Conservative News Sites Soon To Be Off Facebook

Conservative News Sites Soon To Be Off Facebook

Facebook has a new plan to completely silence Conservative News and voices from their pages, at least that is the story coming from three publishers that have received a briefing from the social media megalith. According to three publishing executives who talked to Digiday reporters, Facebook is planning a major change to its news feed, starting as early as next week. The change will decisively favor user content and effectively de-prioritize content from any publishing or news organization.

In other words, you will see more of those posts from your friends telling you about their athletes foot problems and less about how your President is trying to deal with the DACA and North Korean issues. Those who have been briefed say that under the new test, Facebook will favor personal content that’s shared by users who you stay actively engaged with.

Facebook believes prioritizing content that’s acted on will reduce the occurrence of fake and offensive content in the news feed. Of course we all know what Zuckerberg and his Facebook crew think is offensive don’t we? Meanwhile, writers and publishers still have many questions about the impending news feed change. But all Facebook will say is that content from “reputable publishers” will also be surfaced.

Of course, Facebook didn’t specify how it would define “reputable publisher” or how their traffic would be impacted. The worry for both writers and publishers is that the new approach will end up hurting high-quality content and even eliminate many of your favorite Conservative News Sources. That’s because a lot of legitimate news articles are first written about in smaller publications and even if the story is highly read, it may not be shared or even receive a lot of comments by readers Due to the provocative or unpopular nature of the stories.

Publicly, Facebook has refused to confirm (or deny) these changes, but the company is on record as preparing to introduce a new series of editing algorithms later this month. Facebook’s head of news partnerships Campbell Brown informed its major publishers of the changes in an email Friday morning, in which she acknowledged that the changes will “take some time to figure out.”

As we all have seen over the last 18 months, Facebook has been taking steps in this direction for some time, making tweaks to remove content that it feels does not agree with their political position on issues and reducing the number of our friends post that we see in our news feeds. They have also been loading our news feeds with paid advertising and reducing conservative content. Publishers believe this latest move will cause a more dramatic decline in their ability to reach audiences in the news feed without purchasing high cost advertising from the company which many can’t afford.

In the past few months, Facebook referrals to conservative news sources has dropped to about a 10th of what it was just two years ago. In fact industry sources stated that referrals from Facebook was recently surpassed by GoogleThey’re breaking Conservative news sources one by one,” said one person following the briefing by Facebook on the changes.

Last year, Facebook tested a no news feed called the Explore Feed in six countries outside the U.S. That move caused publishers to freak out and created speculation that Facebook would replicate that approach in the U.S.. Founder Mark Zuckerberg has publicly acknowledged problems wrought by technology, including misinformation and has been used to attempt to influence voters in the presidential election. Facebook has made a number of moves to censor what you see and read on your pages. But so far, their efforts have had mixed results.

So what does all this really mean to you? It means that if you have Conservative news sites that you enjoy reading, like this one, you need to go to those sites and and sign-up for news alerts to your email and save their website addresses to your favorites bar. Facebook will not be happy until they have removed all Conservative News items from your news feeds. Don’t let the loony left led by Zuckerberg and his minions win this fight. if you like our stories, I suggest you go to our home page and save it to your browsers favorites list.



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