“Antifa” Anti-Fascists With Pro-Communist Roots


Anti-Fascist or Pro-Communist


Antifa, also known as anti-fascist, is a movement that many of the youth today have gotten themselves involved with. Most involved today have no idea of it’s history or what it stands for.

When one hears a term like anti-fascist, most sense its negative connotation. However, although the term anti-fascist literally describes being against something, it then must also be for something. But what?

What Does It Mean

That is the question that most of the youth that have aligned themselves with these groups can’t answer. They have no idea what or who they’re fighting for. They only know what they believe they’re fighting against.

Let’s look at where it began. During World War II in Germany and in parts of the Mediterranean, fascism had taken hold. However, there was a competing ideology, communism. It was groups of communists in Europe that started the antifa movement. More specifically the youth in Germany.

“Anti-fascism” became the official ideology of Stalinist parties, although anarchists, and migrant activists have also continued to identify as anti-fascists. The movement would continue through the end of World War II and right on through the Cold War.

The Resurgence

It would have an almost rebirth, or resurgence in the 1990s after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Once again the communists would fight against what they saw as right-wing fascist groups. Keep in mind, although these groups were fighting fascism, it wasn’t fighting fascism for freedom. Rather they wanted to replace it with communism.


Today in Europe, as well as in the Americas, antifa groups are back at it. The communists, the anarchists, the migrant populations, some of which are here illegally or are refugees, have decided to fight for their cause.

Whether it was during World War II, the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall or today, the antifa still have one thing in common, they have large numbers of what they call “useful idiots.” This group is usually made up of the youth. Those that have no direction, they’re either in college or from poor communities that feel disenfranchised with the establishment.


They join these groups feeling like they’re fighting against something, they’re fighting against the establishment. They’re fighting against the powers that are holding them back. What they don’t realize is that all of the other people standing around them aren’t just fighting against those same things, they are also fighting for something.

The End Game

Now, the communist and the anarchists don’t have the same goals, other than fighting the powers that hold them back. They’ve decided that they will fight one enemy at a time. When that one is defeated they will fight the other ones standing next to them. They will continue to fight until only one is left standing.

Unfortunately for most of the “useful idiots” left standing within the group, they’re disposable and they don’t even realize what they’ve done.

In the United States, with the exception of a few protests, usually the protests are fairly peaceful. But, recently they have become more violent, they have begun to look like the protests we would see in Europe. People dressed in black, faces covered, carrying sticks and throwing stones.

It appears that the groups that would organize the riots in Europe have begun to organize in the United States. These are some of the same groups that traveled the Arab world several years ago sparking the “Arab Spring.” Encouraging revolution and spreading chaos throughout the Middle East.

Now they’ve got their eyes set on Europe and the United States. One of these groups is known as “Bamn” “By any means necessary.” One of their leaders is a school teacher in California. This is possibly why so many of the protests have been concentrated along the west coast.

The Similarities


When listening to those in the modern American antifa movement, it’s like they’re reading from the same playbook as those in Europe.
The contemporary antifa movement in Germany includes those who are willing to use violence. Militant behavior against police is an expression of the “Autonome Szene” and part of the concept “Antifaschistische Aktion” or “Antifascist Action.”

We have seen antifa posters with mottoes that sometimes call for not only violence against police or skinheads but also bishops and judges. There are slogans like “antifascism means attack” not only against neonazis but also against the civil and capitalist system.

Does this all sound familiar? Are the slogans and the logos all too similar? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

We can only hope that the outcome today will be similar to the outcomes of the past.
Although the antifa movement continued with their pro communist, pro anarchist ideology intact, there has always been a more powerful ideology keeping control.

It is a pro-freedom, pro-capitalism and by definition, an anti-fascist anti-communist movement. It is simply, Western Democracy, free-market capitalism.

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