Anthony Weiner Allowed Sex Workers To View Classified Info On Laptop

Disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner Is A Vile Sexual Predator That Has Allowed Sex Workers, And God Knows Who Look At His Laptop That’s Full Of Classified Information That Could Put The American People At Risk.

Who knows if she was American, Russian, or even Thai. No one can be certain who says what, and when. What we do know is, is that Anthony Weiner allowed someone that wasn’t a government official look at his laptop. Illegal activity seems to be what Anthony Weiner get’s off too. Jim Hoff from Gateway Pundit was contacted by one of Weiner’s hookers who claimed she looked at the laptop. Was she the only one? We don’t know until another hooker, stripper or mistress of Weiner’s comes forward with new information.



Gateway Pundit: 

While Weiner claimed to be security conscious, the woman alleged that he would often leave laptops open in two rooms during their secret rendezvous — which of course we now know contained classified State Department cables.

“In his apartment, he would have at least two laptops open – one was in the bedroom and the other was usually in the kitchen – but I never bothered to snoop around and didn’t really care at the time,” she explained. “I know one laptop was password protected because I accidentally hit the keyboard and the Enter Password screen came up. I never saw any specific/confidential content though nor did he discuss many political matters with me.”

When asked if it would have been easy for her to access either of the laptops if she had been there with less scrupulous motives, the woman told GWP that she could have and that he was “careless” and “should have had everything on lockdown.”

“Maybe it’s my ego or the fact that he’s just a weak-minded compliant man, but it would’ve been incredibly easy for me to get him to let his guard down and get whatever I wanted,” she said. “He’s lucky I was so apathetic at the time.”

The woman stated that Weiner was often hostile to his wife’s Muslim religion because it meant that he could not keep booze in their house.

“For someone who claims to be tolerant, he sure talked a lot of sh-t about Huma and Muslims… and how she wouldn’t let him have liquor in the house,” the woman recalled.

She also provided the Gateway Pundit with screenshots of emails that confirm his poor relationship with the Abedin family.

Anthony Weiner


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