Portland AntiFa Screamer Guilty on all Counts! [Video-have ear plugs ready]

The Northwest Screamer March 4th, 2017

The Portland Resistance/AntiFa member widely known as the “Screamer” was convicted on all counts of assaulting two police officers and another citizen who attended a September  event in downtown Portland,OR

On September 10th a small group from the Vancouver, WA based group, Patriot Prayer, went to downtown Portland.   They had been falsely accused by Resistance activists in the Portland area of being “Nazi’s”, Neo-Nazi’s, Racists. ( yada-yada) You fill in the blank with any “ists” or “obes” – they were called it. 

There is no actual evidence of those labels in the lives of those in  Patriot Prayer or it’s founder, Joey Gibson.

Joey is Japanese and his right hand man, Tusitala Toese (aka Tiny), is Samoan. Others who consider themselves part of Patriot Prayer have zero evidence in their lives of those labels.

However, they are getting used to being demonized by the far left on the West Coast when/if they speak out in support of  any conservative values whatsoever.

Those lies were perpetrated by those who would use this particular event to whip up large numbers of brainwashed counter protesters. (After all, who want’s Nazi’s in your neighborhood, right?)

  Since there were no REAL Nazi’s, those spoiling for a fight were happy to cover their faces and come to do violence against the citizens of Portland and the police.

It would lead to the arrest of several.

This is about one of those arrests.

The AntiFa/Activist/Resistance groups in Portland actively prey on the young and vulnerable . They recruit those who can be on the “front lines” and commit crimes without the leaders (who are typically older) getting in trouble.

They have claimed another victim. 18 year old Thomas Caleb Wallace.

The Screamer

Wallace was  arrested for assaulting two police officers and for harassing a video journalist. The “Screamer” has now been identified as Thomas Caleb Wallace.  The journalist, Leo Stratton, was subpoenaed  to testify.

Screamer Trial Subpoena

Leo Stratton, who has a YouTube Channel under his name, was assaulted by Wallace and was a witness to the other assaults.

Leo Stratton and Wife

During his testimony, Wallace’s Attorney’s brought up something Stratton had said on Facebook not two hours before court, where Stratton had encouraged those on his profile not to disparage anyone.

The attorney attempted to paint Mr. Stratton as a unreliable witness as he didn’t know what pronoun to use towards Wallace.  Mr. Stratton explained he had never spoken to Wallace and honestly didn’t know how to respond. He had thought she was a girl, but the legal name sounded like a male, so he had no idea what to call Wallace. And since they had never spoken, there was no opportunity to find out.

 Wallace’s attorney’s were trying to paint Mr. Stratton as someone it was OK for their client to assault.

  Fortunately, the jury didn’t buy it. Wallace was convicted on all counts.

It is extremely sad that someone has convinced this young adult that it is their “duty” to assault people they disagree with. Someone they have never even personally spoken to. 

It is also sad that they felt it was their duty back on March 4th to attend a private event and scream at the top of their lungs to try and shut it down.

I hold the leaders of Portland’s Resistance/AntiFa Group responsible. They are actively recruiting young, vulnerable, easily manipulated people just like Wallace.

This person is only 18 years old and obviously has some issues (some of which were brought out in court- the rest you can see in the video). From the court testimony, it sounded like Wallace was homeless and had not graduated high school.  Wallace was ordered to have a Psychiatric evaluation, get a GED and be on probation for 18 months.

Two police were injured. One bystander was assaulted and had their property damaged. One young person will forever have a criminal record of assaulting police officers. 

This is exactly why their “leaders” encourage them to wear masks and conceal their identities.

Their “leaders” also have the added benefit (they don’t have) of financial backing and back room deals.  

 Portland Resistance/AntiFa is in the business of wrecking young lives.

Every parent, regardless of their political persuasion, needs to wake up and realize that unchecked,

Thomas Caleb Wallace’s fate could be the fate of their own child.

Thomas Caleb Wallace (aka the Screamer) 3rd from the Left on the court date (sans wig that was worn during the assault)

The Screamer first came to be known in the Northwest from a Pro-Trump event in OR on March 4th.


Another view:

Video of the arrest (language alert) – starts at about the 5:10 mark.  Thomas Caleb Wallace is being arrested  wearing a black and white dress, white shoes and a long dark wig. You can recognize the screaming.

This video also attempts to blur the identity of all those in “mask” so that they can’t be identified if they are caught on camera committing crimes.

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