New Information Shows AntiFa Girl In Berkeley Was Hit For A VERY Good Reason!

AntiFa Girl Being Hit When She Was, Potentially Saved Lives!

The AntiFa girl in the viral video seen being punched in the face by a California State University, Stanislaus student on Saturday, says she was standing by a wall searching for her boyfriend when she was hit.

However, eyewitness accounts, and some video puzzle completion shows that to be a completely different story!

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“It all happened really fast,” Louise Rosealma says in a video taken by CBS San Francisco, describing the fight in Berkeley as an attack by “white nationalists” and “neo-Nazis” chasing her fleeing group, an Antifa anti-fascist collective from Southern California.

She calls the attack “unprovoked,” but doesn’t mention the bottles and fireworks being thrown at Trump/free speech supporters, and basically just completely lies during the whole interview. She does name the collective that she traveled to the event with, though surprisingly.

Anyone and everyone who was actually there, or who has seen the plethora of other videos out there, knows that this was an outright lie.

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Ever since she got smacked, the media has been working overtime to make this little terrorist into some kind of martyr.

They have been trying to paint AntiFa out to be victims when everyone already knows that AntiFa showed up with the explicit intent to shut this thing down with violence as they have repeatedly across the nation!

In an earlier video, however, Rosealma is seen wearing a bandana covering most of her face and defending her group’s throwing of M-80 fireworks into the pro-Trump side of the protest.

Who do you believe? The “innocent AntiFa” girl who was holding a wine bottle when she was punched? Or the plethora of witnesses and news reports that confirmed the alternative?

We would be doing you all a disservice if we left out a key little piece of information. Remember how she said that she was just headed down there to show a presence? Yea, about that…..

“Determined To Bring Back 100 Nazi Scalps”


That’s right fellow Conservatives! You are all nothing more than just a bunch of white supremacist, fascist, nationalist, Nazis! Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Especially the Black, Asian, Hispanic, and Native of us?! They just love showing how absolutely clueless they are don’t they? 

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  1. Take a look at past history. Every time a freaking liberal tries to accuse someone of something, it turns out to be a lie 99% of the time. These people’s word is “worthless” The Democratic Party has turned into a bunch of Leftist Liberal Communists! All on-line active polls show that over 90% of the American People support our President. The Progressive Liberal Obstructionism is getting old. Lets not forget that these same people supported Obama when he brought hundred of thousand of Sharia supporting migrants into our country without a care as to the effect on our Judeo-Christian gene pool than has forbidden incest since the times of Moses.…/close-to-half-of-all…/

  2. She was bringing her hands up as his hand was smacking her. Unprovoked. I look at what she did as a lame effort to protect herself. You can see in other clips where he backed down from a similarly sized guy.
    He’s just a sack less sneak.

    • He’s done more for the people of this country than you ever will. How about you quit sucking dirty Jew ass and be a man and spill blood for your people.

  3. This Antifa girl is a low grade PORN actor. You have to ask yourself how can these terrorist afford to move around the country. From protest to protest. Who is paying them ? They are a little to old to be in college.

  4. We left REALLLLLYYYY EARLLYYYY since it’s a 6 hour drive and we arrived around 1 oclock. LOL you mean you left at 7am or for most, regular working hours.

    • Antifa don’t work for a living their degenerate parents and us blind tax payers give them everything they need to strive. Thanks Obama

  5. It’s true that Antifa Girl wasn’t making a direct attack on Damigo when he punched her. But, her presence near the melee that was taking place right next to her, coupled with her stated objective to collect scalps, makes her culpable. Storks…nets…crows…am I ringing a bell?

    If she really was throwing bottles and M-80’s before she got punched, she’s even more culpable.

    That photo of her going down with a bottle in her hand is a pastie. You can clearly see in the video that she’s empty handed.

    This is the sort of crap you see when girls grow up watching stupid TV shows like Buffy, where the women are strong enough to defeat men, all the good men (Xander, Angel with a soul) are pussies, and all the powerful men (Spike, Angel without a soul) are monsters. They see this, then go out into the real world, where a man’s weakest slap is harder than a woman’s hardest punch, and they get clobbered.

    “Act like a man and you’ll get treated like a man,” is why girls should act like girls and let the men do the fighting. This has nothing to do with chauvinism, but basic common sense: there are weight classes in the combat sports for a reason.

    So, both sexes should get a clue. When you see a melee going on, get the hell out of there. Getting hurt will be the least of your problems if you get involved. Because, if you get arrested, you’ll spend the rest of your entire life as a second-class citizen. Your arrest record will come up every single time you apply for a job, a loan, or a travel visa. And that’s too high s price to pay for s punch or a scalp.

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