroy America’s history, and won’t stop when General Robert E. Lee is purged from history.  Like dictators throughout history, Liberals want to destroy cultural pride & morale, thus making it easier to control the masses.

At the October school board meeting the Liberals invoked Hitler’s name when they ran out of talking points.  Poor Adolph, hanging with Liberals sure gives him a bad name.  Like Germans 80 years ago, Liberals likewise want us to ignore what our own minds, hearts & intellect tells us to do, and blindly follow their lead as they destroy American history.

Diane L. Gruber

Robert E. Lee Elementary School Graduate

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I am a proud American who is tired of biting my tongue for fear of making a Liberal mad; for fear of being called racist because I believe in the Rule of Law; for fear of damaging my license to practice law. NO MORE!!!! Conservative minded citizens have stayed silent for decades while Liberals have caused significant damage to American culture and to our nation. I lived in a Third-World Dictatorship. Generation after generation had been trained to kow tow to the government. They were afraid to discuss ANYTHING about the government even in the privacy of their own homes. My "Time" magazine arrived with articles cut out, after the censors got through checking it for heresy. With Political Correctness and "hate speech" rules, we are already halfway to officially losing our precious Freedom of Speech. If we want anything of value to remain for future generations we need to act now, rally in the streets now, speak out now. Don't be cowed.


  1. It is abundantly clear that soon the USA will cease to exist despite the heroic efforts by Trump and his followers. THere will be two USA’s: one a country that will remain a beacon of freedom – of any kind – and one that will not so gradually be the like a new NAZI and COMMUNIST country run by delusional leftists.

    • Jan, Yes, I agree with you! I graduated from this grade school. Some of my former classmates have attacked me simply because I am writing about this topic. I am a student of history. ALL of it is important to remember, the good, the bad and the ugly. Without history, a culture does not exist. The Left’s endgame is to destroy the American culture. Thank you for reading my article. Check out some of the other articles I have written. Merry Christmas, Diane

  2. They couldn’t have done this crap 50 years ago in East Wenatchee OR Wenatchee. They would have been hauled out of town on a rail, lol! A time when citizens were not so gutless, and actually took a ‘real’ stand. A time when they did not concern themselves with stepping on the toes of complete idiots! We have to try to get our State back into the ‘real world’. The ‘Fantasy’ many Washington State citizens have been allowing themselves to become part of, has not helped the people who actually helped BUILD the ‘real’ Washington, thus far. To many techies (Amazonians, Microsofties, etc)have been allowed to call the shots, by their sheer numbers and pay checks. And poor business/city planning (to boot!), which propagated many having to leave their lifetime homes, and why there is such overcrowding in other neighboring cities. ALSO, helped to add to the huge numbers of homeless! These ‘types’ of companies are without substantial overhead (as compared to more permanent corporations with larger permanent property investment …aka Boeing). With their(Amazon, Microsoft, Etc) type of business and ‘product’, being what it is, allows those corporations to possess the ability (and power) to mobilize and leave (quite rapidly, in comparison!). Utilize ‘out of country’ assistance (rapidly). AND, in the process wipe out a ‘city’ by doing so…hence, the ability to hold that city hostage (aka…Seattle and the like). I am a believer that businesses within a city have to be built like a great ‘stock portfolio’ …diversification! And the protection offered by such, as well as the respect for it’s already long-term residents. (THAT’S NOT HAPPENING ON THE COAST!). Most (not all, OF COURSE) of the real young ‘techie types’ within these companies can’t handle the ‘real’ realities of life yet, and how those realities can open your eyes…followed by maturity (and hopefully, wisdom!). They’ve never really had to live it yet! Throw them into combat and let a few rounds fly over their little pin heads, and watch the crying, wailing and the gnashing of teeth, begin. If they live through such (realizing that there is not always a ‘Safe Place’ to run and cry!). Well…they just may come out if it with a greater appreciation of ‘other’ important aspects of life that make a State, and Country, strong. It starts with a strong citizen base, followed by a complete commitment to our country, AND COMMITMENT IN ‘BECOMING’ A LEGAL CITIZEN OF OUR COUNTRY (and following the legal process in doing so!). Until then, these ‘pains in the butts’ will just keep interfering with statues, landmarks, and trying to rob the public the right to privacy for us and our children, in public bathrooms! All, while burning up needed court and financial resources!

    • Corynne: I AGREE! What shocks me the most is the fact that we have Snowflakes who are Baby Boomers, like Patti P. What happened to them? The Millennials were raised in schools where Liberalism was pounded into their heads from K-12, then in college. But Baby Boomers? A friend of mine who is 45 and works at Adidas HQ was complaining that their HR department was changing how they communicate with employees to keep from hurting the feelings of Millennials. They are using emogees!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Merry Christmas, Diane PS: check out my article about Chelsea Clinton

      • Diane: Concerning possible Baby Boomer Snowflakes…It is probably because it takes strength and courage to stand against the larger population when there may be ‘conflict’ in doing so…not to mention the ‘continual’ brain washing accompanied by such compacted regions. Washington (and especially the Coast) makes it hard for those whom have a ‘different opinion’, then the majority of that current population. Also, those whom have not had to go through any great forms of deprivation, in ‘most’ cases, tend to (not) have any great understanding of how that deprivation was created, in the first place. Those unable to understand, probably had strong life supports that prevented that type of ‘critical thinking’. I do (not) like to claim a ‘political party’. But I DO CHOOSE when forced; I then align my values, where possible, and stand behind that party. I have experienced many forms of ‘deprivations’ throughout my life that has forced me to understand (intimately) where most of the destruction of our nation has come from. And! I am a constant researcher. I am not 100% for any party (ever!); however, I will fight like a ‘mad dog’ against those whom are truly hurting others and destroying the very fabric of our country; the largest population of those destroyers, being led by the Democratic Party. As a Native American whom KNOWS my history (quite well), and whom knows what this country has fought extremely hard, to hide (for over 500 years!); makes it very difficult for me, at times, to not be angered by some Presidential decisions (ignorance and lack true understanding of Native Sovereignty, and what was lost to attain it!). But, most importantly, the Democrats are NOT ‘supporters’ of what they ‘pretend’ to be ‘supporters of’ (no loyalty to minorities…just deception!). Unfortunately most Native Americans are ‘fooled’ by the Democratic Party (as is the Black and Hispanic community). Mistaking ‘crumbs’ for votes (all while ‘destroying’ our country!). Trump is ‘no friend’ to the Native American (for sure!). That just puts him in the same category as just about every President we have ever had. But, Trump is what is needed for our country at this point in history, without a doubt! I will take an inexperienced, sometimes crass President (with heart) ANY DAY…versus our typical Political Greedy, Chasing Self-Interest , Destructive, Poor Excuses of Presidents, we ‘have had’…for a very long time, now. We have almost lost our country, due to these past presidents…and WOULD HAVE lost our country, if Hillary got in! I will always fight for tribal concerns (no matter ‘what’ party or person crosses those lines!), but my country, which I love, has to come first. The insanity has to be stopped! My tribal heritage will always have my allegiance. My blood will always be my blood. However, I have no tribe if I have no Country. I am an American that knows the difference. >>>MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND DIANE! (:

      • Change is scary isn’t it frau Gruber. While left and right brawl over meaningless nonsense (‘liberals/left are bad’ versus ‘conservatives/right are bad’) the people that own your country are increasing their share, increasing the desperation of the common (wo)man. But you know, ignore this post, I’m just an anarchist that wants to destroy your country I guess.

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