Gender Identity – A Slippery Slope The Left Can’t Grasp

For those of you who may not know what a slippery slope is:

A slippery slope is an idea or course of action which will lead to something unacceptable, wrong, or disastrous.

Now, a lot of people out there say that there is no slippery slope when it comers to gender identity, I for one disagree wholeheartedly! So before you just click off of this article, allow me to explain why!

The first thing you must do when tackling this issue is look at it objectively and logically for a second. Knowing full well that this is an emotional subject for some, people need to take a step back and look at the big picture!

We are told that one’s gender is not determined by physical reality (whether someone is biologically a male or female) but is determined by one’s mental state (that one’s gender may be whatever gender a person thinks it should be whether it is based on physical reality or not).

The person may say something like this:  “I am actually a female trapped in a male body, so I should be recognized as a female (even though I have male equipment) and allowed to use the ladies’ room and female locker room, etc..”

The absurdity of this kind of thinking can be illustrated by the following examples:

“I am actually a 22 year old trapped in a 16 year old body, and therefore I should be allowed to vote.”

“I am actually a 21 year old trapped in a 19 year old body, and therefore I should be able to purchase alcohol.”

“I am actually a black person trapped in a white person’s body and therefore affirmative action should apply to me.”

Those on the Left however say that this is not a slippery slope because “This would never happen!” “Those examples are absurd, therefore there is no slippery slope!”

As usual though, the Left has a very short memory. Remember Fallon Fox?

Fox was born a man, but had gender reassignment surgery eight years ago at age 30. So there is your first example of this already happening! What about Chloe Anderson? He plays women’s volleyball at Santa Ana College in California. In fact she is the first transgender athlete in Santa Ana College.

And one can’t forget Chris Mosier! He even won a spot on Team USA in the men’s sprint duathlon, becoming the first trans athlete to join a U.S. national team that matches his gender identity, rather than the gender assigned him at birth. He is the founder of, a site dedicated to educating and helping trans athletes, and the executive director of GO! Athletes, a support network for LGBT athletes.

But that is just sports right? What about prison, gender specific programs, etc? I am a man, but I am going to go to prison for a long time? I now believe I am a woman now so I want to go to a woman’s prison!

Again, the left says that this is crazy talk right? But you don’t even have to look very far to find it! Just look at the hit show “Orange Is The New Black” to see how pop culture is already propagating these ideas. Laverne Cox plays (and is) a Transgendered Man/Woman who is an inmate at a woman’s prison.

Far fetched? I think not!

What about the Obama bathroom law?

Problem: Apparently only .03 percent of Americans are transgender. Some of these folks are evidently uncomfortable utilizing their biologically oriented restroom.

Solution: Displeased, the Obama Administration instructed all public school districts to allow transgenders their choice of restroom.

Complication: This policy made the overwhelming majority of Americans, particularly young girls, uncomfortable sharing their facilities with the opposite sex.

Once a refuge for the fairer gender, the girls/ladies room was made an open territory to anyone, whether they are truly transgender or not.

Now that Donald Trump has reversed that order, the left is going crazy about it! What they refuse to acknowledge however is that the order never made it past the courts in the first place so in essence, Trump didn’t really do anything whatsoever besides leaving it to the states to create whatever policy they choose.

Everything I have already mentioned are just examples of people saying that they have chosen their own gender which is different than the sex that they were born with. From sports to bathrooms, to pop culture even talking about prison.

Where does it stop? What kind of litmus test is there that defines this? What is the scientific standard? If I, as a man, decides one day that I am now a woman, does that not mean that I now get all of the advantages that women get? Do I now get the Woman’s Small Business Loan? Do I get scholarships for college that are geared only towards women that men do not get?

What about race, can I choose my own race like Elizabeth Warren and Rachel Dolezal who ACTUALLY said that she “Identified As Black.” Can I choose my own income identity come tax time? Can I identify myself as poodle and get treats when I go to the bank?

If a person can determine their own identity JUST because they say they’re something they weren’t born as; it just doesn’t work! If you can’t see the slippery slope after all this, then there is nothing that can be shown to you. You are already too far gone down the liberal drain of delusion. Once the lines between Science and Emotional Opinion start getting blurred, you know we are in serious trouble.

It isn’t a slippery slope anymore, it is an avalanche!

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