Pew Research Reveals The Countries That Fear The United States The Most

Pew Research Data released a very interesting poll recently. The synopsis of the poll was basically, what does the world fear most, and where? 38 countries were polled. And in the poll, ISIS and Climate Change overwhelmingly were voted to be the biggest threats to their way of life.

How Scary Is The U.S.A.?

But there was one particularly interesting category that broke the top ten on the list: “U.S. Power and Influence”. Pew research polled how much people around the world saw the United States as a threat. And of the countries that voted, a total of 35% of the population saw the U.S. as a possible threat.

I’ll now list the top ten countries listed by the Pew Poll that voted the United States as a threat. The results may shock you…

10: Argentina, 49%

To start the list we have Argentina. Already it is sort of a surprise to see this country on the list. Argentina and the United States have a fairly well-strung relationship. The two countries have common interests such as fighting human trafficking. But nonetheless, a little less than half of people in Argentina see the U.S. as a threat, according to Pew.

9: Tunisia, 50%

Another country that surprisingly makes the list is the small African country of Tunisia. The U.S. and Tunisia have had good relations for hundreds of years, with the only misstep being in 1985, when the Tunis were bombed by the Israelis, and Tunisia had a suspicion that the U.S. knew about the plan beforehand.

8: Lebanon, 50%

The country that voted ISIS as the biggest threat anywhere at 97% lands at #8 on the list. Obviously Lebanon is in a tough spot. They are smack dab in the middle of a war-torn middle east, with Islamist extremist groups threatening their way of life every day. Despite this, about half of Lebanon sees the United States as a threat according to the Pew Poll.

7: Indonesia, 55%

The first country to break the 50% barrier is Indonesia. The U.S. and Indonesia are close in the sense of economic partnership. However, Indonesians have expressed in the past their distrust in America’s leaders, which likely played into their 55% rating on the U.S. as being a threat.

6: Chile, 57%

Once again, we have a country that normally has good relations with the United States putting us on the threat list. The Latin American country of Chile almost breaches the 60% mark in the threat category.

5: Spain, 59%

The U.S.’s relationship with Spain has been bipolar in the last 250 years, to say the least. Spain took sides with the French and America during the American Revolution to help defeat Britain. From there, things got ugly between the two. There was the Spanish-American war, and World War II, where Spain sided with Germany and Italy. However, things have turned around recently, and Spain has been allies with the U.S. in recent conflicts such as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. However, there still seems to be an issue of trust here, as 59% of Spaniards see the United States as a threat, according to the Pew Polling.

4: Mexico, 61%

Could it be the Trump effect? Maybe.

It’s easy to say that the U.S. and their southern brothers, the Mexicans, haven’t seen things eye to eye since Donald Trump was elected. The issue surrounding the wall and deportation has perhaps swamped the waters a little between the two countries.

3: Japan, 62%

As we enter the top three, the results get more surprising. Japan, one of the U.S.’s strongest asian allies, apparently sees us as someone to keep an eye on. Japan is one of the countries most threatened by North Korea and China, so one would think that the Japanese would only see America as a strong big brother. Perhaps not.

2: South Korea, 70%

WHAT!? South Korea??? The same guys we saved from becoming a communist hellhole in the 50s and still do so today? That’s who’s listed at number two?? IN a word, yes. South Korea has a heavy presence of American military might in their country and for good reason; the radical neighbors to the north that threaten nuclear war almost every week. We are the almighty protectors, but perhaps that worries them a little, as Pew reports them at 70% on the U.S. fear scale.

1: Turkey, 72%

Man would I love to see The Young Turks report on this one.

At number one, we have Turkey. Although an ally of the U.S., Turkey was strongly opposed to the Iraq War and U.S. involvement in the middle east. So it’s probably pretty easy to see why Turkey would be so high on the list.


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