No! Trey Gowdy’s Son Is Not Dead! Stop Sharing Fake News!

Fake News Site Says Trey Gowdy’s Son Was Killed

The Fake News site that goes by the name of Last Line Of Defense published an “article” about Trey Gowdy recently titled:

BREAKING: Trey Gowdy’s Son Found In A Dumpster In DC

To all of you Conservatives that believed it? Shame on you! What the hell is wrong with you people? You can’t check sources? Wait… That would imply that there were sources to begin with. Which there were not. This is worse than a Washington Post article people! I mean seriously! The site itself actually TELLS YOU that it is a fake news site!

What They Said

Terrence Vaughan Martin Gowdy, Trey Gowdy’s 8-year-old son, was found dead in a dumpster in DC. The dumpster happened to belong to the new Trump Hotel, which is either a feeble attempt to frame the President or a message to him and his family. Little Trey, who went missing earlier today from the Capitol building, didn’t make it far before his tender young life was cut short by forces of globalist evil looking to keep the most righteous congressman in Washington silent.

What part of that is even believable?! Come on! Stop acting like liberals! Do your research!

Why The Fake News Story About Trump And Lavrov From WaPo… Matters

Another website has already called these guys out on their crap with a little more information about them.

According to Buzzfeed the site was originally meant to troll conservatives with over the top satirical articles but now appears to be used as a ‘source’ by a large network of actual fake news sites (not related to the original creator) that all repost the same articles mentioning it as the source but not acknowlediging the satire disclaimer. This causes many people to believe the fake stories especially when they are being shared on social media where all context is removed and only the title, image and description remain. Sites in the network appear to include:

The story is already being shared on social media as you can see in the Trendolizer graph at the end of this article and it will undoubtedly be picked up by various other fake news websites. Please help stop spread this rumor before some nutjob with a gun shows up at the Capitol and people get hurt.

Not The First Time

I have previously written an open letter to Conservatives. Maybe it’s time people actually read it!

Dear Conservatives: Please Stop Acting Like Liberals! We’re Better Than That!

One section in particular is relevant to this story, and if you don’t read the full article? At least read this part!

Spot The Fake News And STOP SHARING IT!

This was the most annoying thing about the election cycle that continues even today! Somehow “Conservatives” have completely lost the ability to tell the difference between tabloid garbage and legitimate news! Conservatives, like most Americans, are getting WAY to lazy! Does the news article have multiple sources? Are they legitimate sources?

Yes, CNN has a history of putting out some clickbait and bending the truth a bit when it comes to their writing. But nothing is stopping you from going to Reuters, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, FOX, etc, etc, etc; to make sure that it could at least be substantiated!

When you’re clicking those articles, you are fueling the fire. Thanks to right wingers who failed to do this, the left has all of the ammo in the world to shout out fake news at us! They might have written it, but WE read it and dispersed it! It was a trap that nobody should have ever fallen for.

Liberals could never before call Conservatives stupid, until 2016. Can we try to make a change and stop the fake news in its tracks? That would be great!

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