Speechless in Seattle! College Republicans sue University of Washington for Free Speech!

Joey Gibson,L, speaking to a group of supporters about the need to protect free speech

The University of Washington College Republicans sued the University last night over a $17,000 fee imposed on them for security for a speaker they are hosting this Saturday – Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer.

Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer – Christian and Free Speech Activist

Joey Gibson is due to speak this coming Saturday at the University of Washington Campus in their “Red Square”. Joey  lives in Washington State.

The complaint reads:

“This action seeks to protect and vindicate fundamental rights.
  It is a civil rights action brought under the First and Fourteenth Amendments against government actors responsible for imposing draconian and unreasonable security fees on Plaintiffs as a condition for permitting them to host a conservative speaker in Red Square within the UW Seattle campus.
  The imposition of a $17,000 security fee for a Saturday afternoon event featuring an evangelical Christian speaker is remarkable.
  But UW Seattle justifies it only on the basis of an unconstitutional heckler’s veto, in essence, rewarding
members of society so intolerant of and hostile to hearing views they find objectionable they must threaten and/or commit violence to protect themselves from such views.
  By imposing such an exorbitantly large security fee on the Plaintiffs, Defendants, and each of them, are responsible for ratifying an unconstitutional heckler’s veto, taxing protected speech and rewarding those who disrespect the solemn and precious freedoms safeguarded within the First Amendment.”
Joey Gibson and some supporters after holding an event in Salem, OR

This is being brought on behalf of the College Republicans, naming the President of the club, Chevy Swanson, as Plaintiff and naming several individuals at the University of Washington as defendants.

“Plaintiff Chevy Swanson is an individual residing in the City of Seattle, a student at the University of Washington, Seattle, and president of the College Republicans of the University of Washington.”
These are the people named as Defendants:
“ANA MARI CAUCE, in her official capacity as president of the University of Washington;
GERALD J. BALDASTY, in his official capacity as provost and executive vice president;
RENE SINGLETON,individually and in her official capacity as assistant director, Student Activities;
CHRISTINA COOP, individually and in her official capacity as senior activities advisor, Student Activities;
 JOHN N.VINSON, individually and in his official capacity as Chief of the University of Washington, Seattle, Police Department;
 individually and in his official capacity as University of Washington, Seattle, Police Department Patrol Commander; and DOES 1-25″
They have named the DOES 1-25 for the ones who come to the events dressed in black with their faces covered for the express purpose of shutting the event down and causing violence.
The suit also states:
“Plaintiffs are unaware of the true names and/or capacities of defendants sued herein as DOES 1-25 (“UW Seattle DOES”)
and therefore sue said defendants by such fictitious names. Plaintiffs will amend this Complaint to allege their true names and capacities when ascertained. Plaintiffs believe and allege that each of the DOE defendants is legally responsible and liable for the incident, injuries, and damages set forth in this complaint.”
The event is set for this coming Saturday from 1-4 pm. Violent factions in Seattle have already pledged online that they are coming to shut it down and are coming armed.
Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer have also said they will not cancel and they will be there, prepared and ready to give their speeches.
This action is brought by a law firm out of Los Angeles, called Freedom X, which is known for standing up for conservative causes – FREEDOM X can be reached at: 11500 Olympic Blvd Suite 400 Los Angeles, CA 90064310-765-6328 Fax: 310-765-6328
Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer can be reached on Facebook.

Here is a link to the full complaint.


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