Has Gen-X Found It’s Conservative Voice?

Gen-X conservatism may have found its voice.

With the departure of Bill O’Reilly, Tucker Carlson has taken the top slot in the Fox News stable.  That is not to say he hasn’t earned it.  He has been in cable news since 2001 (CNN, MSNBC, Fox).  He even founded the “Daily Caller” in 2010.  The amazing part is that he is even a conservative.

He is the son of San Francisco anchorman and former ambassador Dick Carlson.  He grew up in wealth.  Went to boarding school in the east.  Went to a prestigious university.  You know the drill.  Also, he grew up in the middle of the media, in San Francisco no less.  You would think he would be running the DNC by now.  But, no, he is a conservative.  Although, he is not “your father’s” conservative.

Say Good-Bye To Megyn Kelly And Hello To Tucker Carlson!

Previous Generations

Conservative generations have had their own voices.  William F. Buckley was like our grandfather.  The great sage of wisdom.  We didn’t know a whole lot about him because we were too young to understand at the time.  Rush Limbaugh is like our dad.  Good advice and counsel.  Occasionally “out there”.  Rush means well, but is a Baby Boomer.  He doesn’t get the current generation.  He has turned in to the old man who shouts at the kids to “get off his lawn”.  Next, Sean Hannity is like the older brother.  He understands better than most.  Pretty much has that “Been there. Done that.” attitude.  Still not one of us.

Tucker Carlson fits the Gen-X mold well.  To be fair, my definition of Gen-X is people born between roughly 1964 and 1980.  I think of the kids born after the Kennedy assassination and President Ronald Reagan’s term of office.  By marketing standards, we are a lost generation.  There just aren’t enough of us.  Baby-Boomers still dominate Madison Avenue.  The Millennials are starting to show promise.  We just got skipped.

Huffington Post Attempts To Discredit Tucker Carlson With #FakeNews Headline


Tucker Carlson is not beholden to any ideal or party.  He is just as rough on the Republicans as he is the Democrats.  He doesn’t tout the party line.  He thinks for himself and makes his own judgements.  He looks at things as right vs. wrong instead of “R vs. D”.  The established, political rules mean nothing to him.  He allows his own common sense to guide him.  The specifics of which may be discussed in a future article.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSuzEhjQA7M[/embedyt]


Tucker Carlson’s show is formulaic.  He starts off with a monologue of insight.  He then has a guest that represents the opposite of his beliefs.  Usually what ends up is he asks pointed questions.  The guest then dodges the question and spits out the current talking point.  During which, he makes all types of interesting faces at the camera during this sequence.

Occasionally, he will have a serious discussion with a guest who will answer his questions and stand their ground.  He treats them with respect and dignity.  It probably doesn’t do much for the people who want to see a fight.  It gives him credibility as an interviewer instead of just an agitator.

He then moves on to a more agreeable guest (usually a Fox News reporter or commentator).  He may have some novice liberal on that he can just decimate.  You almost feel sorry for the poor guest.

Then, he has a part about strange news of the day.  This is where he invites two guests to compete to see who has the strangest story.  He is definitely not Bill O’Reilly, Jr.  He doesn’t have Bill’s nastiness or venom.  In general, he is very polite to his guests.

Overall, I believe he is a good voice to represent Gen-X.  We will see as time goes on.

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  1. I just discovered Tucker Carlson myself. I am NOT a Rush Limbaugh fan at all and am not very political generally. However, as a Gen-X myself I feel he is more relatable than other conservative commentators.

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