**GRAPHIC** ISIS Recruiting Video Shows How Young Their Soldiers Really Are

The Left Ignores The Actual Threat That Is ISIS

Liberals were out in the streets recently over Donald Trump’s executive order regarding travel from countries that either have sponsored terrorism, or currently has a problem with ISIS. They are crying about “women and children refugees” not being able to come into this country.

They don’t want any vetting, they don’t want us to be sure that they are not terrorists, they just want to open the floodgates and let them all in.

Somehow they do not understand the actual threat that we are currently facing, even though ISIS is doing their best to show them!

The Recruiting Video Itself

The video below is an actual training/recruiting video that ISIS put out in early January showing children, actual kids, clearing a building and taking out targets as they clear rooms.

Some of the targets are actual dummies that those of us who have ever done this kind of training are used to. However, what makes this even worse, and why no children should ever see this video, is that they also use live targets as well.

There are men, tied up, and either locked in a room or trying to escape that these kids put down. Live human beings. ISIS went out of their way to show those watching this video that these people were actually alive and not some sort of special effect by zooming in on an entry wound in a mans skull where you can see his pulse in the blood pouring out.

Again, I ask you all to please make sure no children are in the room when you watch this video, and I apologize for the graphic nature of it as well. But I firmly believe that ALL Americans NEED to see this and fully UNDERSTAND and ACKNOWLEDGE that THIS is who we are fighting right now!

Below is a submission from a follower on our Facebook Page.


The Left and ISIS are working together. This is a war. The Leftist Americans don’t understand that they are helping their cause. ISIS knows women and children are being allowed more into countries and they are arming children with the knowledge to kill. I’m not making this up either.

If you look at whats happening, the whole point of radical Islam is to steal America. The Left is brainwashed into thinking the right is racist for not letting them come here but that’s false. The Right is not racist! We are not wanting them here because we know they will try and steal our country We have to work together! The right and the left must not fight or it’s gonna be a war! Obama set us up and people can’t even see it!

We are about to enter a Civil War between the Right and the Left. This is a fact! It is already happening as the Left are marching the streets, picking fights with anyone who disagrees with them, including the police!

Obama did this to us and Trump is trying to make sure that doesn’t happen. Americans should be protecting their country, not the values of other countries. Those countries the left are trying to protect are terrorist filled and a danger to us all.

There were 1.6 billion Muslims in the world as of 2010 – roughly 23% of the global population – according to a Pew Research Center estimate. But while Islam is currently the world’s second-largest religion (after Christianity), it is the fastest-growing major religion. Studies show 1% are terrorists. That’s 16 MILLION.

Brian Martin

He isn’t wrong! Everyone knows and acknowledges that Islam itself is not the enemy! But to deny that Radical Islam is not a threat, or to call them the “JV Squad” as our last sad excuse of a President once did, is only going to embolden them and make America less safe!

This is common sense people! Hate George W Bush all you want to! I don’t care! But he told the WORLD exactly what would happen if Obama fulfilled his campaign promise of pulling out of Iraq too early! Now we are paying the price!

Liberals started ISIS and Liberals continue to aid them! It is time that these idiots on the Left get a rude awakening! So if you know any of these people marching in the streets protesting against this executive order restricting travel until they can be properly vetted, SHARE THIS WITH THEM! It is time they get educated on what’s REALLY going on in this world today!

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  1. All Muslims are working to replace our law with Shari Law and replace Christianity with Islam whether they’re a Muslim terrorist or not.

  2. Look at what Clinton said when he became President.
    Listen to GW Bush said in his speech about some Muslims
    We as Americans have all the wright to protect us from this
    people. We should close the borders We need to protect AMERICA
    Trump will protect America. You do not like this Country leave
    go to one of this Countries and be Happy take Mr. Schummer with You

  3. ISIS is like a malignant cancer. They can’t all be executed but only minimized since it has gotten the fuck out of control! No reason to put so much weight on what religion is what and whose more superior or righteous. Eliminate the disease to the best ability and the remainder will either fall in line or fade away. As far as Sharia Law goes….pssshh that’ll never happen in the states like the UK has! Believe that Americans are way too proud for that type of shit law to ever come in existence within the states.

  4. unfortunately most combat troop at one time or another have been exposed to armed children. we a grownups react instinctually, to where as children stop to think about what they are going to do. I know, I spent 51 months total in Viet-nam, and have encountered this situation. And yes I am still here, along with the flashbacks and nightmares as part of that 51 months

  5. The little bastards are real brave when the victim is tied up and unarmed. Wonder how they would react seeing one of their little buddies brains blown out?


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    • We get it sometimes, but I had to turn it off because it was blocking other people as well. There are plug ins if you just type in “Spam” on your search. But, be careful because it will block normal comments as well.

    • Are you kidding me?! They haven’t banned any of us yet for posting it. You must be in their cross hairs now! Rocky times ahead for a while!

      • Well I have almost 5000 friends and over 30,000 followers. This is the 2nd time I’ve been given a 30 day ban since October of 2016. I’m definitely in their cross hairs. FB can’t handle the TRUTH!

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