Chinese Advise Citizens: How To Survive Nuclear Strike on N. Korea

Chinese Advise Citizens: How To Survive Nuclear Strike on N. Korea

Just how likely is an attack on the United States and North Korea? Today, the Chinese government released a story through a regional daily newspaper instructing citizens of the North Korea border area on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack. The guide incorporates colorful cartoons to assist in delivering the message.


The paper which is a state affiliated publication for Jilin Province issued a full-page report informing civilians on the effects of nuclear weapons and how to protect themselves. The region is close to the North Korean test site and shares a border with it according to authorities. The story also describes how dangerous nuclear weapons can be and what happens following the initial explosion.

It describes in simple language how light radiation, blast waves, early-stage nuclear radiation, nuclear elector-magnetic pulses (EMP), and radioactive pollution can cause serious destruction and casualties. In addition to the detailed descriptions of the effects, the story also discusses wartime air raids. Though any such raids against China would be highly unlikely.

The “survival guide instructs people caught in an attack to take cover once they see the flash of an explosion (and not to look directly at it), feel shock-waves, or are affected by optical radiation. It directs anyone caught outside during an attack to lie down or dive into water if possible. Those who are indoors should lie in a corner or hide under a table or bed, and as soon as the shock wake passes, immediately close the doors and windows to prevent radioactive dust from entering the house.

The guide also instructs citizens in affected areas to take iodine tablets and follow the other instructions included in the colorful illustrations. The pictures feature courses of action to take to reduce radioactive contamination, including immediately cleaning clothes and shoes, as well as showering and cleaning ears. One picture of a vomiting child comes with advice for stomach pumping and induced urination in case contaminated food or water is ingested.

Commenting on the article by Chinese citizens said there is no need for panic. It also advises the citizens that “despite the deteriorating situation and the need to brace for the worst scenario”, it is very unlikely that China would come under attack. But added that “as a powerful nuclear state, China will resolutely return like for like.”

Tensions are continuing to run high on the Korean Peninsula, with Pyongyang continuing missile and nuclear tests as the US holds drills with its regional allies near the North Korean border. Both North Korea and Washington continue saber-rattling, despite calls to abstain from provocations in the turbulent region.

The one bright spot in the guide is the remark that it was unlikely China would be directly attacked. This suggests that should Washington resort to a full scale nuclear attack to neutralize Little Kim’s government, China would not react militarily. That is because President Xi obviously knows that any retaliation on the part of China would bring immediate nuclear response from the United States.

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  1. “ … no need for panic ….”. China advises that in the case of a nuclear attack in your town, there is no need for panic? Uh … yeah, there is. After you crawl under that table as directed, bend over and kiss your a$$ goodbye!
    Anybody remember Hiroshima? Nagasaki? Chernobyl’?

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