AntiFa Threatens Violence If Portland Oregon GOP And Trump Supporters Don’t Pull Out Of Annual Parade

AntiFa scare tactics seem to be working in Portland Oregon.

The Multnomah County GOP released a statement on Tuesday announcing that they have been directly threatened by AntiFa.

They were sent an email (which you can see below) that stated if they actually participate in the parade, AntiFa will have 200 or more people rush the parade and forcibly remove the GOP and Trump supporters from the parade.

The group known as Direct Action Alliance, as well as smaller offshoots, have even created Facebook event specifically for this violence!

Here is their announcement!

Fascists plan to march through the streets of Portland in the Avenue of Roses Parade on 82nd.
The fascists know that we’ll keep shutting their marches down, they are now planning to march within other parades to protect their message of hate and white supremacy – it WON’T work.
Nazis will not march through Portland.
The group we’re disrupting is #67.
It is registered to the Multnomah County Republicans, but these infiltrators are the same folks from Lake Oswego, Salem, Vancouver, and even Berkeley. These are the folks that attacked a woman at PDX, they harassed Latinx parishioners with slurs and threats at a local church, they spew hate, threaten and curse young women at women’s health clinics. They seek to intimidate and harass our Latinx, Muslim and LGBTQ+ neighbors and friends. Their Trump flags, their red MAGA hats and their hate group badges are all intended to normalize support for an orange man who bragged about sexually harassing women and who is waging a war of hate, racism and prejudice against our Muslim, Latinx, Black and Native neighbors.
They will attempt to march from the Eastport Plaza to Yamhill, but nazis will not march through our city.
This event is not in opposition to The Avenue of Roses Parade, it is against the fascists who intend to march through our neighborhoods and intimidate our marginalized communities.

The second event has this announcement.

3%ers and nazis are planning on infiltrating the Avenue of roses parade on April 29th, they will be fighting against “government funded resistance organizations”.
As anarchists and anti fascists it is our duty to shut down this shit, we will not let them normalize fascism and nazism we will not let them infiltrate this family event! #notoneinch

It appears that these guys are serious about starting some trouble if the GOP or Trump supporters show up!

Pictures To Go With The Threats

This image is on their Facebook event. Does this imply violence? I think it does!
This is the main Portland Oregon AntiFa Facebook Event.
This is one of the smaller offshoots that also is hosting an event to disrupt the parade.

Keep The GOP “Fascists” Out Of The Parade!

So who are the “Nazis” and the “fascists,” you ask?  That’s easy — anyone with whom they disagree and especially anyone who voted for Donald Trump. But it appears that not everyone was scared off. Some people have been commenting on the events with something else in mind entirely.

We will be there,” one person wrote.  “The GOP pulled it (sic) entry out, but Patriots will be there to celebrate America. Any trouble will come from your side. We plan to wave flags and walk. What are your plans?”

“Anyone tries to come and get violent with me while I’m at a family event with my kids u will get what u got coming,” another person said.

“Funny how people who have a different view on things are called a ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi,’ said a third person.

It appears that the event in Berkeley last week seems to have emboldened both sides when it comes to physical altercations. I will be live streaming whatever happens on Saturday on our Facebook page and will be writing a follow up article after the event as well.

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  1. The National Guard should be there and anyone disrupting the parade and causing harm to anyone should simply be shot. I am tired of them allowing these idiots continue this idiocy. After a few have been dispatched, the rest will be gone.

    • They should participate in the parade dressed as Trump supporters and be prepared to repel boarders and arrest them all.

  2. Do these “people” realize that by definition, their actions are just like the Nazi’s and Fascists? Quoting Princess Bride’s Inigo Montoya…”I do not think that means what they think it means.”

  3. They want a war that they cannot comprehend. This isn’t Call of Duty where you will respawn. You willeither die or be severely injured. The police that allow the libturds to be violent will also be held accountable. Remember, you are on the roster and if you think for one minute that the upper eschelons of the police force will cover for you even if you were just following orders, you are fools. Better look at what the bottom of the bus looks like. You will soon be there. Libturd city council members never blame themselves. They blame the police!

  4. It’s about time Someone did Something! These are a Bunch Of Idiot Thugs, That Have No Respect For Anyone! Great Job Screwing Up OUR COUNTRY, OBAMA! SNOWFLAKES THROWING A TANTRUM!

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