So It Begins: 200 Churches Damaged, Christian Symbols Destroyed

So It Begins: 200 Churches Damaged, Christian Symbols Destroyed

It would seem that the active part of the Muslim Invasion has began. According to sources, in the last 12 months, over 200 churches have been vandalized and many ancient artifacts destroyed or damaged. But while officials have been mute on the identities of the perpetrators, there is little doubt in the minds of the members that the acts were carried out by Muslim invaders that have taken over the region of Germany.

While the international community is staying silent and obsessed with trying to bring in more so-called refugees, crime rates are spiking in this once peaceful region. To make matters worse, the wishes of local citizens are being ignored by the government. Urged on by the UN and the EU the government, if you can call it that, of Angela Merkel continues to import more of the Islamic savages.

It is as if Merkel and other government officials really believe the lessons of Islam being preached in German mosques is different from that preached in places like Egypt and Nigeria. The lessons of Islam are the lessons of Islam. It doesn’t matter where they are taught, they still demand the deaths or enslavement of all non-believers and the destruction of their culture and religion.

Their clerics regularly call for violence against non-Muslims and the destruction of their houses of worship. But finally, Germany is starting to wake up. Its citizens along with those of several European countries are saying enough is enough. The question is, have they waited too long and is there still time to save their heritage?

But even now, their governments refuse to acknowledge who the obvious culprit is as the massive number of Muslim invaders continues to grow. They bring with them their contempt for and violence against the kuffar, non-believers. After all, it is in the Quran and must be respected and followed if they are to achieve Paridise.

The result has been, a huge upswing in the number of rapes, attempted rapes, murders, and the desecration of over 200 Christian churches The Religion of PeaceThat region is Bavaria, one of the most peaceful and beautiful in all of Germany until the invasion of the Islamic hoard. Recently, in a rare candid moment, German media reported at least 200 cases of damaged churches in the region of Bavaria alone every year.

In addition, attacks on summit crosses are also increasing in the region’s mountains. Crosses on several mountain tops have been toppled and destroyed with axes or saws. Currently, sources say there is a growing anger among the indigenous German population over the attacks. Some people think Islamists are behind the destruction. Despite the fact that local police have refused to divulge investigation results to the pubic. The attacks on churches and summit crosses are not isolated cases. Attacks on Christian symbols have been reported across the Bavarian cantons involving all religions. 

There have been reports of desecration from Pentecost, Längental and from the “Prinzkopf” which lies between Sylvensteinstausee and Tyrol. Some repairs of historic churches can cost tens of thousands of euros. It’s an attack on people’s faith and communities. Many suspect there is a religious motive behind it, particularly, that Muslim refugees might be trying to sow fear in the population.


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  1. The U.N. is behind all this unrest who’s pulling the strings of the so-called leaders inside the U.N.??? Their main goal is to RUN THE WORLD ; oh yeah with their track record I wouldn’t let them run the local soccer league. In my opinion the USA should move the U.N. to the country of their choice, no charge, and take back that waterfront property ASAP! With all the unrest in Africa they should headquarter there and roll up their sleeves n get to work! Or pick a country in the Middle East, God knows there’s a lot of work to be done there!!

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