Trump “Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital. It’s time to move our Embassy there.”

Dome of the Rock

President Trump announced that the US officially recognized the City of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

With this official declaration, President Trump ends decades of “kicking the can down the road” by President’s Clinton, Bush and Obama. Over two decades ago, in 1995, the US Congress passed a resolution to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to move the US embassy there. Although Congress passed it overwhelmingly (amazingly with both Democrat and Republican support), President Clinton failed to sign it. It became law without his signature. Subsequently, every 6 months, it comes up for “renewal” and each President for the last 22 years has kicked it down the road for another 6 months.  Trump himself, passed on it in June of this year.

This action has caused a huge outcry (to put it mildly) in the Muslim world, but celebration with Jews and Christians.  Jerusalem, as President Trump mentioned in his short speech, is important to three different religions – Muslims, Christians and Jews.

According to the Palestine-Israel Journal, Jerusalem is the third holiest city to Muslims behind Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. Especially since 688-91 AD when they built the Dome of the Rock.  For Jews, Jerusalem was the capital of King David’s Israel in the Hebrew Bible, as well as the city where David’s son Solomon built his temple dating back to at least 1000 BC. Solomon’s temple once stood where the Dome of the Rock now stands. For Christians, Jerusalem was where Jesus taught, died and rose again in the years 30-33 AD.

How long will it take to build an embassy? With Israel’s building process, probably about 10 years. So, literally, nothing is going to actually happen for another ten years.

This is largely a symbolic gesture. But President Trump, being an entrepreneur and a builder instead of a politician, probably could not handle passing this hot potato issue down one more six month long road.

Interestingly, Jerusalem literally means “The City of Peace”.

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