Is This BLM Activist Portrayed In The New Planet Of The Apes, How Narcissistic Can One SJW Be?

 Narcissism As An Art

If you are like most people you probably have no idea who Deray McKesson even is. However, for some reason he believes that he is so well-known that he is being portrayed in the new Planet Of The Apes movie.

 Planet of the apes

He is none too pleased however with this perceived role. He seems to believe that one of the apes in the new movie bares a striking resemblance to himself. The movie’s creators disagree.

In now deleted tweets, he played his race card like a good social justice warrior would.

Planet of the apes

“Given the history of rendering black people as apes, I’m offended & appalled by the lack of consciousness in Hollywood. #PlanetOfTheApes,” Mckesson wrote. “In associating black people w/ apes, active work is being done to perpetuate the dehumanization of black ppl in mass media.”

Although you may have never heard of him keep in mind he has 856,000 followers and there are lots of people who actually take what he says seriously.

Another self described “black activist” Twitter user, said white supremacy is “so deeply complicit in the movies America sees.”

And yet another Twitter user, Tariq Nasheed tweeted:

 Planet of the apes

“Does the new Planet of the Apes poster have racially coded messages?Notice the ‪#BlackLivesMatter‬ symbolism.Notice the ape with the blue vest”

Once he got social media in an uproar over this new “racist” movie, people begin to notice something. They begin to notice that blue vest was in the original 1968 Planet of the Apes movie.

 Planet of the apes

Yes, that’s right 1968!

If his logic is correct that would mean that the creators of the movie began this conspiracy of mockery all the way back in 1968. That was 17 years before he was born in 1985 and 45 years before the Black Lives Matter movement started in 2013.
Now that is some real planning ahead!

 You’re not in the Planet of the Apes

The amount of narcissism that is required to believe that someone so insignificant as Deray McKesson would be portrayed in a multi million dollar movie is almost incomprehensible. Although he has deleted his tweets once he realized how badly he has embarrassed himself, others who took up this fight against the Planet of the Apes are continuing to demonstrate their ignorance.

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