The Face Of The Deep State, Peter Strzok, The Man Who Changed The Course Of American History

Government employees with political motivation that change the course of American history are the deep state

We keep hearing from the political left, a.k.a. the media, that Flynn must have struck a plea deal to avoid a more serious charge and turn evidence on somebody bigger than himself. If that’s the case then why did so many of Hillary Clinton‘s campaign people get immunity deals? Did they have information that could have brought somebody down but was given immunity to not talk?

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 We recently found out about an FBI agent removed from the Russian investigation, his name, Peter Strzok.  One man with the power to even  change the language of the FBI directors own findings. His removal from the case was only brought about because of his alleged active roll in the resistance against President Trump. The details and the content of text messages with his mistress have not been released at this time,  so the depths of his involvement are still unclear. 

Strzok was the agent that interviewed Hillary Clinton on that holiday weekend, not under oath and with no audio or video recording, he was also the one that changed the wording in director Comey‘s pre-determined exoneration letter. He changed “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless,” as to shield Hillary from the appearance of having committed a serious crime.

But it goes even further, after Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills lied to the FBI they were not charged with any such crime as General Flynn has now been charged with. Then this same man signed off on the paperwork to start the Russian collusion investigation against President Trump. Strzok worked at the FBI for many years, it’s not likely they didn’t know what his opinions were on political issues.

Why then was he only removed from the investigation and placed in a position in HR after politically charged text messages were found between him and his mistress? Because the texts were found? We all know the answer to that, it’s not because the FBI found out what he was doing, it’s because we the people found out what the FBI allowed him to do. Are there more people in the FBI just like this man? How many more FBI agents are leaking sensitive information to the press due to their own political motivations? How much longer will the press ignore the existence of the deep state?

Deep state

Was Trump Right About The Deep State?

Since the campaign, then candidate Trump, was critical of the American intelligence agencies. He was critical of the political bias of the agents, that the investigations seem to be much more politically motivated than fact driven. When government employees, such as Mr. Strzok, are exposed it only gives more fuel to that argument. It proves that there are career government employees that seem to have a political agenda not just a political opinion.

Whether or not they “collude“ with one another or if they are all “lone wolves” within the government doesn’t seem to matter as much as the fact that they do exist within our government.

When we look at the situation as a whole, the very fact that the entire Russian collusion fairytale was born from a fake dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign/DNC, then a FBI investigation started by the same man who exonerated Hillary Clinton, how could anybody possibly take it seriously?

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