Liberal Decries Evil Guns But Are They Really The Evil Ones?

Liberal Decries Evil Guns But Are They Really The Evil Ones?

Recently I saw a post from one of our esteemed anti-gun Liberal Democrat politicians. This liberal woman announced to the world that: “Guns don’t kill people, except when they do.” I marveled at the stupidity of this statement. That is like saying that Hammers don’t build houses, except when they do,or that cars don’t run red lights, except when they do, or that Cameras don’t make porn, except when they do.


The simple fact is that Guns, Hammers, cars and cameras are all just objects. They can do nothing on their own. It is the people that operate them that do the act, not the tool that does it.

Liberals have changed our society into one where the individual is no longer guilty of anything. If you cannot afford a nice house or car, it is the fault of your employer who won’t give you a “decent wage.” But never could the fault be yours. Just because you didn’t get an education in a field where you could find a job that paid enough so you could actually EARN a new home or car, it’s not your fault.

If you trip and fall into bed impaling yourself on your friends penis, it’s not your fault. It is the fault of your husband that “doesn’t understand you”. Likewise, if you shoot a bunch of people it’s not your fault. It is the fault of the writers of the Constitution for thinking that you are smart enough and well balanced enough to realize that shooting people is wrong, no matter how crazy you are over your hamster being eaten by the neighbors cats, or that in your opinion the wrong person won the last election.

Wake up people! if you don’t start taking responsibility for your actions and requiring others to do the same, our society is doomed. Objects are only tools, they are incapable of taking any action on their own. It is you, the person behind them, that makes them function for good or evil. Kind of like politicians.

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  1. Does that mean it’s MY fault if I hold up a convenience store when somebody ELSE sold me the gun and somebody ELSE gave me a ride downtown, and NOBODY stopped me?
    Does this mean is ISN’T my fault that somebody ELSE owned slaves 200 years ago?

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