WATCH!!! “BAMN” Middle school teacher building a mass “Militant direct integrated action to shut them down By Any Means Necessary”

She knows how to describe a Nazi, she just doesn’t know she was describing her own actions!!

I’m sure we all remember Milo being shut down at Berkeley. He had been invited to speak there however, there was a group that decided that he shouldn’t be heard. They call themselves BAMN, “By Any Means Necessary.” However, the dictionary describes their behavior as terroristic.

One of their leaders and organizer is Yvette Felarca, a middle school teacher! She has been spotted at several protest sites around California, one of which was at the Sacramento State Capitol building. A group of protesters had a permit to have a rally on the Capitol steps, however, Yvette and her group decided that this other group should not be heard.

She believes, that if there is a group that she disagrees with, that they can use any means necessary to stop them from speaking, as you’ll see in this video. Notice as the man they are attacking falls, they gather around and start kicking him while he’s on the ground. We could only imagine what would’ve happened to that man if the police were not there to pull them off of him.

Yvette and her group of counter protesters show up with masks covering their faces, with sticks and other weapons. She is quick to call the other group Nazis or fascists, however, her group is the one showing up in a militant fashion to shut down the speech of a group they disagree with.

She claims that they’re acting in self-defense but they are the ones showing up looking for a fight. Ironically, Felarca told a Sacramento television station reporter at the rally: “There is no free speech for fascists. They do not have the right to organize…”

Six weeks after the Berkeley Unified School District placed Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School teacher, Yvette Felarca, on administrative leave “pending an investigation into concerns that have been raised,” the teacher will be returning to her classroom.

After the incident at Berkeley, where her group smashed windows and started fires, in a successful attempt to stop Milo’s free speech she appeared on Fox News.

While appearing on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Show, she was asked to define what a fascist is, Felarca claimed, “A fascist is someone who’s organizing a mass movement that’s attacking women, immigrants, black people, other minority groups in a movement of genocide.” She added “It is someone who is committing violence and someone who is trying to organize other people to commit violence,”
Felarca replied. “And Milo Yiannopoulos is a fascist.”

“So he’s committed acts of violence against the protected groups you mentioned?” asked Carlson.

“Well what he’s doing is he’s trying to be the youth face and token that other people who are organizing violence try to hide behind, and so in all of his talks all over the country, what Yiannopoulos has done is whip up a whole lynch mob mentality where people who come to see him, or his supporters, not only agree with his views, but attack other people,” claimed Felarca. “That was certainly true in Washington State when one of his supporters came and actually shot an anti-fascist protester. But in Berkeley, we made sure that didn’t happen, because we were able to shut him down.”

“But MILO himself has not committed acts of violence, nor has he incited violence by the legal definition, or he’d be in jail if he did,” Carlson stated. “But you’re saying because people who agree with him have committed violence, he should not be allowed to speak?”

“Fascist movements take many forms, and it always tries to have one form that looks respectable and a little bit milder, but Yiannopoulos isn’t just a stand-up comedian, and he isn’t someone who just has ideas and posts them up on YouTube,” Felarca claimed. “He’s someone who’s funded by Breitbart and Steve Bannon to go around to college campuses and to try and recruit other young people to then conduct those attacks on his behalf, and on Trump’s behalf, but I’m really glad to say that thousands of us were out there last week, or February 1st, and made sure that there were thousands of us who defended our campus, this community, and especially the immigrant and Muslim students who were under attack and have been under attack by him and other fascists.”

When asked to explain what “shut down” meant in the eyes of BAMN, and what Felarca and her group would do if someone would not stop saying things that offended them, she refused to go into detail. However, by their actions seen in these videos, we see they will use any means necessary, including violence.

It just seems amazing that this woman, a schoolteacher, can describe a fascist group as someone organizing to commit violence and her group exists to do that very thing against others that they disagree with.

So the next time you see a group of masked counter-protesters smashing windows and setting things on fire, know that their leader is also leading the middle school class that your child may be attending.

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  1. why is she not in jail? She admitted on TV that she and her group were the ones who destroyed public property and rioted on Berkeley campus. She is a terrorist and she needs to be arrested. and she needs to lose her job of teaching. I would never allow her to teach my children!

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