Trump To Sign Exec Order Promoting ‘Healthcare Choice And Competition’


President Trump Making American Great Again

John McCain Is Going To Be Pissed


TrumpPresident Trump Will Sign an executive order this morning that will allow Americans to buy insurance across state lines. Trump said that he would repeal Obamacare with an executive order if he has too. This medium comes after ten months of Establishment politics railing against anything the President want’s to do. Senators like Rand Paul have railed against the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal aligning himself with Arizona Senator John McCain. McCain IS the most prominent critic of the Trump administration outside of the Democrat Party. Senate Democrats refuse to work towards the Presidents agenda. They’re not promoting “A better deal.”


Senate Democrats refuse to work towards the Presidents agenda. They’re not promoting “A better deal.” What better deal? Barack Obama handed the American people a raw deal the past eight years. It just goes to show how delusional the Democrats are, and will say anything to get back into power. Recently, Nancy Pelosi tried to use Facebooks glitch to promote “A better deal” by tweeting out “Is #Facebookdown for you? For far too many Americans, not having access to the high-speed internet means it might as well always be” Essentially, Pelosi is promoting FREE INTERNET FOR ALL, and internet is a “Right,” not a privilege. The only way Democrats can target their base is by touting free stuff. Democrats fail to mention they’re still wanting to pass net-neutrality, and allow the Government to regulate what you can, and can’t see on the internet.






From The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump declared he would get a repeal to the Affordable Care Act by executive order if he needs to early Tuesday, and the White House has since announced that President Trump will indeed sign a health care executive order on Thursday morning.

You can follow along with the event via The Daily Caller’s live stream.

Trump tweeted Tuesday, “Since Congress can’t get its act together on HealthCare, I will be using the power of the pen to give great HealthCare to many people – FAST,”

The House of Representatives passed a measure that would have repealed the bill nationally known as Obamacare over the summer, but the Senate remains unable to pass legislation.

The latest Senate initiative sponsored by Sens. Linsey Graham and Bill Cassidy was universally condemned by Democrats, and Republicans like Sen. John McCain asserted they would never support the measure. According to the White House, the order will “promote health care choice and competition.”




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