Armed with a knife, Portland Antifa runs into Freeway – gets hit!

Antifa comes to Patriot Prayer rally with a knife.

Armed Antifa runs into freeway in Portland on Saturday, right into oncoming  traffic and gets hit.  The person is claiming that they were “pushed”, but the video evidence shows that didn’t happen.

The armed Antifa member, who had stalked and was harassing the Patriot Prayer Rally for Jesus,  ran into the freeway in Portland on Saturday, with glasses, hood and mask, directly into the traffic without looking.

  They were hit. Hard.

Antifa comes to Patriot Prayer rally with a knife here they had just been hit by red truck.

In the video, the police medic asked what happened.

 You can hear the person hit saying, “I was confronting White Supremacists and they charged us, so I ran across the street.  The car didn’t have enough time to stop.  It wasn’t their fault.”

Patriot Prayer was holding a rally in Portland on Saturday.  It was their “March for Jesus” and it was just about over. 

The day had gone well.  Antifa had decided to also hold an event – a drive to gather donations.  Patriot Prayer members had even donated to that event. (Making sure it was clothing/blankets and not things Antifa could use as a weapon to throw at them)  The groups were far apart and everything seemed to be going fine. Then, four Antifa members with noise makers, decided to come to the Patriot Prayer rally and try to stop it. They were trying to drown out the singer below as she was singing “Hallelujah” .

Essentially, attempting to deny Patriot Prayer members their freedom of religion. 

Joey Gibson, the founder of Patriot Prayer, said this about the incident: “Someone getting hit by a car is extremely dangerous, and I am relieved that they were not seriously hurt.

With that being said, it is extremely frustrating that the Alt-Left would take a life threatening situation and try to blame other people to further their own political agenda. At a certain point we have to come together and just debate political issues in an honest way and let the best team win.” Gibson continued.

Joey Gibson 

On Facebook, the person hit is blaming Patriot Prayer for their injuries and complaining that the police “unmasked” them. So, you go to an event ( NOT held by White Supremacists, by the way), you bring a weapon, you try to disrupt the meeting, you are confronted, YOU run into the freeway without looking and it’s someone else’s fault? Maybe taking some personal responsibility for your own actions, might be a good idea.


No one was maced. No one was pushed into the freeway.

This is thought to be  same person who came to the Patriot Prayer rally earlier in the month and pepper-sprayed at least 5 people. 

Antifa member who pepper sprayed several Patriot Prayer members earlier in the month

Since they have now been “unmasked”, maybe those who had their eyes seriously injured  before can get some justice.

Patriot Prayer supporter gets treated for mace at an event earlier in the month.

It’s time to stop this dangerous game of trying to stop other American’s speech. Patriot Prayer members were minding their own business, holding a peaceful rally. Antifa wasn’t invited and wasn’t welcomed. (They would have been welcomed IF they would have participated or just listened rather than try to shut it down.)

Blaming others for injuries that you inflict on yourself when you are breaking the law (running into the freeway)  is like a thief who blames the homeowner if they get bit by the family dog.

It isn’t smart and no one buys it.

Update: Portland Refuse Fascism posted a statement about the event:


  1. Get the persons name from the police report. Plaster his / her name and picture on social media. If the person is employed make sure management knows the type of person they employ. I heard someone say that were hit with pepper spray at another rally by the same person, notify the police. Tit for tat, harass them and let them all know their actions have consequences.

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