Amtrak Train Derails in Washington State over Freeway – was Antifa involved?

Amtrak train going around curve at around 80 miles an hour, comes off the rails onto cars during rush hour traffic.

An Amtrak train this morning has derailed with at least 2 of the train cars falling onto the southbound I-5 freeway. There were 78 passengers on the train and 5 crew members. Several cars were involved and this happened during rush hour traffic.

UPDATED: It is being reported that it may have also struck an object on the tracks.

 A report is being circulated that an Antifa website has claimed responsibility for pouring concrete on the tracks in this same area in the spring.

Antifa article admitting to sabotaging train tracks in April of this year.

Journalist Mike Cernovich showed the website where in April, Antifa admitted to pouring concrete on the train tracks in Olympia, WA.

John Cardillo speaks out about investigating them.

Calling for Antifa investigation


Authorities have provided some details on injuries. They said that there were no deaths on the freeway, but there were at least 6 deaths on the train.

Six people have been confirmed dead along with over 70 individuals sent to the hospital with injuries ranging from minor to life threatening, according to KIRO.

Amtrak Train derails over freewayAmtrak train 501, which departed shortly before 8 a.m. in Tacoma, was part of a brand new high speed service. This was the first official trip for this route.

Passenger Chris Karnes, who was on board the train when it derailed, said at least seven cars derailed from the tracks. The emergency doors were not functioning correctly, which forced passengers to kick out train windows to escape.

“We had just passed the city of DuPont and it seemed like we were going around a curve,” Karnes said. “All of a sudden, we felt this rocking and creaking noise, and it felt like we were heading down a hill. The next thing we know, we’re being slammed into the front of our seats, windows are breaking, we stop, and there’s water gushing out of the train. People were screaming.”

They were not near water and it was thought the water was part of the train’s internal system.

No one on the Freeway in the cars were killed, but there are at least six reported fatalities in the train.

Location of train derailment and original route

Family members are asked to go to Dupont City Hall and not the freeway. There is also a Facebook check in for survivors to alert concerned family and friends.


Amtrak Train dangles over freeway
Close up of flipped train car on freeway

Sound Transit, out of Seattle owns the tracks.

WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) owns the cars of the train.

This will be a multiple agency investigation.

The cause of the derailment will remain under investigation for quite some time.

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