The Latest In Fake News, Fake Polls And False Narratives

 Why We Don’t Believe You Anymore

For more than a year the main stream media (fake news) has been doing their best to discredit Donald Trump. Granted, President Trump doesn’t always help his case with some of the self-inflicted wounds from his tweeting. However, the media and their polls have been wrong for over a year, so why now should we begin to believe them.

The latest batch of polls have the President at all-time lows. The polls depict a presidency in trouble, a White House in chaos and a country on the verge of revolt. But what is in the numbers, how do they come to these conclusions?

Most people, I would imagine, when looking at the polls view the graphs displayed and stop there. Some may actually scroll down to look at demographics and methodology, that’s what I did on the latest ABC/Washington Post poll.

Here is  what I found

First let’s look at registered voter data, because for polling data to be accurate it should reflect the registered voter data. According to the latest Gallup Research as of May 3 – 7, 2017:

•40 percent of Americans identify as being Independents
•29 percent identify as being Republicans
•28 percent identify as being Democrats.

These numbers vary a couple of points from month-to-month but average very close to the same overall.

Now what did ABC News do in their latest polls? It appears that compiling data for a poll on a Republican President you only have to interview 23% Republicans. So it’s not that surprising when they come to the conclusion of:

“Americans are highly disapproving of President Donald Trump in personal terms, with his tweeting habit a major irritant: Seventy percent say he’s acted in an unpresidential manner since taking office, 68 percent don’t see him as a positive role model and 67 percent disapprove of his use of Twitter.”

When nearly 70% of those polled are possibly those that voted against the President, it’s not surprising that the poll results in a majority disapproval.

Then there’s the way that they word things, take for example this where they’re saying even Republicans disapprove of his behavior.

“Trump’s behavior comes in for some criticism even in his own camp. Nearly four in 10 Republicans…”

Or in other words 60% approve.

When you finally scroll towards the very bottom of the page they list their methodology with multiple links to other pages. Here is the quote from that section of the poll.

This ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted by landline and cellular telephone July 10-13, 2017, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 1,001 adults. Results have a margin of sampling error of 3.5 points, including the design effect. Partisan divisions are 35-23-35 percent, Democrats-Republicans-independents.”

Identifying Fake News

When you have an agenda and you’re looking for specific outcome you can create a poll for any conclusion that you want. This latest ABC/ Washington Post poll is a perfect example of manipulating demographics for the desired results.

As long as the media continues to create false narratives using fake polls you will continue to be identified as fake news.



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  1. I like the results in the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll. One of the points they make is that Trump is loosing support in Flyover country. The WSJ/NBC poll looked at only those counties which Trump won. Their July poll found that Trump had a positive job approval rating of 50%. This is 10% higher than the June poll which had him at 40%.

    If this continues, those politicians who are subverting Trump had better look at their actions if they are up for re-election

    • I am with you AS LONG AS we as conservatives use our heads and dig deep to analyze and confirm their stated analytics and methodology to ensure that the correct % of Dems/Reps/Indeps are used (+-3%). Otherwise, the numbers can be skewed enough for that particular pollster to then use oversampling as a lazy way of putting out a timely poll.

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