Virginia Governor Calls Protesters White Supremacists But Here Is The Real Truth

Calls Out Virginia National Guard

Early this morning, members of several Patriot groups arrived in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia to secure your First Amendment rights. Despite being called White Supremacists by the Governor, folks took up positions along the street next to a statue of General Lee. The statue has been under attack by several groups who wish to vandalize history by removing the statue.

Despite what the liberal media is portraying many of the good folks there defending the removal of the statue are not “white nationalists” but because the majority of the protesters are white, they are all being labeled as racist. Whether you like it or not, General Lee was a major part of American History and that can’t be changed no matter how much the left wants it to be.

General Robert E. Lee was not a slave owner. Those he inherited from his wife, he set free. He also worked to establish literacy programs in Virginia for people of color in a time when simply teaching them to read was illegal. Men of color fought by his side for the South because they thought so much of him. His war tactics are still taught at West Point. He was a good man, a brilliant man & he was about as far from a white supremacist as one can get. A far better man than Lincoln in that regard.

The left continues to attack conservatives and receive no backlash

Everything remained very peaceful until about 10 am. That is when members of ANTIFA arrived at the park and joined up with BLM members. Prior to their arrival, several different groups had arrived at the park for a “Unite the Right” rally. The rally was also to support the statue from being removed. To that point, everything had been peaceful except for one assault started by an ANTIFA supporter. The clashes between the two sides only escalated from there and culminated with a car hitting protesters in the afternoon.

“Charlottesville Police and Virginia State Police are on the scene of a three vehicle accident at Water and 4th Streets in Downtown Charlottesville,” the statement read. “Multiple injuries are reported. People should clear the area to allow emergency medical personnel to respond. We will release more information as we are able.”

The rally at the park was meant as a support of expression

Despite the facts, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has declared a state of emergency to suppress what he is calling an alt-right rally in the city. Currently, there are about 2,000 persons from both sides of the issue confronting each other. The rally at the park was meant as a support of expression for the statue of General Lee. Tomorrow, a rally planned by predominately white groups is to be held in the Virginia city’s downtown area.

Meanwhile, this morning saw a few fights, some pepper spray released from ANTIFA supporters and a lot of screaming. There were also a few plastic water bottles being thrown and a good deal of name calling. The people of the Patriot movement tried to stay between the two factions and guarantee both groups rights to protest. The protest in the park was the idea of conservative blogger Jason Kessler. It was supposed to be a rally to protest Charlottesville’s decision to remove General Lee’s statue from a city park. BLM and ANTIFA seized the chance to deny “White People” who’s lives obviously don’t matter, their rights.

There is no one who is protecting white people, and that’s absolutely unacceptable

Kessler’s “Unite the Right” rally, planned for Aug. 12 at Emancipation Park, will take place a little more than a month after about 50 members of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan held a rally in Justice Park that drew more than 1,000 counter-protesters.

 Kessler has distanced himself from the KKK rally, saying that the leader of the Klan chapter that filed for the city permit is an FBI informant and was paid by “left-wing groups to discredit legitimate conservatives.”

Kessler, who is the president and founder of Unity and Security for America, a right-wing political advocacy group, said his event is expected to draw “hundreds” of participants. His permit estimates there will be about 400. Far-right individuals such as “alt-right” leaders Richard Spencer and Tim Treadstone (also known as “Baked Alaska”) are expected to attend.

Kessler has said he does not identify as either a white supremacist or a white nationalist. This is clearly an attempt to condemn conservative rallies now and in the future. The Left is aware that this rally can be used to label all whites as racists. Groups like ANTIFA and BLM who are funded by George Soros are being used as a tool to eliminate the left’s opposition.

The left is seizing this opportunity to label all conservatives as violent racists

White’s are the only group who are unable to be proud of their heritage. Black pride, Asian pride, Native-American pride, all fine but the moment a white person claims they are proud of their heritage and their ancestor’s accomplishment they are all labeled racist. Even uninformed conservatives are looking at the rally and condemning it without knowing the facts. Take for example the following:

I consider myself to be a conservative. I voted for that party, I associate with that party, and I have agreed with (most of) the office’s decisions that came after Trump’s inauguration – I still do.

However, it makes me sick to see some people take their “rights” too far.

And those are (some of) the people that I used to relate myself with. However, in this moment in time, I would give anything to not belong to that group – just for the sake of the reputation that they’re foolishly giving themselves – and the people that call themselves conservatives but don’t act out like this.

The rally was meant to be peaceful

The rally was meant to be peaceful but everything changed when BLM and ANTIFA arrived. Yes, the KKK was also at the rally, but the true Patriots that were at the rally condemned the racist group. The media continues to portray all white people as white supremacists but the truth is that’s a complete lie. Why didn’t the media condemn BLM who has spent years rioting across various cities in the country? What about ANTIFA who has used violence to silence the opposition? There is no difference between the KKK and BLM/ANTIFA so tell me, why are they treated differently?

The chaos occurring in Virginia today is the beginning of a new Civil War. Although there are no shots being fired (yet), you better believe we are at war. The Democrats are seizing this opportunity to villainize Republicans. After today all white people are going to be labeled as the enemy. If you thought it was bad to call yourself a Trump supporter before, just wait to see what the future has in store.

Our country is at the tipping point, and we cannot let the media brainwash us. We are at war, and we must stay vigilant. Don’t ever feel ashamed for being proud of your caucasian heritage. The Governor of Virginia has condemned white’s but still has nothing to say about the violent anti-protesters. Everything was peaceful until ANTIFA showed up and yet they are given a free pass. Something doesn’t add up.



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