Video: Speechless In Seattle! Proud Boys And Patriot Prayer Stand And Win At UDub

Tusitala Toese (L) Protecting Free Speech Photo- M.T.Perkins

Seattle, WA 2-10-2018 – Another chapter of the current culture war played out on the University of Washington Campus on a brisk, sunny Saturday afternoon

Police in riot gear, black masked faces, red Make America Great Again hats, Fred Perry polo shirts, protest signs and people shouting all converged together much like a tornado. Fortunately the event concluded with minimal property damage and no loss of life.

The irony is that more than likely, about 80% of the people marching and protesting Saturday’s event at the University of Washington in Seattle would have actually enjoyed the speeches and agreed with a lot of what was said.

Emotions ran high on both sides and are much more complicated and intricate than just one issue.

The University of Washington College Republicans have maintained that their conservative viewpoint is often discriminated against by the liberal leaning college.  In this case, they were hit with a $17,000 fee at the last minute for security. They filed suit and won a temporary stay on that fee while the suit proceeds.

Chevy Swanson, the President of the club said he feels so strongly about this issue, that he was willing to take on the personal responsibility of the now $50,000 that the college wants to charge his club.

Charging THEM for people protesting their event is much like victim blaming of the worse kind. It’s the protesters who come to disrupt who should be charged.

The College Republicans invited Joey Gibson, founder of the Vancouver, WA based group, Patriot Prayer, to speak.

Many groups on the campus were not happy with that choice. Right there is where the fees could be levied. 

Police arrived early to set up barricades to the speaking arena with only one entrance in and out. At the gate, they had members of the College Republicans and members of Patriot Prayer helping police determine who could come in.

A large group of around several hundred had gathered an hour before the event was to start in another area of the campus. They were there to hold speech’s and fire up the crowd against the “Nazi’s and Fascists” that were in town.

When they began to march over to demand the College Republican/Patriot Prayer event be silenced, all that was missing were pitchforks.  That would have completed the scene of a crowd gone wacko.

They were led by a woman screeching into a microphone. The pitch to her voice was painful on the ears. Fingernails on a chalkboard came to mind.

To watch the crowd march in like that was like a scene from bizarro world. I half expected them to break into “Kill the Beast”.

The group marched in with people  dressed like Ninjas who call themselves “AntiFa, [short for Anti FASCIST]”. What they were doing was truly *fascist.

Both sides then took up residence for their respective duties of the day.  The much smaller Patriot Prayer/College Republican side set up shop inside the protected parameter. The larger , louder side went about  trying to intimidate them into silence.

There were greetings and introductions inside the event, with reporters and news cameras staking out who they were going to interview and cameramen running back and forth between potential fights and the relative quiet of the music and speeches.

The lure of potential violence was ever present.

BEFORE: At one point Tiny and some Proud Boys walked into the crowd and danced to the beat of the chants

Tiny’s full name is Tusitala John Suafoa Leautulilagi Toese. He is a 6’5″, 350 pound  proud Samoan. He is also a much loved member of Patriot Prayer and has been in quite a few scuffles over the last year helping to protect those who are standing up for free speech.

He has also been targeted by AntiFa to the point of threatening his family and slashing his mom’s tires.

His beloved sister passed away suddenly after being threatened by AntiFa, so it is certainly personal for him.

He is also known for his live video’s on Facebook and for the fun he has no matter what situation he is in. Saturday was no exception.

The protest crowd was a contrast to the relatively quiet one inside the speaking arena. The groups faced each other down, some shouting to each other, others just staring – much as you would at caged animals at the zoo.

There is no doubt there were some well meaning people who came to protest the event, convinced that these people were the reason for all of the world’s ills.

But, the ones interspersed into the crowd – those with ISIS tactics and similar uniforms, AntiFa ( which is suppose to stand for Anti-Fascists) were determined to cause violence, property damage and physical harm to those attending.

It is absolutely amazing that there was no talk from the Campus leadership that these are the people everyone should be concerned about. For they truly want to not only censor, but literally destroy all they disagree with. What they do in these events is only 20% of what they do to those outside of these events. Like an ice-burg, the true “work” of AntiFa goes on outside, when they can gang up on people 4 to 1 and be keyboard and phone terrorists.

This author is convinced they are the “violent enforcers” of far left politicians and should be classified as a Domestic Terrorist Organization.

They take peoples pictures with the main goal to identify those they think are “Nazi’s” or “Nazi’s sympathizers” and they target those individuals to be lied about, slandered and intimidated into silence.

They are also known for being very tough when they are in a group, but one on one or in a fair fight, they run.

Of course , their bar for someone being a Nazi is so very low, it has lost all meaning.

If you disagree with them at all, you’re a Nazi.

Some who have studied AntiFa say even relatives or ex boyfriends or girlfriends end up on AntiFa’s “list” to target out of spite.

They literally act like crazy stalker Ex’s to anyone that is to the right politically of Joseph Stalin.

Republicans and Conservatives are not their only target, either. Any Liberal who dares to cross them, gets on their “list“.

Minorities who are Patriots are especially targeted.

In this next video, the screecher is up front. The crowd also targets a young man who is a student at the school, Kyle Broussard, as being a Nazi Skinhead. Kyle served as a Marine and has alopecia so he can’t grow hair. 

DURING:  The event itself was “inspiring” and “encouraging” said more than one attendee.

Listening to the speeches at the event

Several people gave speeches. One man who had lived in a Communist country and is concerned that, by stifling free speech, America is on the verge of losing that basic fundamental freedom.

(And considering that AntiFa  states boldly that is part of their plan is turning America into a communist country, this may not be such a far-fetched fear.)

But do they really understand what they are asking for?  Another speaker brought up the Vietnamese live streamer who was just sentenced to 14 years in prison for live streaming a protest against the  communist Vietnamese government.

Tiny, a Veteran, a Marine’s Grandmother, the President of the College Republicans and a young Woman all spoke 5-10 minute speeches. 

Young lady in the middle gave a powerful,impassioned speech at University of Washington 2-10-2018

Here is the entire “controversial” keynote speech they were trying to shut down: Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer:


Joey has hundreds of hours of speeches online. His group offered a $2,000 reward for anyone who could produce anything hateful that he said. That reward was offered for months – with no takers.

He has constantly said he is for small government. He is for less regulation – less government control and less government interference into our lives. 

One of Joey Gibson’s most quoted statements is “Freedom is Sexy!”

His team even made a sweatshirt with the quote.

The bar to attempt to demonize Joey has constantly moved. At first it was “Joey Gibson is a Racist!” No evidence of that? What, he is Japanese? Then it moved to “Joey Gibson encourages Racists!” No evidence of that? Then it has now become “Joey Gibson KNOWS Racists.” (insert, bigot, Nazi, or whatever ever “ist” or “obe” is the flavor of the month)

It has been interesting to note that many of the labels and quotes in rallies that protesters are using are the same, so there are certainly nation wide “talking points” being used.

Many see through the lies and slander. Joey is one public figure in Washington State who refuses to “mind” AntiFa and for doing so he has incurred their wrath.  They have put their whole “machine” to work to do everything they can to try to destroy him.

This “machine” consists of a number of people who are willing to make fake profiles and use fake phone numbers to call and say anything ( and I do mean anything) to try and thwart Joey at every turn.

To many more, Joey is literally a hero

He, surprisingly after all he has been through, regularly states his concern for the many young people caught up into AntiFa’s web.

Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer – Free Speech Activist
Listening to speeches during the event

AFTER: It is always leaving the events, when AntiFa does what it can to destroy property, or attack attendees.

Saturday was no exception. Masked gangs literally roamed the campus looking for those leaving the event to pepper spray and attack. Many people are frightened into submission. Not the Proud Boys – the Fred Perry wearing, men’s “club”.

They relish fighting AntiFa back.

Seen at this event were several AntiFa from Portland, including one older couple who are known for following people to their cars to threaten people and get their license numbers, in order to help AntiFa slash tires at events.

AntiFa in alley after the event, about to be stopped by police

AntiFa  slashed the tires of at least two Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys and also maced them as they were going to their cars. A fight ensued.


Joey Gibson, who was heading home , turned around to come back and help. Journalist Tim Pool interviewed him at that time.

All black and white photos- M.T.Perkins

One of the Proud Boys was maced and hit over the head with a bottle or an asp, drawing blood and requiring medical attention.

The “Beast”  Joey Gibson, goes back to help his friends who were attacked and had their property damaged.

One question begs to be answered. *With both sides calling each other Fascist – what exactly does Fascism mean?

Webster’s (for kids) says: a political system headed by a dictator in which the government controls business and labor and

opposition [as in SPEAKING] is not permitted 

Is what you are SAYING the truth or is what you are DOING the truth?  In this case, actions truly do speak louder than words.

After a long discussion of the events, one news reporter asked the Marine’s Grandmother, “Where do you think it goes from here? What do you think can be done to bridge this wide gap?”

  “I don’t know,” the woman answered. “Maybe we can start a fight club – charge admission – and give all the proceeds to a charity they both agree on. Let them fight it out .”

If only it were that simple.  With one side determined to speak and one side determined to stop them, – right now there is no end in sight.

Journalist Tim Pool recaps the day:

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