Doctor Pulled Off United Airlines Already Has A Rough Legal History

The passenger who was savagely removed from United flight 3411 is a medical doctor with a sordid history.

When airport security yanked David Dao off an overbooked flight Sunday, bloodying him as they dragged him down the aisle, he was thrust into the international spotlight.

Dao, an Elizabethtown doctor, is familiar to many Kentuckians who recall his convictions on drug-related offenses in 2004.

Dr. David Dao was charged in 2005 with 98 felony drug counts for illegally prescribing and trafficking painkillers. Prosecutors claimed Dao fraudulently filled prescriptions for hydocodone, Oxycontin and Percocet.

In February, 2005, Dr. Dao surrendered his license to practice medicine in Kentucky. In 2015 the medical board lifted the suspension and allowed him to practice medicine with some restrictions. Last year, the medical board imposed even more restrictions — now he can only practice internal medicine in an outpatient facility one day a week.

Dr. Dao was also convicted on 6 felony counts of obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit and in 2005 was given 5 years probation.

Dao was also convicted for writing prescriptions and checks to a patient in exchange for sex.

In medical board documents … Dao denied paying for sex, but indicated he accepted sexual favors from an associate in exchange for reducing a debt that associate owed him.

David Dao Arrested

According to a criminal complaint on at least one occasion, Dao received $174 in exchange for the pills in an unlabeled bottle. From 2001-2003, Dao “unlawfully prescribed controlled substances” to patients, court documents said.

The criminal complaint in the case went onto say that Dao would solicit homosexual relations with a male patient in exchange for a prescription for hydrocodone. The meetings occurred at motels and it was found that Dao had written out personal checks to the patient on more than one occasion.

The patient was arrested at a Walgreens Pharmacy and brought in for an interview, where he confessed about his and Dao’s relationship. The man was brought into police custody because he was calling the pharmacy to order prescriptions and saying that he was in fact Dao, picking up prescriptions under numerous aliases.

Dao was eventually arrested by police at a hotel room in Jefferson County on July 25, 2003. The room was under surveillance by the Louisville Police Department and Dao was seen with the male patient without a shirt on and with his pants undone. The patient gave Dao money for a bottle of pills and police stormed the room to arrest him upon the exchange.

David Dao was officially charged with unlawful prescribing, trafficking in a controlled substance and complicity in obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit and pled not guilty to the charges.

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History Relevancy?

Interestingly, and relevant to the United incident, one doctor assessing Dao’s case said he had interpersonal problems, noting “… he would unilaterally choose to do his own thing.”

Dao’s removal from Lousiville-bound United Express Flight 3411 at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago was captured on video. United has come under scathing criticism for how it handled the situation, ranging from its insistence that passengers give up seats to the level of violence used by officers who yanked Dao from the aircraft.

In the video taken by passengers, Dao refuses to give up his seat. He screams as three Chicago Aviation officers begin pulling him from his seat. Dao’s head strikes an armrest before he is dragged down the aisle by his arms, seemingly unconscious.

The Chicago Department of Aviation has placed the security officer who dragged Dao from his seat on leave, and said in a statement Monday that it does not condone his actions and that the incident on the United flight was not in accordance with its standard operating procedure.

United’s CEO has apologized for the incident, and the U.S. Transportation Department also is investigating whether United complied with federal regulations regarding overbooking.

As he is dragged, some passengers can be heard admonishing the security officers

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  1. Seriously? This man was assaulted and dragged off a flight he paid for and you’re going to dig up his history and do a hit piece on him? This is garbage journalism. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • This is just another fabricated story engineered by the media to incite public emotion. Here’s the TRUTH of what happened.The guy purchased a STAND BY ticket for the flight with the understanding that he would gt a seat if some with a regular ticket didn’t check in for the flight. When they announced early boarding, he barged by the gate attendant and entered the aircraft without specific authorization and sat down in a random seat. When the legitimate passenger boarded and found her seat occupied, she reported it to the flight steward who checked tickets and discovered that the guy wasn’t even supposed to be on the aircraft. He refused to surrender the seat and leave the aircraft. At this point he was, at the very least, trespassing (and was very logically suspected of possibly be an “air pirate”). The more non-compliant the idiot became, the more validated suspicion of possible air piracy became. The only logical and the appropriate security and law enforcement decision that could be made was to remove the trespasser/pirate. It appears to me that the security officers used only the amount of force that was necessary to accomplish the necessary task.

      • I too am curious where you got your info. If it is correct then United was within their legal rights and this throws a whole new light on the situation. I have flown stand-by status several times in my military career and am well aware of what being bumped is like but it is the chance you take for the cheaper fare. Sounds to me like the guy thought he was better than everyone else and didn’t have to go by the rules he agreed to by purchasing stand-by.

        • What does his background got to do with being dragged off a plain like that . Doctors should be an exception. When in flight and some one get a heart attack or other ailments, Does a Dr half to help you ? It seems the people are happy when there is one on a plain. American was wrong the way they handle this.

          • How about you get your facts straight and learn how to SPELL and what words mean. “Half?” …you mean “HAVE”…”plain”…when it’s “PLANE.”
            Spelling and Grammar…basic stuff.

          • Dao lost his license in 2002 for selling illegal drugs. He is now only allowed to work 1 day week. Dao is drug dealer not DR.

      • The video shows all passengers seated, luggage put away. Passenger eyewitnesses have spoken. They were offering vouchers for 4 passengers to voluntarily give up their seats. If a person rushed past personnel during pre-boarding, they’d be dealt with immediately, not after everyone’s packed in. Your version of events is not consistent with the video. If he went against the rules in relation to boarding the plane, the CEO would have acknowledged that in his statement. He didn’t. This is character slander after the fact.

        • As I understand it, the plane was fully boarded when the four employees showed up as “company must flys.” So no one up to that point had been denied boarding. The matter of “making space” after the boarding process has been completed is an entirely different matter. From that point onward, UAL made a bad situation worse. The idea that there is any company regulation that requires that you strong arm a paying customer off of a flight is outrageous, the airport “security” people are on paid leave ( and should be fired unless they can show where they acted in accordance with established legal policies), and the CEO of UAL should be asked by his BOD to resign. He has no business running a major airline company.

        • The CEO has to look at the flight history to see what transpired. They are still investigating what took place. There is history on each customer on a flight and which agent makes any changes. There are way to many theories here. But no matter who a person is or what the situation if an officer asks you to get off a plane, you do.

      • Don’t fuckin make up stories. Some o actually believe this morons story. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

      • How do you know what happened when the press never even reported the incident the way your stating it here?
        The press claims it was a flight crew that needed to get to their destination ASAP.
        Are you reporting fake news?

      • Lol, so purchasing a standby ticket and – once seated – “standing your ground” (betcha love that one) means it’s okay to get a concussion, facial fractures?
        That’s actually pretty funny thinking. (This isn’t North Korea )

        Not overbooked in the first place.
        Totally illegal action by United.


        Since the flight was not actually overbooked, but instead only fully booked, with the exact number of passengers as seats available, United Airlines was not in their legal right to force any passengers to deplane to prioritize others. What United did was give preference to their employees over people who had reserved confirmed seats, in violation of 14 CFR 250.2a. Since Dr. Dao was already seated, it was clear that his seat had already been “reserved” and “confirmed” to accommodate him specifically.

        • You have got to be the the stupidest and most retarded person on this entire planet to thanks that i’s the actual truth. So just sincerely go unfollow those fake news websites and TV shows you watch, because we honestly don’t want your dumb opinions in this world.

      • now all of what you said was bs he was asked to leave the pane because a pilot for the airlines needed his seat he refused they called security and the rest you can see in all the videos

      • LOL nice job making up that story, here is the official letter written by the CEO of UNITED (OSCAR MUNOZ’s):

        Dear team,
        Like you I was upset to see and hear about what happened last night aboard United Express Flight 3411 headed from Chicago to Louisville. While the facts and circumstances are still evolving, especially with respect to why this customer defied Chicago Aviation Security Officers the way he did, to give you a clearer picture of what transpired, I’ve included below a recap from the preliminary reports filed by our employees.
        As you will read, this situation was unfortunately compounded when one of the passengers we politely asked to deplane refused and it became necessary to contact Chicago Aviation Security Officers to help. Our employees followed established procedures for dealing with situations like this. While I deeply regret this situation arose, I also emphatically stand behind all of you, and I want to commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right.
        I do, however, believe there are lessons we can learn from this experience, and we are taking a close look at the circumstances surrounding this incident.
        Treating our customers and each other with respect and dignity is at the core of who we are, and we must always remember this no matter how challenging the situation.
        Summary of Flight 3411
        On Sunday, April 9, after United Express Flight 3411 was fully boarded, United’s gate agents were approached by crewmembers that were told they needed to board the flight.
        We sought volunteers and then followed our involuntary denial of boarding process (including offering up to $1,000 in compensation) and when we approached one of these passengers to explain apologetically that he was being denied boarding, he raised his voice and refused to comply with crew member instructions.
        He was approached a few more times after that in order to gain his compliance to come off the aircraft and each time he refused and became more and more disruptive and belligerent.
        Our agents were left with no choice, but to call Chicago Aviation Security Officers to assist in removing the customer from the flight, he repeatedly decline to leave.
        Chicago Aviation security Officers were unable to gain is cooperation and physically removed him from the flight as he continued to resist – running back onto the aircraft in defiance of both out crew and security officials.

      • Where did you get this information? The lousy media never reported the truth behind him and it is a shame ! I am having a discussion with my adult daughter who feels sorry for this old letch and I am saying it was the best thing to ever happen to him and he knew he would receive compensation for his actions and for his screaming like a baby to call attention to himself. The TRUTH needs to come out how can we get the truth out?

      • He is nothing but trouble and thinks he can do whatever he wants and to hell with laws. Too bad they didn’t break his heat and implant some brains in it.

    • this is sick, its sick he got kicked off the plane and its sick throwing more trash in his face true or not, just sick,.

    • Agree! Even an ex-con who is a paying customer should not be treated as such. Corporate America is beyond lost. Where is the relevance of Mr. Dao’s history to what has happened? He didn’t look like he was acting belligerent as UA stated. If he was I can see the use of force of that magnitude

    • Amen to that Rebecca. Spot on comment !

      They chose their employees over paying customers and now they are paying the price.

      • So if the employees which has been stated to be pilots are not on theirs flight what happens? You are happy that 4 customers, get their paid flight seat, then what the flight the crew has to be on will probably be delayed while the standby crew(assuming united has one) gets deployed, then the 50+ passengers on that flight may have their flight cancelled or delayed for hours, either way united would lose, but they would have lost less if they could get the other crew on without an issue.

    • The plane is private property, paying for the ticket has NO BEARING, that would be a civil matter. He was asked to leave the plane and should have been arrested, they had EVERY right to drag him off the plane. What about the passengers who had to wait for 30 minutes while this idiot refused to get off the plane, was it fair to them?? We truly hope you don’t have children, we don’t teach to do as we please, we teach do as you’re told!!

      • Absolutely ,and if the Police are not able to enforce laws, whether you think they are fair or correct, then this would be a totally lawless society with no one to enforce the laws. He should have been a mature, respectful adult and given up his seat . Then he is free to go legally through the courts to get his justice. He did this for attention and by the way he was denied boarding but pushed his way through and took his seat after they told/asked him to not board the plane.

    • He was drug because he didn’t follow a police officer’s request to stand up. The plane was overbooked and they offered $850 to anyone. When no one would volunteer, they did a random choice and he was one of them. He caused the problem himself. He wasn’t assaulted.

    • Rebecca c, you’re a melting snowflake. The man’s past has everything to do with his character, which is wanting. He is a bully that thinks the rules don’t apply to him. They should have thrown his pathetic a$$ in jail.

    • Yes really!! This “doctor” is a DIRTBAG!! Claiming he is more important than EVERYONE ELSE on this flight because he is a DOCTOR?! Who gives a crap?! It was random selection and he chose to act like a crying, sniveling, tantrum throwing two year old instead of an ADULT! What a worthless POS! Not only should he have been literally thrown off, he should be banned from all future flights. Bleeding heart liberals like you are what’s wrong with America today! There are consequences for your actions! Something everyone under the age of 50 selectively ignores these days. He could have stood up and exited the plane and been on the next flight for free! But no, he CHOSE to blow snot and get dragged off because he knew that there would be thousands of people like you run to his defense and help him sue because he is an ass! I’m quite sure there is s liberal judge out there who will award him s new vacation home to set up a meth lab and sell to your kids so fear not. His wife should be mortified her husband is such a pussy. Instead, she will be laughing all the way to the bank!

    • They have to dig up dirt to get the Airline off the hook. This is not right the News just blows this all up to look the way they want it to be. If they would hold these Big Companies accountable. This CRAP would change.

    • Not quite- only if you jump to conclusions based on a 5 second video and other misinformation. Believe what you want but that would be ignorant. Behavioral issues, selfish, and lots of missing video leading up to him being taken off by police. He had all ready been taken off peacefully, ran back on and sat down, no longer authorized to be there. So police came on and ordered him back off. He refused. Try getting a stubborn Asian out of a window seat on a regional jet. It wasn’t even Inited- it was an affiliate’s regional jet. The guy deserves zero sympathy, and his past is relevant, as he is clearly mentally unstable. Straight jacket next time.

    • No this has every relevance to this situation…it shows his true character! He acted like an idiot, he was thrashing around like a child while also making calls to a lawyer. I can’t believe how enthralled the public is in this case…how pathetic that this has caught so much airtime!!

  2. None of that matters at all. He was WRONGLY ASSAULTED. What happened in 2005 or 2010 or 2015 or LAST FRIGGING MONTH, has nothing to do with being ASSAULTED in 2017! WTF is wrong with you people?

    • what happened in 2005 DOES matter. it shows character. believe this guy is shady and seized an opportunity for personal gain knowing full well how this would play out.

      • No it doesn’t matter. What he did in the past had nothing to do with the airline literally dragging him off the plane. They demanded paying customers get off the plane so they could put on 4 employees. The employees were needed at the next stop over about 4 hours away. They could have driven that far. Also they could have offered up to 1350$, a nice room and the next flight out the next day. Surely someone would have jumped at that

      • R – you’re exactly right and Dan & Tammy need to grow the f up. I wouldn’t want to get bumped either, but I wouldn’t have done what this clown did. If what I’ve read about him and the details of this incident are accurate, he got what he deserved.

      • Good thing that is just your opinion. No one needs to be treated that bad. Are you saying his money is not worth what someone is flying FREE or his time. Which ever way you look at it United are going to pay thu the A– for showing they have the wright to do this.

        • Think about what you just said…the airline is going to get sued for doing what they are legally allowed to do. Keep contributing to the idiocracy of this country it is amusing…I guess.

  3. United has ALWAYS been a 1st class airline during the many years I have traveled with them. There was never even the slightest reason for a complaint. Does United wish that they had handled this situation differently, absolutely! Was the Doc at fault by not leaving the plane, absolutely! There is more to this story then what has already been reported. Lets let ALL of the facts be presented before we castigate United.

    • Doctor did the right think. Showed dignity and refused to obey this stupid lottery.
      If airlines selling more tickets to get more money, they would be prepared to loose for these times and propose higher bonuses to get volunteers.
      If they would pay fair compensation, there would be some volunteeres to accept it.

  4. There are a lot of holes in all the stories being told. One thing that bothers me is why he was so insistent on getting out of town? Maybe that’s none of our business but certainly may be a factor here. Airlines operate with very strict guidelines about who they can transport. They can be held accountable for the behavior of a passenger that might impact other passengers. The issue about being asked to vacate the plane happens occasionally according to an airline pilot interviewed today on radio. When buying a plane ticket you agree to the rules the aviation industry has set in place. This is one of them. They have the right to remove people if they determine it’s needed. So should this have been handled differently…probably. But once you have an aggitated passenger who is waving his arms around and refusing to obey the attendants then he has escalated the situation to this level.

  5. There are bias people who will always dig up the victim’s past to justify what UA did was right. It’s also a possibility for those who defended UA are paid by UA to try to soften the situation. The victim’s past has nothing to do with current event. Let’s see how UA will solve this dilemma. UA will be sued or have to settle with a large sum of money. A could have been solve $20000 solution now turns to millions due to tarnished reputation, PR nightmare, legal actions, and loss of customers. Why UA could be so stupid with such policies. Why not offer $3000 or $5000 for the seats? More than half the people on flight would have taken the offer. After 2 offers then start to forcefully remove people?

    Digging up someone past will not do UA any good. This is like saying if you are not a saint, UA has the right to take your seats, bash your face on an armrest, and drag you out like an animal even though you paid for your ticket in full and in advance.

    I would also definitely investigate UA random system of selecting passengers to be removed. I wonder if that includes first class and business class. More ground for a lawsuit 🙂

    • You are an idiot!!! You are the problem with this country!! It’s a private plane, you have no rights!! Sue??? Asshole!!

      • I love the people claiming that ‘it’s a private plane,’ (among other errors, especially feeding the troll who led off this anger filled rant festival). A ‘private plane,’ it most assuredly is not. UAL is a corporatation owned by shareholders and regulated by a federal agency. It’s planes are by no stretch of the definition ‘private,’ they are owned by the parent corporation, UAL. I suppose if you’re one of the supporters of the notion that ‘corporations are people,’ you could use this false equivalency to try and make your case, but you’d be wrong. Personally I think the airline industry has exploited the 9/11 terror attacks to ram through their distasteful policy changes and to further their abuses of their captive audiences. The percentage of airline employees who died in that terrible event as expressed as a fraction of all deaths directly caused by the planes hitting the twin towers is minuscule but now (still) it’s closer to being in a flying jail cell than a thousand dollar bus with wings, and god forbid you get on the wrong side of the staff, you get tased, hogtied, beaten and put on the international news, as well. The issue isn’t if this man was sanctioned by the medical board and subject to a DA run wild (96 felony charges, no time served, according to he isn’t currently a prisoner or even serving probation. You holier than thou types ever hear of the concept that once you complete your terms for breaking a law you are once again a free person? If you do your time then society has a legal responsibility to stop punishing you, at least in America, for now.

    • Yup keep suing…it’s the way of our country. Especially since this pathetic doctor obviously isn’t making much money these days because he keeps breaking the law and losing his license to practice medicine.

  6. It all starts and ends with, “should United have handled this better?”
    Nothing else matters. Nothing that happened in 2005. Nothing ANY passenger did by accepting or not accepting any offers. It’s all on United.
    Should United have handled this better? Oh Yeah!
    When not enough, 4 passengers, are accepting the vouchers to step off the plane and make room. The next OBVIOUS STEP, to me anyway, is to raise the amount of the vuchers! Not resort to force!
    If we can’t agree that this is where “thinking minds” at ground zero for United came to a grinding halt, jumped the rails, and hit the wall, maybe we should all be dragged away by the jack booted thugs.
    So enough of this VICTIMS past, none of it matters and nobody should care. It’s all on United.

  7. I agree, Character counts. If his sordid history IS true, his past is surely an illustration of the types of decisions he makes, AND his attitude. The other three left without stardom, what made him so special? Apparently he isn’t a “real” doctor, so that whole line about patients, blah, blah might’ve been Bs. And yes, United could have handled that allot better. (On a stand-by ticket, too?!)Really

    • Rwaitkones: he’s a medical doctor with a restricted liscence and can exercise the rights and privileges of his profession one day a week in a clinic that employs him for ‘real doctoring,’ – now “Dr. Phil” is not a ‘real doctor,’ but he does play one on TV…

      • Taken from Wikipedia’s page on Phil McGraw:

        “Education and early career
        McGraw graduated in 1975 from Midwestern State University with a B.A. in psychology. He went on to earn an M.A. in experimental psychology in 1976, and a Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology in 1979 at the University of North Texas,[9] where his dissertation was titled “Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Psychological Intervention”.[10][11] McGraw was guided through the doctoral program by Frank Lawlis, who later became the primary contributing psychologist for the Dr. Phil television show.[12]
        After obtaining his doctorate, McGraw joined his father, Joe McGraw, in Wichita Falls, Texas, where the elder McGraw had established his private psychology practice.[13]”

        If one has obtained a doctorate, would one not qualify to be called a Dr?

  8. Do you not get it? scum media outlets such as yourself are despised and derided and give reputable journalists, who actually do some real research, a bad name.
    The gutter press that passes itself off as a serious news outlet is laughable.

  9. Notwithstanding the fact that Dao should have been deported in 2004 for a felony crime, he caused the situation by not complying with the airlines request. I’ve been bumped numerous times from aircraft and never once thought to refuse the authority which is the airline. He should have been placed under arrest. There were two other passengers who did comply with the airlines request, assuming they are Caucasian since media outlets didn’t cite racist discrimination. If you come to this country you need to comply by its rules, regulations, and laws. If not then you should be deported back tithe country of origin. This man clearly shouldn’t even be in the US after the first crimes he committed and certainly shouldn’t have a license to practice medicine, his actions demonstrate an emotional instability, and his previous crimes and current behavior demonstrate a disrespect of US laws.

  10. Yo! Hey! Guess what? not only is his past COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT and bringing it up A HORRENDOUS INVASION OF PRIVACY but it seems that he might have a nice case for a libel suit. The moronic press have dug up the wrong guy.The United flight man was actually David Thanh Duc Dao, NOT David Anh Duy Dao, the man with the criminal records. Different middle names. I hope he sues the beejeebus out of United and crap publications that smeared his name.

  11. Everyone on this board put yourselves in Dao’s place. What would have you done? In almost every case of overreaction there’s a precipitating event. Some people with sociopathic tendencies might not realize the magnitude of the situation until it’s too late. There were three other passengers that understood and followed the guidelines of the airline administration and handled themselves as functional members of society. There was one passenger that has walked through life screaming at customer service reps until he gets what he wants. Insert real life situation, not a phone call, and this is what happens. If any of you would have behaved the way Dao did prior to the assault then shame on you. I do not care about his past and I do not care about his present. I don’t care what he does for a living and I don’t care what he does in his spare time. His behavior is completely unacceptable and warranted and unacceptable response. Two wrongs don’t make a right but both parties are victims here. The only one that will be rewarded is the one that initiated the exchange inappropriately.

  12. I have it on good authority that Robert Zerfing is under investigation for child pornography and is a member of NAMBLA and PETA who pretends to be conservative to deceive people into believing the things he comments on. More than one person can play this kind of game. There is no excuse, rationale or defense whatsoever for the way United Airlines handled their overbooking problems.

  13. Hey asswipe! You got the wrong Dr. Dao. These claims of malpractice are associated with Dr. David Anh Duy Dao, not Dr. David Thanh Duc Dao (the man assaulted on the plane), two completely different Asian-American men. Maybe you should fact check and maybe I should send this garbage article to his lawyer so he can sue you for libel and defamation of name. It’s seriously so sad how the media persecutes the victim!

    • yes, this is the wrong Dr. Dao.
      damaged, slander some one reputation is charged and fine.
      I think doctor Dao should sue all of the websites, news, people who slander him !!!

  14. LMAO @ the comments saying he’s a
    dr. and should have special preference. Bullshit. He’s a criminal and a fraud and a crook. He saw the chance to make some moolah and ran with it.

    • Remember the incidence of Rodney king in LA riots 1992 ??? Who was King? Did he fight the police officers ? Everyone has the right to be treated right.

  15. The Doctor will receive approx USD 5.5M award from United Airlines for having to undergo reconstructive surgury to replace his fronth teeth which were knocked out and sinuses damaged as well as the short term and long term effects of the concussion.

    Rule 25: “Denied Boarding Compensation” is not applicable as he had already boarded, due to his being accepted on board and seated in his allocated seat.

    Rule 21 on Refusal of Transport is not applicable as the doctor was perfectly civil until they tried to remove him in breach of contract.

    The CEO will receive a reduced bonus of the USD 500,000 anticipated bonus as it is linked to customer surveys which will be radically downgraded.

    Bottom line… It will be made illegal for airlines in USA to involuntarily re-accomodate passengers due to overbooking.

    You dont need an algorithm to sell up to the seats actually available on a plane.

    • ” Hey asswipe! You got the wrong Dr. Dao. These claims of malpractice are associated with Dr. David Anh Duy Dao, not Dr. David Thanh Duc Dao (the man assaulted on the plane), two completely different Asian-American men. Maybe you should fact check and maybe I should send this garbage article to his lawyer so he can sue you for libel and defamation of name. It’s seriously so sad how the media persecutes the victim!”
      I will send this comment to Doctor Dao and the lawyer for who insulted. Slander, Libel him

  16. The United CEO have slander him. United employee call thug to re-accommodate him. United breach THE contract to transport, instead transporting him into hospital with their hospitality. Yep! he got a strong legal case. Millions.

    Under United’s Contract Of Carriage (COC) rules (which follow federal rules), a passenger may only be bumped from a flight before they board (Rule 25). After they have taken their seat, Rule 21 is in effect, which would allow security to forcibly remove the passenger for many reasons — none of which includes accommodating last minute needs for a seat for other airline employees (or even overbooking).

  17. United didn’t drag him off, the police did. United did what every airline does. This passenger had the chance to get off peacefully and he chose not to. Until my wife started working for an airline, not United, we probably would have thought the way most other people who just does not know how the system works. Can’t speak for United, but the airline my wife works at first asks for volunteers with compensation. If not everyone shows up and these volunteers are not needed which happens more often than not, then there is no longer a need for volunteers. If no one volunteers, then the airlines have to wait until the 15 minutes before the plane is due to leave to allow everyone to check in. By this time everyone who is there has boarded. So, if overbooked at this point and no one still volunteers then the airline has to start asking those who checked in last that they are being involuntarily bumped. If it’s a child or handicapped person who checked in last, they are not bumped. So, it’s the last qualified person who checked in last that has to get off. As far as compensation, my wife’s airline gives 4 times what the passenger paid for his ticket up to $3,000 or $3,500 cap. So, if he paid $100 for his ticket, he would have gotten $400. If he paid $1,000, he would have gotten the max. As far as allowing the airline employees to fly instead of passengers, the airline industry, and rightfully so, believes it’s better to inconvenience 1 passenger versus 100’s. They were on their way to work because the crew on the plane these employees were going to had probably timed out or were sick or whatever. It’s an unfortunate situation that did not need to happen.

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