Exclusive – Dickinson N.D. Public School Fails To Act When Child Threatens Another With A Knife

Dickinson Boy Threatened With Knife - Public School Does Nothing

Dickinson ND parents want answers after their son was threatened with a knife at local public school.

Any parents worst nightmare came true to a North Dakota family recently when the child who held a knife just inches from their sons throat, was allowed to come back to school in Dickinson North Dakota.

Understandably the family is now waiting for the district to take more action.

The Dickinson public school handbook says that each principal has the authority to suspend or recommend expulsion for every student. It also says that possessing a weapon is subject to suspension or expulsion, it does not specify which.

According to the schools own policy:

Conduct Subject to Suspension/Expulsion

Conduct, including but not limited to the following, exhibited while on school grounds, during a school-sponsored activity, or during a schoolrelated activity is subject to suspension or expulsion:

4. Possessing or transmitting any firearms, knives, explosives, or other dangerous objects or weapons;

7. Behavior that is detrimental to the welfare, safety, or morals of other students;

10. Threats of violence, bomb threats, or threats of injury to individuals or property;

Berg Elementary School has over 200 kids that walk the halls. Two of them were involved in an incident two weeks ago still unresolved.

“Shaking. To say the least. What could’ve happened is horrible,” said Ashley Holder, mom.

Ashley Holder says her 11-year-old son was threatened with a knife of about 3 inches that was held just mere inches from his throat.

“I said ‘made you flinch’. He said ‘do it again, I dare you,'” said Scott Renville, sixth-grader who was threatened with knife.

What started as a game between middle schoolers quickly escalated.

“I looked back and he had a knife pulled on me,” said Renville.

The student in question was only suspended for one day, and had one day of in-school suspension.

“I feel like expulsion or an alternative school would’ve been the proper consequence,” said Dustin Lasyone, father.

Berg Elementary Principal Shawn Leiss said in a statement to KFYR-TV that:

“Berg provides a safe environment for children. Last week I dealt with and took action on an incident. I can’t control what another individual reports and perceives on an incident, but I can tell you as the building principal that Berg continues to provide a safe environment for its children.”

Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like the mayor of Chicago talking about how it is a sanctuary city and you are “safe” there?

What’s happening now?

 “Any human being that can pull a weapon on any other breathing being, human or animal, has a problem there,” said Ashley Holder, mom.

Scott hasn’t been in school for a week.

The district has offered to move him into a different classroom, but the family is seeking other options. This is understandable considering that they would still be in the same building and have contact with each other in the hallways where the incident took place.

“He wants to move back to Watford City because he wants to be completely out of this situation. He wants to be away from this kid,” said Lasyone.

No police report was filed for the incident.

The North Dakota Department of Public School Instruction requires that each school district adopt a policy penalizing the possession of weapons and firearms on school property.

 The Fathers Testimony

This all started on the 20th of last month. At the end of the day; my son Scott and his buddies were leaving their classroom. They were playing the make you flinch game. Another little boy who has a history of being very standoffish approached the boys by their locker. Here my son tried including him. He did it to him (the game) as my son turn to his locker.

The other child said: “Do it again I dare you!” When Scott turned to look at him; the kid had a knife with an approximately 4 inch blade. He was holding it only 3 inches from my son Scott’s throat. Scott hollered loudly:  

“He has a knife!”

Following the yell; a bunch of other kids rushed over forcing the child to put the knife back in his pocket. One of the little girls went and told a teacher whom took the knife and gave it to the principal.

No one ever called to inform us of the situation that had occurred. My son was the one who informed us what had happened. So my wife then contacted the teacher. We never heard from anyone from the administration or from the school board for 3 days.

My son Scott informed us that the child that pulled the knife on him was out of school for one day and then back at school the next day in the principal’s office. Upon finding this out; my wife contacted the school to find out what was going on. The teacher got an attitude and became hostile with my wife for questioning their actions to “keep other children safe.”

I contacted the superintendent, whom told me I needed to talk to the principal, whom finally I got back in touch with, and set up a meeting for that Thursday morning.

Listen For Yourself!

In the audio below you can hear the conversation that the father had with the principle. About 3/4ths of the way though, the principal makes some racially derogatory slurs towards Native Americans and Blacks.

The school in question is about 1/2 Native American. The fathers oldest son is half black.

Through the clips that is attached you’re going to get to hear a detailed first hand knowledge of the situation that unfolded. This principal actually asked the victim of this threat multiple times how he felt about this child. He clearly stated he was scared he didn’t want to be around the kid with the knife.

The kicker to this whole story however?

So after I left school they actually took my son without my consent and place them in a room with this child that pulled a knife on him so they could talk it through and this is after my son informed them he  would be uncomfortable in that situation and that he did not want to do it. Now my son has not been to school in almost 2 weeks and we are weighing out our options on what the next step is.

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  1. I recall hearing in the recording, the student said he would be uncomfortable but would sit down with the other student. Also, it’s very convenient that the recording is pieced together and edited at the end.

  2. I was in the hallways the day it happened. I was standing next to him. And when I saw the knife. I instantly ran to the teacher. And screamed help. I didn’t know what happened after, because I had to leave to go to a different class for student council. I was absoulutly scared for Scott and immediately was crying. Then after I had another incedent. I never saw Scott again. I only text him.

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