Will They Run Again? A Complete Guide To What Candidates From 2016 Are And Aren’t Considering A Second Run

After the historic 2016 election that seemingly took the wind out of Americans at every turn, already people are looking to the 2020 election. While there were plenty of people who couldn’t be happier that Donald Trump won the election, some still can’t stand the thought. And even some of Trump’s voters supported a different Republican candidate at one time or another.

With that being said, here is a short guide to the candidates who ran on both sides, and whether they are reportedly willing to run again in 2020 at this moment in time.

Republican Candidates

Donald Trump

Could Trump run as a candidate again in 2020?

You can’t have this list without starting with the defending champion. Many saw Trump’s candidacy as a joke at first. Even when he won the Republican nomination, many doubted Trump had what it took to beat out Hillary Clinton. But on November 9th, America woke up in shock: the man that they had laughed at for over a year, Donald Trump, had just been elected 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump has made plenty of remarks and hints that he will certainly run for re-election in 2020. Most famously, he has already created a slogan for 2020: “Keep America Great”, an obvious runoff from his 2016 slogan: “Make America Great Again”.

Ted Cruz

The runner-up on the Republican side gathered a lot of momentum during the election cycle, but just missed the mark before the convention.

So far, Cruz has not shown much interest in running in 2020. As a matter of fact, he seems more concerned that Elizabeth Warren could beat Donald Trump in 2020. On Twitter, actor Charlie Sheen invited Cruz to run again, to which Cruz responded with a tweet that seemed to deny the request, While simultaneously knocking Hillary Clinton and referencing Sheen’s father’s part on the show “The West Wing”.

Ben Carson

The only Republican candidate that actually managed to score higher than Donald Trump in nationwide polls during the election cycle was famous neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson. Carson fell off after 2015 ended, and dropped out fairly early in the primary season.

Put simply, the Washington Examiner reports that Carson is not planning to run “ever again”. However, Carson is currently enjoying a spot on the Trump Administration as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Marco Rubio

Though Marco Rubio did not make it to the convention, he was one of the final candidates to stick it out against Trump.

Rubio, a Senator from Florida, has seemingly denied the idea of running for President again in 2020. He is showing more interest in being a loyal Senator to the people of Florida. Kudos to you, “lil Marco”.

John Kasich

The guy that never seemed to fade away was John Kasich. Though he never exactly polled well, Kasich was the last Republican to drop out of the race. Kasich only won one state during the primaries, his home state of Ohio.

Kasich has been pretty wishy-washy as to whether he’ll make another run or not. The Washington Post looked at Kasich’s transition from a “no” to a “well, maybe”. Put lightly, Kasich may not be comfortable with running again at this point in time, but in four years, who knows? Maybe he’ll have warmed up to the idea by then.

Jeb Bush

It may seem kind of cruel, but Jeb Bush was always the butt of Donald Trump’s jokes during the primary season. Jeb didn’t make it quite as far as some had expected him to, having a family of Presidents behind him, but he was around for some time before finally calling it quits.

To keep it simple, Jeb hasn’t announced any interest in running in 2020. Maybe he’s being honest with himself in the thinking that maybe the American people are tired of Bush Presidents. But we have a long ways to go, and along the way, maybe Jeb! will change his mind.

Rand Paul

The Libertarian from Kentucky was not a stand-out candidate in 2016, getting knocked off of the debate stage early and dropping out shortly afterwards.

Paul certainly hasn’t shown a whole lot of interest in running in 2020. Politico reports that Rand Paul himself said it would be “surprising” if he chose to run again in the future. In other words, the chances of Rand making another go are slim to say the least.

Carly Fiorina

The former CEO of Hewlitt-Packard was one of the three non-politicians to run on the Republican ticket in 2016. Fiorina started initially with a lot of support, and even made a strong showing at the second Republican debate, but flamed out before the primary season got very far along.

Though she didn’t make a particularly strong showing, Carly has reportedly not dropped the idea of running for President again in 2020. There hasn’t been a definite “yes” or “no” from Carly yet, but I suspect she’ll have her mind made up long before 2020 rolls around.

Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did not overachieve in the 2016 race, dropping out early in the primaries.

Currently, Chris Christie is under a lot of heat. His most recent scandal includes him enjoying a day on a beach that he had closed off to all citizens of New Jersey. Christie has not mentioned a lot about a 2020 bid, and that’s probably a good thing. The governor can’t seem to stay away from controversy nowadays. He needs to focus on cleaning himself and the state of New Jersey up before he considers another Presidential bid.

Mike Huckabee

Though Huckabee did see some debate stage time, he was quickly ousted during the primaries. He went on to be an avid backer of Donald Trump.

Huckabee has not shown any interest or led on any hints of another run in 2020. He seems to be currently devoting his time to showing support for President Trump as he did during the election. I don’t know if another run by Huckabee would be surprising, but given his current actions, it doesn’t seem likely.

Rick Santorum

I’ll wrap up this list on the Republican side by mentioning Rick Santorum, who did not exceed expectations in 2016. He never saw the big debate stage, and eventually dropped out early in the primaries.

It’s hard to tell right now if Santorum is serious about a run in 2020. The New Yorker put out a piece the day Santorum dropped out in 2016, saying his campaign for 2020 had already begun. But since then, there hasn’t been much from Santorum. He’s seemingly gone silent since his departure from the 2016 race. Don’t be surprised if Rick is on the 2020 ticket, but don’t be surprised if he decides to sit this one out, either.

Democratic Candidates

Hillary Clinton

The one person that many thought would be the shoe-in for the Presidency was Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton ran through the primaries with a full head of steam, but was stunningly stopped on November 9th when she was revealed to have lost to Donald Trump. It was a loss of epic and historic proportions, to say the least.

Though Clinton’s campaign was drowning in controversy and scandals, and although she has been deemed by some as the “worst Presidential candidate in U.S. history”, don’t count her out of a 2020 run just yet. Now, since her defeat in 2016, Hillary has tried to sell herself as an activist more than a politician anymore. However, reports of Mrs. Clinton’s hunger for the Presidency is not something to be overlooked. It seems that Matt Latimer of Politico, for example, would swear up and down that Hillary will try again in 2020 . On top of that, you have inside reports that hint at another run by Clinton.

Nobody knows for sure what Hillary will be doing when 2020 rolls around. She may run, or she may not. But the way the 2016 race went, her candidacy might be a dream come true for the Republicans.

Bernie Sanders

Arguably the most far-left candidate we’ve ever seen, Bernie Sanders makes Hillary Clinton look like Ted Cruz in some instances. However, Bernie’s partisanship was one that almost won him a spot on the debate stage with Donald Trump. After the other lesser-known Democratic candidates dropped out early in the race, Bernie found himself to be the only one contending against Hillary Clinton during the primaries. Bernie made it all the way to the convention, but did not have the numbers to hold a candle to Hillary in the end. Some say that Bernie was cheated by Hillary and others on the Democratic side, who apparently were giving Hillary debate questions early behind the scenes, among other scandals.

Regarding a run in 2020, you first must take into account Bernie’s age. The man is 75, turning 76 this year. By 2020, Bernie will be 79. Should he run and win, would a Sanders Presidency be cut short by father time? It is certainly a concern. However, Bernie’s associates have recently announced that Bernie is absolutely considering another run in 2020. Taking into consideration the massive support Bernie had among young people, and the absolute rage they had against Hillary, who they believed cheated their candidate, a Sanders “Redemption Run” seems very likely. Old or not.

Martin O’Malley

The last Democrat to run against Hillary and Bernie, Martin O’Malley was gone before too long. He stuck around until the primaries came along, and almost immediately dropped out, seeing that he couldn’t hold a candle to the other two at the time.

Though O’Malley was practically an afterthought in 2016, and still seems to be today, that has not stopped him from putting out a poll that shows him at 18% in Iowa, if an election were to happen today. The obvious problems with this is that not only is that a low number to start with, but the poll actually leaves out real possible Democratic contenders for 2020 such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. A run by O’Malley in 2020 is possible, but if it happens, the result will likely be very similar to that of 2016.

This concludes out list of Presidential Candidates from 2016 that may or may not run for office again in 2020. Tell us what you think in the comments or the poll below, if all of the above ran again, who would you vote for? Who would win?





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