Antifa attacks minorities AGAIN in San Francisco at Kate Steinle memorial

Ryoga Vee, attacked in San Francisco by Antifa

People holding a Kate Seinle memorial and march through San Francisco today, were once again attacked by the black clad miscreant group, Antifa.  And once AGAIN, they zeroed in on the minorities in the group and attacked them disproportionately to the whites.

Will Johnson of Unite America First had his phone knocked out of his hand and stolen as he was trying to document the events.

Will Johnson of Unite America First , Attacked in San Francisco











Ryoga Vee, also known as Based Spiderman, was attacked so violently his attacker was arrested.  He wasn’t badly injured, but also had to endure racial slurs and abuse from others in the crowd.

Ryoga Vee, attacked in San Francisco by Antifa

Amber Cummings and Erin Sith, Transexuals from the Bay area, were singled out for hateful remarks. Erin was attacked and pushed as she was documenting the march and memorial.

Amber Cummings and Erin Sith -, Transexual Patriots attacked in San Francisco at Kate Steile memorial
Erin Sith filmed the event on live stream.

Erin captured the event on live stream.

Kate Steinle’s killer had over 6 felonies and had been deported at least 5 times. He said he went to San Francisco because it was a “sanctuary city”.

This was meant to be a somber, peaceful and respectful event organized by Lindsay Grathwohl of the Bay area.  It turned into another display of violence as people tried to stop  free speech.  Those in attendance just wanted to honor a woman cut down in the prime of her life.

Erin, Ryoga, Amber and Will simply went to express their opinions and offer respect for Kate Steinle.  What they were met with was hate, bigotry and racism.  The were singled out, called hateful names, physically attacked and had their property stolen.

This should not be happening in America in 2017.  San Francisco, what happened to you? 


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