Portland Oregon Mayor Wants Federal Government To Pull Rally Permit From Trump Supporters

Portland Mayor Attempts To Silence Trump Supporters

UPDATE: Watch – Portland Stabbing Suspect Jeremy Christian Appears In Court For The First Time

In true Liberal Haven Sanctuary City form, Portland Oregon has made clear who’s side they are on in this country. They continuously maintain the ability of those who will riot in the streets to assemble, march, and yes… Riot! But once a Pro Trump group decides that they want to have a rally? Their permit must be removed according to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

The hypocritical double standard is being displayed clear as day with this action! The Patriots, led by Joey Gibson, have proven themselves time and time again to be non violent, non destructive, and peaceful at their rallies. They have shown countless examples of a desire to have dialog with the opposing side instead of violence. They have yet to destroy property in their wake, and in fact, have gone out of their way to clean up the area that they occupied during their events.

What’s Coming On June 4th

The Free Speech Rally has been planned for quite some time now. AntiFa across the nation has set up multiple events to counter this rally. If the mayor is afraid of an altercation, he should look to where the threat is actually coming from. AntiFa, Black Lives Matter, and the other far left groups in this city have been the only groups to create a problem.

The mayor is probably afraid that there is going to be an altercation between these groups and he is probably correct. However, if any problem arises, it is from his own doing. If he does not want there to be a problem on June 4th then he should make sure that his officers promptly stop anyone in a black mask from getting anywhere near the Patriots. It will not be the Patriots that start a fight. It will be the “usual suspects”. The same people that continuously get arrested for destruction of property that are promptly released within a few hours.

Blame Game and False Associations

The mayor is trying to use the arrest of Jeremy Christian and the horrible act that he did as a reason to do this. Unfortunately for the mayor, AntiFa, and their allies, It has been proven time and time again with multiple videos that the Patriots have nothing to do with Jeremy Christian whatsoever.

It is true that this idiot was on location when the Patriots held a rally in place of a canceled parade due to AntiFa threats. However, the Patriots refused to allow him to join their ranks. They even went so far as to ask the police to remove him. This racist trash was not associated with, nor allowed to be around the patriots. Yet, the mayor and his allies on the left continue to attempt to spread this lie.

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The Report

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has called for the federal government to pull their permit for an alt-right protest scheduled for next Sunday, June 4.

The protest is scheduled to bring at 12:30 p.m. at federally-controlled Terry Shrunk Plaza in downtown Portland. Another protest called #MarchAgainstSharia is scheduled for Saturday, June 10, also at the Terry Shrunk Plaza.

Joey Gibson, a Vancouver resident and video blogger, is organizing both rallies. He has invited Kyle Chapman, an online celebrity known as “Based Stickman,” to the June 4 rally.

The “alt-right” group has pledged to fight “antifa” a group militant leftists. KATU’s news partners at Willamette Week wrote an in-depth piece explaining what each group stands for and why they’ve taken to Portland’s streets to fight each other.

Mayor Wheeler’s statement comes several days after two men were killed and another was injured aboard a MAX train. A man named Jeremy Christian was arrested on murder, attempted murder and hate crime charges. The FBI is working to determine whether the attack classifies as a federal hate crime or domestic terrorism.

Wheeler says he has asked the City of Portland not to issue any permits for alt-right protests on June 4 or June 10. But the June 4 rally is being held at Shrunk Plaza, which the federal government controls.

“Our city is in mourning, our community’s anger is real, and the timing and subject of these events can only exacerbate an already difficult situation,” Wheeler wrote.

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Here’s Mayor Wheeler’s full statement:

On Friday three men Rick Best, Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, and Micah Fletcher stood up against bigotry and hatred. Two paid with their lives. A third was seriously injured.

Our community remains in shock and mourning. But we are also tremendously grateful to our heroes and their families for their selflessness and heroism. They will serve to inspire us to be the loving, courageous people we are meant to be.

As Mayor, I wanted to update you on a few developments:

1) I have reached out to all of the victims and their families, including the two women who were terrorized and subjected to such hatred and bigotry. I have offered my unconditional assistance and support, day or night.

2) I have confirmed that the City of Portland has NOT and will not issue any permits for the alt right events scheduled on June 4th or June 10th. The Federal government controls permitting for Shrunk Plaza, and it is my understanding that they have issued a permit for the event on June 4th.

3) I am calling on the federal government to IMMEDIATELY REVOKE the permit(s) they have issued for the June 4th event and to not issue a permit for June 10th. Our City is in mourning, our community’s anger is real, and the timing and subject of these events can only exacerbate an already difficult situation.

4) I am appealing to the organizers of the alt-right demonstrations to CANCEL the events they have scheduled on June 4th and June 10th. I urge them to ask their supporters to stay away from Portland. There is never a place for bigotry or hatred in our community, and especially not now.

5) I am calling on every elected leader in Oregon, every legal agency, every level of law enforcement to stand with me in preventing another tragedy.

6) When and if the time is right for them, I would like to work with the families to find an appropriate way to permanently remember their sacrifice and honor their courage. Their heroism is now part of the legacy of this great city and I want future generations to remember what happened here, and why, so that it might serve to both eradicate hatred and inspire future generations to stand up for the right values like Rick, Taliesin, and Micah did last week.

AntiFa Threatens Violence If Portland Oregon GOP And Trump Supporters Don’t Pull Out Of Annual Parade

High School Students “Demand” Police Leave Campus In Portland Oregon

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  1. There’s a good reason why it’s called the Left Coast.
    Four basic areas: Hollywood, the Bay Area, Portland, and Seattle.

  2. Alt Right? Alt Right? Alt Right? Who the hell are they talking about? I have never met a member of the Alt Right. I HAVE met many, many, many hardworking, honest, common sense Americans who are sick and tired of the destruction THE LEFT has brought to our country and our citizens. For the FIRST TIME in DECADES we have a champion in President Trump and we want to celebrate the improvements he is bringing to the USA.

    • The Left “invents” these titles to try to demonize opposition. They do this because the know THEY are the real enemy to our Country and have to lie to the public as their true agenda is always rejected.

  3. The extreme leftist leaning of portland is the cause of the violence. The leftists want only their way, do not know how to accept other opinions, do not know how to compromise, will only follow a law when it suits them and ignore laws they don’t like.

  4. Your inappropriatly timed “pro hate speech Trumpeting” rally on these dates,would be rescheduled if you had any sense or compassion, two words Trump followers apparently do not comprehend. The Mayor is wise to make his request of a so called president who values divisiveness over bringing the country together.
    Your rallies clearly are designed to increase hate and fear for a group you have decided to make the focus on as evil. Your rallies bring out and encourage men like that monster who harassed the two girls because of their religion. You are as complicit as the monster in chief in deliberately inciting the worst in licentious human behavior see while calling it “freedom”.

    You know full well what your presence will do if you hold your rally so close to what the white terrorist murderer inspired to act by your inflammatory rhetoric toward Muslims did. Just change your dates is all you need to do and preserve the peace.

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