Chris Cuomo Says Parents Should Teach Little Girls To Be More Tolerant About Looking At A Penis.

CNN’s very own Chris Cuomo says that a 12 year old girl objecting to seeing a penis in a girls locker room is just her being intolerant!!
Yes you read that correctly, it seems almost impossible that a father of two young girls would make such a statement. So, here’s what happened…

The conversation began with a father tweeting this,

“What do you tell a 12-year-old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?” Now, I would imagine most people would not respond the same way Governor Cuomo’s brother did, here’s what Chris had to say in his tweet,
“I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad? teach tolerance.”

WOW! Can you even imagine Chris believes that if the 12-year-old girl doesn’t want to see a male genitalia in the locker room with her and her other 12-year-old female friends, that she’s the one with the problem, not the one walking around in the girls locker room with the male genitalia, but the 12-year-old little girls.

Realizing that he may have made a comment that he would later regret, he then tried to cover his insensitive and rather ignorant comment with this following tweet,
“I have two young daughters. I have the same instinct to protect. Seeing the basis for equality doesn’t make you pro predator.” Well that started a firestorm of replies that were not all too tolerant of Mr. Cuomo’s position.

This tweet war went on for quite some time, even involving Mark Dice. He and Cuomo went back-and-forth for quit a bit. Cuomo tried walking his comments back slightly, saying that he was just talking about the parents of those children were intolerant and teaching their children to be intolerant. I suppose in Chris’s mind, that unless you teach your 12-year-old girl that it’s okay for her to be naked with biological males, then you’re somehow intolerant.

This isn’t the first, rather bizarre, statement coming from Cuomo in recent days. Earlier in February 2017, while complaining about himself and CNN being called “fake news,” Cuomo told radio host Michael Smerconish,
“The only thing that’s bothersome about it, is that I see being called ‘fake news’ as the equivalent of the N-word for journalists, the equivalent of calling an Italian any of the ugly words that people have for that ethnicity, That’s what fake news is to a journalist.”

That statement didn’t sit well with people on either side of the aisle. Even the Huffington Post published several pieces trying to explain to Cuomo that there were no similarities between him being called “fake news” and an African American being called the N-word.

Cuomo would take to Twitter once again but this time apologize for his comments about comparing the two. He said in the tweet, “I was wrong. Calling a journalist fake -nothing compared to the pain of a racial slur. I should not have said it. I apologize” The Huffington Post responded with a statement saying,
“Happy Black History Month, Mr. Cuomo.”

With all of the talk recently about tolerance and making the individual feel comfortable at the expense of the group, it reminds me of a story I was once told. It was about a group of mothers standing on the sidewalk watching a parade pass by. As the individual bands proceeded past the women, one mother looks at the group passing by and says so proudly, “look at that, everybody is out of step but my Johnny!”

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  1. I am totally over all this rubbish about gender equality. equality for who. I myself do not want to go to a public ladies toilet and have to look/see naked males, and definitely not their genitals/penis/ Not do I want my mother,daughter,grand-daughter to share this facility with a male regardless of his ‘supposed gender’ this world has become totally crazy. A ladies toilet is for ‘ladies’ or girls/ A men’s toilet is for men/boys.

      • Alan — That idea was brought up and is being implemented here in an indirect way. Some major chain stores are designating at least one restroom that can be used by either gender. Typically it’s for use by one person. The problem is that it’s not sitting well with some people who claim it’s not treating everyone the same. Well, being equal doesn’t mean we’re all the same. Some differences have to be respected

        • The one thing most of you seem to have overlooked. Most of those restrooms that the box stores, only ones I know of, were put in To accommodate, either parent, with a changing station, and a place for more than one child, to be secure during the process. I was a Dept. MGR. Opening anew store in Central OR., in 1998

        • its called a bush or tree..they dont discriminate….hahaha..male, female,,you are born one or the other,,,4 rsces,,white, red, yellow black…no brown purple green,,yeppers,,i am old and very set in my ways,,,you figure out if im racist or whatever im supposed to be,,,,but i will say one,,mess with my family male/ is over,,,,better hope the cops get there before i do,,with them,,,you have rights,,when i say you,,i dont mean YOU in particular,,but as a general term,,,ok,,im dont all the haters can start,,,because quite frankly my dear,,i dont give a damn….

      • Because in Illinois a transgender sued because he wants to be treated fairly with same access to girls locker room like all the other girls. He rejected private accommodation.

  2. This guy is an ignorant a-hole. If I wanted my daughter to be brought up in an atmosphere of nudity, I would join a nudist colony and take her there, which by the way would never happen. I don’t want to see a child’s genitalia, in any educational or sports venue. Bodies are private to each individual. Allowing a boy or girl to show their genitalia in public is perverted. It does not teach tolerance, it teaches the rights of the public has no meaning. Cuomo’s better teach his children better or his kids will have a whole lot of sex exposing issues as they grow older. Keep your penis to yourself Cuomo.

    • Considering that if any of us were caught with pictures of a childs genitalia we would be arrested, it makes you wonder how this kind of law was passed to begin with. I have saw parents reported for taking nude pictures of a baby on a fur rug.

      • It never was passed as a law. Just another one of Obama’s stupid Edicts that he did. Threatening to withhold federal funds from schools that did not comply. Congress never passed this as a law, that is why President Trump could reverse it with the stroke of a pen. Let them fight it out at the State level if they have to, but leave the Federal government out of it.

      • I know of a man that was sentenced to five years for someone seeing his infant great grand daughter laying on his lap, without her diaper. The reality of it was, she had diaper rash bad enough that any constriction what ever, and she was inconsolable, And they were both asleep. This country is no place to raise kids.

  3. What a liberal , drink the koolaid and vomit the trash buttwad Cuomo is ! Transgender is a mental illness and NOT a physical state ! These Goddam perverts and their supporters Need to be locked away in a mental ward somewhere , not celebrated !

  4. He is a complete idiot, there are so many sexual predators out there today and our children are taught how to stay safe and let someone of authority know when they are made uncomfortable and then this turkey throws a wrench in that thought process, which is it?

  5. Sounds like Cuomo likes to look at Penis. He is probably one of the guys that wants to get in the little girls rest room. They are sickos! Who and why did some fruit start this for their own benefit. I think it started in the last administration ,so why was it to their benefit. Makes you wonder was it for votes or personal reasons ?

  6. So does Chris walk around his girls butt naked to build their tolerance to male genitalia? Is he ok with his girls using a male locker room naked? Is he addicted to porn and so not concerned with modesty? What kind of dad thinks it is ok for naked boys/men (would he consider an 18 yo a boy or a man as some locker rooms are in high school)? I think his comments are the problem with the culture in our society. I support use the facility that matches your body parts no matter how confused you are about your sex.
    Chris’ comments Chris had to say in his tweet,
    “I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad? teach tolerance.”and “I have two young daughters. I have the same instinct to protect. Seeing the basis for equality doesn’t make you pro predator.”

      • I agree ! Something else to think about. All this recent noise about the gay and lesbian, community, most straight people have little nerve about what goes on in their lives, The cross dressers are the only ones threatened by the straights, the feminine counter part in a man and man couple, some not all, tend to like the idea of drag, do not understand why, but the other three members of couplings seem to amused by this activity and are sympathetic to those individuals. One of the most dangerous places for those individuals, has been when being observed going into or coming out of public restrooms, they labeled it gay bashing. The hate is not just the feme, but also her beau. And also there counterparts.

  7. Chris Cuomo is another liberal spouting what he believes to be the politically correct rhetoric. I bet if his daughters were the ones being exposed to a male’s genitalia in the locker room, he would have a far different response. Sure hope he never decides to run for a political office, since he can’t seem to make a coherent statement and stick to it when criticized!

  8. Sounds like Chris is willing to take one for the team (liberal ideology), but offering and innocent child at the alter of Satanic ritualistic sexual exposure shows me he belongs in a sicodic ward in a straight jacket. His now penis exposure need for the young and impressional young women better not occur in the presence of a real man. He may have to eat his own junk 😉

  9. So I want to know…does it seem that there are more gender confused people in the USA than any other country? What has happened to them? Is it in the water or food or air? It’s something that was so rare when I was growing up. But I grew up in small town northern British Columbia. My children are very normal also. And they were raised in a small town .

    • Pay attention to television and when you are out in public, many of our affluent, and artistic, and a large group of middle class support and service trades are heavily populated with same sex couples, there are a large number of people over 60, who came out as they call it, in the last 10 years. Doctors lawyers, upper level government and political support as well as now military, they are a politically recognized as a class. Mostly Democrats, are contemplating being enabled by tax payers, similarly as the A.A.Democrats

  10. This is pedophilia talk! This guy, Chris Whatever, obviously is NOT a father!! Hopefully for the innocent child of his, he is not successful in bringing up little girls or little boys! He should be arrested for this blatant sick perspective! I hope his ‘career’ is destroyed over this comment!

  11. THIS SAYS IT ALL WHERE MY HUSBAND STANDS ON THE SUBJECT !!!!!! ……….. .Let me be very clear on this, if my granddaughter comes out of the restroom and tells me she saw your dick in that restroom I will do my absolute best to beat you to death. I don’t care if you identify as a transsexual albino otter. I don’t care if you spoke to or even looked at her. Now y’all may feel free to call me a an archaic psychotic intolerant nut job but believe me in what I say.

  12. I skimmed thru the comments and note that there is overwhelming agreement that boys are boys and girls are girls and there are times they should be separated. Restrooms are one of them. We’re all equipped with our own “plumbing” so to speak. Use the restroom that’s appropriate for your plumbing system. People are deemed to be equal, but that’s totally different than being the same.


  14. What in the hell has this world come to, where a father defends having males be able to expose themselves to their daughters. Defending the rights of people that want to infringe on our rights as normal citizens. Everyday they want more bizarre freedoms. Hey Cuomo, if you dont have a problem with little girls looking at a penis, you shouldnt have a problem looking at one yourself. Let me know, I will send you a pic of mine you idiot.

  15. Any man in the bathroom with my daughters, including the perv Cuomo, will be beaten within an inch of their lives.
    I’ll be damn if I’ll let Government put my children in danger!

    • Yeah.. Because you assume you know the type of genitalia that each human being in the world has or doesn’t have..
      You’d be so surprised to know how many people are born with both types..Or tje women who are born with internal male sex organs and vice versa..So they could look one way and be another…Because that’s what trans gender is…It’s not about being a drag queen..Or a a queer…Or a dyke…It’s science..Doing “penis checks” won’t keep anyone safer..

  16. His point was completely taken out of context.. He’s saying the little girl had to be taught to feel uncomfortable about a boy walking naked in a girl’s locker room, that chances are,given the same logic of the father, it would be the boy who felt out of place.
    Hell, I wouldn’t feel comfortable seeing a naked girl walking around when I was a child..But I wouldn’t have lost mind over it..I minded my business..The question wasn’t something that had happened..It was rhetoric that the father came up with. Seriously.. like 12 year old boys are somehow incapable of feeling uncomfortable, self conscious,etc..Or little boys can’t possibly be sexually assaulted in a bathroom that only allows penises in it…Yet, let a trans person who’s not at all attracted to children walk in, and “oh my lord..That man is looking at my baby..Kill it.” When Actually, that “man” doesn’t have a penis…And was directed to come to the non penis bathroom.

    • You are all talking about bathrooms when the worst issue of what Obama instituted was locker rooms (shower rooms) and dressing rooms in public schools or any facility that has locker or dressing roooms that received government funds. He even said if the teenage girls felt uncomfortable they could change clothes in the bathroom. Almost all teens already feel uncomfortable undressing in front of other people. This is where the nudity comes into play, and the outrage.

  17. I think is discussion needs a bit of reality. As far as I know, ladies restrooms are no problem for either gender since everything are stalls. So either sex can use them.
    Now men’s restrooms are another story. I have always hated the stalls , but of corse a woman can still use the stalls that are available because they won’t use the stalls.
    Now if the oroblem is men standing at the urinals I propose a quick fix which I would like to see anyway. Put up higher and longer dividers between the urinals so you are not able to see the other person and make them longer as to only be able to see their backside which should still be covered. This allows all to use either bathroom. I would strongly recommend we get rid of urinal “troughs” and provide more privacy for all men while being private to anyone next to you or behind you.

    • Public school PE dressing rooms are open, not private for girls.
      There is also a SAFETY issue. Women and little girls have been attacked in dressing rooms and bathrooms by men who can now legally enter and hang out, peeking between the door and the wall.

  18. What if this was reversed? Would a 12 year old girl feel comfortable in a locker room filled with 12 old boys? How would the boys feel? Would this turn into something vicious and ugly? This is ridiculous either way, penis men’s room. Or one bathroom that allows for one person with lock for privacy would end this.

  19. Personally I think all the pukes pushing this transgender bullshit are pediphiles pushing freedom to indoctrinate our children into accepting open sex as a norm making it easier to not get convicted of molesting children because the little ones were begging for it. There’s enough twisted sick [email protected]&s out there doing their very best to force crap into schools that actually teach children that incest is normal, attraction of adults to children is normal, naked bodies should not be hidden. I believe in God. I believe sex is between one man and one woman. AND IT IS A SACRED AND PRIVATE MATTER. All this crap about transgender people is rediculous. Put in bathrooms and locker rooms for them. I am not judging anyone. I don’t care about your gender or sexual preference but this openess is destroying every bit of respect Christian parents try to teach their children. You all bitch and complain about YOUR private business all the while you IGNORE the rest of the people who feels just as strongly against this kind of thing. Someone told me not long ago that I had probably used the restroom while a transgender person was in the restroom at the same time and I was unaware. That may be true. But if so then that person was truly transgender and respectful. Now with all this stupid force the majority to relent or serve time has brought out many pervs who only want to play peekaboo with children. STOP! Children have not been asked how they feel about this situation. Ask them. They have the right to feel comfortable and safe. Some parents spend years teaching kids right from wrong, how to behave and to respect themselves. In one swift move you are telling kids that their parents are WORTHLESS!

  20. I have a better idea. Why don’t you teach boys and men to use their own $#&@% bathroom and locker room!!!

    Allowing men to display their genitals to women and girls is abusive and disrespectful in the extreme.

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