Statues Offensive To Oldest Citizens Should Be Removed

New Demands To Remove Another Group Of Statues

It started with calls for the removal of Civil War statues and monument of Confederate soldiers. Then progressed to include statues of slave owners from the North. Statues of men like Washington, Lincoln, Grant, Jefferson, where all marked for destruction and removal from Capitol Hill.

Now there are calls for not only their statues, but buildings like the Washington Monument, along with both the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials should be taken down. In addition, schools parks and municipal builds across the nation are under fire to have have their names changed. Surly, things have gone as crazy as they possibly could. Well don’t bet on it.

At least one member of the press is preparing a letter to members of congress demanding that a whole new group of memorials be marked for destruction. Those statues and monuments although few in number are highly offensive to a large segment of real Americans.

From the years 1866 – 1896 a group of soldiers manned the forts along our western frontier, Those soldiers were known as the Buffalo Soldiers when they were first seen by western Native American Tribes. The “Indians” so named them because they had several features that resembled the sacred Buffalo. They both had thick kinky-curly Black hair and the “Indians” believed they shared similar facial features. In addition their skin color was similar to that of the Buffalo’s skin color.

Many Black soldiers owe their lives to that resemblance. For 30 years, these Buffalo Soldiers patrolled the western states. They, under the direction of their White and Black officers, killed, maimed and oppressed the native citizens of this land keeping them virtual slaves in their own country. For this reason, I and many of my fellow Native Americans find any monument to this group, no matter how brave they were to be utterly offensive to us and our ancestors.

If cleansing our nation of offensive statuary and monuments, is logical, any statue depicting a Buffalo soldier must be removed. My people have suffered enough discrimination and mistreatment at the hands of the American Government and its jackbooted thugs. Enough is enough. The time is right and history is on our side. We need to remove these symbols of genocide and government sponsored slavery.

If you think this is a stupid demand, but you support the calls from socialist thugs whether they be Black or White in calling for the removal of Confederate memorials and statues of our founding fathers, you are just as big a Nazi and Fascist as you accuse the American Patriots of being. We must put a stop to this craziness, or should we remove every statue because it offends someone.

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