Obama’s Back – Just Like A Bad Horror Film Or Hemorrhoid

Obama’s Back – Just Like A Bad Horror Film

In a last ditch effort to reclaim state houses lost over the last 8 years, Democrats are now going to use the very person that cost them those houses in the first place. According to sources, Barack Obama is returning to the campaign trail next week to stump for the Democrat candidate for Virginia governor, Ralph Northam. Obama will be campaigning at a rally on Thursday in Richmond.

The event, labeled a get-out-the-vote rally has not yet secured a venue. But Northam tweeted “Fired up, ready to go!” In addition to providing a link on his campaign website for supporters to obtain tickets. The site, RalphNortham.com also warned that space would be limited.

The would be governor, was trying to use the promise of an Obama appearance on Wednesday to fire up a crowd gathered at Richmond’s Secco Wine Bar. Northam said he wanted to end with some “really good and exciting news.” Northam said Obama had called him about a month ago offering his services.

Northam told the assembled women: “President Barack Obama said I want to tell you how important Virginia is to me. It means the world to me. It means our legacy, for me and Michelle. I’m going to do everything that I can to come to Virginia to campaign for you.’”

Democrats who have gone over the edge since the election of President Trump, have concentrated on creating havoc and obstructing the presidents agenda. But in Virginia, they are driven almost to the point of insanity by their opposition to President Trump. Hillary carried the city of Richmond by nearly 50,000 votes, but “It’s really an open question how Northam is doing in the (Richmond) metropolitan area.”

Right now, it is anybodies guess how the election will go. In recent statewide contests, Richmond has given Democrats a big edge and Henrico County has leaned to the Democrats. Meanwhile,Republicans have carried Hanover County by sizable margins and Chesterfield County has leaned to the GOP. Virginia’s voter turnout was 72 percent in 2016. But that number usually drops by 25 to 30 percentage points in the year after a presidential election.

Northam can’t win if he’s under performing with the African-American community and among young people, as he is now. The big question is, if Barack Obama comes out for Northam, will it create a positive effect among Back Democrats? Or will it create an even stronger backlash among White Republicans in other parts of the state?

Meanwhile, this Saturday Vice President Mike Pence will campaign with Gillespie in Abingdon and former Vice President Joe “hoof in mouth” Biden will campaign with Northam in Fairfax County. Former President George W. Bush is to hold fundraisers with Gillespie on Monday in Alexandria and in Richmond. Trump endorsed Gillespie on Twitter last week.

Gee, all that is missing is Hillary and Sanders. Now that would be a show.

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