Hollywood Star Calls For ‘Civil Disobedience’ To Change Gun Laws- America Responds

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

-Rahm Emanuel

We knew it wouldn’t be long after the news broke that another school shooting has occurred that liberals would once against start demanding GUN CONTROL! They allow their emotions to get the best of them. It’s sad but true. Liberals always take the opportunity to use a Crisis to push their political agendas.

Hollywood is usually the first to come out slamming the President calling him a hate monger among many different names. Not once under Barack Obama did they blame the shootings on him. Yet, President Trump was just blamed for the entire Parkland Florida shooting.


Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik calls for TOTAL “Civil Disobedience” to change gun laws. She’s actually calling for violence in the wake of another horrible shooting. Why isn’t anyone holding her accountable? Could you imagine if someone like Tim Allen said this when Barack Obama was in office? The media would lose their minds.

The star took to Facebook with a video post calling out lawmakers who receive funding from the National Rifle Association and private citizens who own guns.

“The images of those 17 faces will not leave my head, but I said that about the last shooting and the last faces and indeed, we forget,” she said. “I’m angry, I feel numb, I feel disgusted, I feel horrified and sometimes I feel all of these things at once.”

Unlike some of her celebrity counterparts, Bialik acknowledged the many other facets that often come up in the gun control debate, but noted that nothing can be done about them en masse.

“This is not about the media and video games glorifying and encouraging violence. I mean, it is and it’s not. It’s not about toxic masculinity, although that’s something we need to discuss as well. The lack of mental health care for people in this country who need it is astounding and horrifying, but that’s not what’s causing these problems right now,” she said in the video below. “These are all contributing factors to a larger problem, but we don’t have the ability to solve all of them all together today.”

The star went on to share some statistics about the AR-15 rifle, the NRA and American gun ownership. Specifically, she called out senators from Arizona, Colorado, Missouri and North Carolina as well as congressmen from Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Montana and Colorado for the funding they’ve taken in from the organization.

“We are not being accurately represented by our elected leaders. How can we change that?” she asked. “We can do what Josh Gad, whose close friend lost a child in the shooting Wednesday, has vowed to do. Make it your life’s goal to support and vote for every single person who challenges a politician with NRA money behind them.”

The star then threw her support behind the upcoming National School Walkout organized by the activists behind the Women’s March. She also encouraged fans to go to her blog, Grok Nation, where a post she updated called for more practical ways to advocate for gun control.

“Say yes to civil disobedience. Walk out, sit down, stand up, encourage others to do the same, whatever it takes.”

Bialik’s video came after a gunman used an AR-15 rifle in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. Via Fox News

The Comments On The Video Are HILARIOUS! Not only did she get her ass handed to her by common sense Americans, she also was schooled on gun control, and bring a Hollywood elitist!

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  1. how about just a little consistency in some of these leftist’s rants. is she enraged by those that take the lives of innocent unborn little girls? Of course not, the life of the irresponsible mother is way more important than the life of some unborn child. Was she shocked and calling for an investigation of the former President when he literally gave Billions of $ to the Iranian government who is by far the worst human rights violators on the planet? Of course not. I could go on and on about leftist hypocrisy but why bother? The only evil people in the world are Republicans and Christians right?

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