WATCH: Paul Ryan Admits To Having Knowledge of Trump Tower Wiretap


In an interview with Bret Baier on Friday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) was asked directly if he believed the Obama administration had been responsible for wire tapping Trump Tower in October, 2016—a month prior to the election.

Baier: “Are you concerned..that the Obama administration may have been surveilling members of the Trump campaign in a pretty detailed investigation during the election?”

Ryan says he doesn’t think so, but only because of a report that was received by members of Congress in early January, which didn’t mention anything regarding Russia and Trump. “You would have think they would have put that in the report.”

Baier clarifies: “Right, but there’s a report about June 2016 FISA request by the Obama administration Foreign Intelligence Survelliance Court to monitor communications involving Donald Trump and several other campaign officials. Then they get turned down and then in October, they renew it, and they do start a wiretap…at Trump Tower, with some computer…and Russian banks, and it doesn’t show up in anything by reporting. Have you heard that?”

Ryan says again that no one in congress, or at least no one that he knew had been presented with “evidence to the contrary of what you just said.”

“So you believe it to be true?” Baier asks. After an uncomfortably long pause, Ryan restates that he had seen no evidence that anyone was colluding with Russians. Finally, when pressed a little further he admits “I’ve seen nothing come from that,” implying that yes, it did happen, and nothing negative about Trump was found—or else we would know it.

This is Paul Ryan, hinting strongly that the charges Baier was making were solid, but that he was certain nothing negative to Trump (or anyone else) was going to come from it.

I can’t imagine what was going through Paul Ryan’s head as he, probably like the rest of us, awoke to the news that Trump was officially making the charge that the Obama administration had indeed, wiretapped Trump Tower.

I’m not the only one who got this take, either:

What do you think?  He certainly didn’t deny knowing anything about it.  He certainly seemed to be saying that it happened like Baier said it happened.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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  1. Nonsense! Obama didn’t do a legal tap. He DID do a sneaky illegal wiretap thinking it wouldn’t be found out but might use what he heard against Trump. He Obama failed to achieve his goal of beating Trump.

    • I agree. He was denied access to tapping, initially, them did it anywau. Nothing stated says he had approval, or a warrant, and that’s illegal use of presidential powers.

    • I’ve couldn’t of put it in better words. You are right! Ryan was in that wire tapping and now it’s come back to threaten his career. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the #1 leak!

      • That is absurd. If you listen to the interview, he never claimed he knew that Obama actually wire-tapped. This headline contradicts the actual interview, and was created to get people whipped up and to read the piece. So sick of this kind of propaganda bait. Paul Ryan can’t stand Barack Obama or his policies. Nobody is happier that he is gone. Paul will speak out against this strongly, once the case has rock solid proof.

        • I agree, Nancy. The headline is to draw you in. All Republicans, Libertarians, Independents need to band together with President Trump against the under-handed,dirty business the Democrats have been up to for years and especially in the last one! They are obviously getting VERY desperate.

          • Why band together with trump unless you’re a corporate crony and wh0re to the oil & gas industry. Thanks for giving our tax paying dollars to the rich and shameless. And feeding the devils army by forcing unwanted pregnancies. Republicans are all narcissist and money lovers. Money is the root of all evil and you are looking at it right in the face. Obviously the great generation didn’t teach their children how to spot the rise of fascism.

        • No it’s more like they’re a bunch of cowards that’s why they want their guns. Dude, the emperor has no clothes, too bad you’re all sick holes to their wallets and little boys clubs. The Peter principle has ruined this country and now it’s reached the presidency.

          • Well, you have certainly reached your level of incompetence. Unwanted pregnancies can easily be controlled with birth control or abstinence. How is the Republican party forcing unwanted pregnancies? We also need our guns to protect us from the rioting libtards in the streets.

        • Ryan loved Obama and helped him pass his agenda every chance he got! Look at his voting record….that doesn’t lie! He had to,he’s married to very liberal wife!! Happy wife, Happy life!!

      • I have said it all along that Ryan is a snake in the grass. He does what he can to keep straddling the fence to try and stay afloat. I think his boat is ready to sink. The bubble gum cannot fill the hole.

  2. If this turns out to be true, there should be some jail time and I would hope forfeiture of retirement pay and benefits.

      • He WAS the worse thing, and still is!! He is manipulating people and situations to bring down Trump’s administration. I pray to God that what Obama actually accomplishes is to get his vile a*s thrown into a federal prison for the rest of his life!!

        • I am with you, Shari Rhodes. And what in the world is going on with Paul Ryan? Beginning to think he is not a good person. He had better be investigated. He was very much against President Trump during the campaign. I no longer trust him at all. So disappointed!

        • Worse president wow you have no clue. Please tell us how? Unemployment at 4.6%, no bailouts, no corporate cronyism, no attackING the free press.

          • No Bailouts?? What do you think Obamacare is?
            Besides the auto industry bailout!! changing bankruptcy laws!
            What about the so-called stimulus package? the 800billion$$ that was supposed to create shovel ready jobs??? That was just payout to all the public employee unions that got him elected!!! 4.6 unemployment??? that’s because everyone unemployed longer than 1 year isn’t counted in the government statistic!!! you have to dig deep for the truth….not just read headlines

      • I disagree. Obama is the symptom, not the disease. The problem is the news media that has been refusing to report truth.

      • I agree.You know that Obama and fellow haters will do anything to get Trump out.It makes me sick since President Trump is the best

        • I think you people are bat shit crazy & in need of SERIOUS medication. Listen to Stephen king…Obama did it personally, wearing a con ed uniform. Michelle held the flashlight while he worked.
          REALLY??????? You elected the biggest nut case in the country & you believe this crap??? What flavor was the kool aid.

    • Exactly, the sorry excuse of a President should lose all privileges that are bestowed, such as Salary and Secrete Service Protection. Let the snake crawl into a hole somewhere, or rot in Prison with a few fellow inmates. Obama is an embarrassment to our country as a leader. SOLD OUT AMERICA. Traitor. SNAKE.

  3. Why so much talk and no action? Put him in prison and all the muslims back in their country! All Democrat s that had anything to do with it, out of politics forever No retirement money!

    • my take is if paul ryan McCain and graham knew about the wiretap and it was illegal they said nothing all this time until the FBI swears a warrant for obamas arrest they too are guilty knowing and not saying a word they are rinos that’s why cant trust them all involved in treason

    • We should put all the Catholics out too since the pilgrams settled here to escape them. We didn’t even have a Catholic president until JFK because they considered an occult. The founder father’s were not catholic.

  4. I agree 250%. Now let’s start crushing the Dems with their own corruption and clogg up the courts while TRUMP runs the country the correct way!!! It is about time to EXPOSE all the DEMS corruption and hold their feet to the fire. They now have awaken a sleeping giant I PRAY once and for all!!!

    • He couldn’t run this country if he tried. His entire administration is crumbling. Obama doesn’t have to do anything to Trump.. They are dropping Trump like a bad habit…one by one.

      • Republicans are so narcissistic and butt kissers that they will tear each other apart because they haven’t realized that it’s not about them individually. When you always think about yourself, that usually means someone else pays, sorry but that’s just chaos and never works. So yes eventually they will crumble in chaos and infighting, however it will get much worse before it gets better and the dem’s will have to fix it again like they did with Bush. Unfortunately people never learn from the past and we will continue to repeat this process every cycle.

    • “My father-in-law never really believed that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. but republicans are so gullible, they’ll believe anything.” – Jared Kushner 2016

  5. POTUS needs to go after these crap bags and start charging and arresting anyone who is doing Obama’s bidding. Including that Oxygen Thief, himself and that political whore, HRC. Leaks, wire tapping without a FISA court order, sedition, borderline treason, etc… It will stop when people are made examples of and they will talk when they are looking at federal prison time. This is circumventing the will of the people and they deserve swift and just punishment.

    • Trump should be sued for slander and libel. He’s a psychopath with his finger on the red button. Who tweets something so unfounded at 6 a.m.? This guy is going to get us into a other war over his bruised ego. Luckily, he’s really good at draft dodoing so he can keep all his rich crony friends kids and his own off the front lines.

  6. What can be done to get rid of Paul Ryan, the snake oil salesman. I’d be afraid to turn my back on him if I were Trump. If his district had ANY sense, they would have thrown him out of politics last election. Please do it in 2018

    • Ha!!!! How dillusional! Trump & Ryan are like two peas in a pod …. Drain the swamp???!!?? Ha they Are the Swamp … Along with gutter rat Bannon! Ha!!

      • Ryan fought Trump every step of the way, and he won’t despite the establishments efforts. What planet are you living on? Tama, you’re the ‘delusional’ one.

  7. There are a lot of comments assuming understanding of what someone is not saying clearly or directly. I realize if it fits the narrative some want it to fit, they will jump on it. I remember reading before the election that Russian business men (ie Russian mafia) were renting space next to Trump Tower. So if anyone was tapped, they would know. If it is them who are very likely tapping (everyone they can), results will be released when they want or need it. We need much more knowledge and skill in cyber sleuthing and cyber attack prevention and counter measures. FBI tapping obviously wasn’t under Obama’s control,anymore than he controlled the directors release of Weiner/Hillary email non-findings. Do any of you really think that NSA spying/”monitoring” went away with Snowden?

  8. Wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan , McCain, and Lyndsey were not the Republican sign offs on the tap! Bush Machine was probably calling in favors, also. None thought they’d get caught, because Trump wasn’t expected to win….and in all of their opinions, he must not win. DC Corruption was at stake! This smacks of Sedition! The Dem.s are excellent at sidestepping! …. I think Hillary and Obama should be investigated, as well as the Clinton Foundation,the uranium deal, Benghazi, and Bill Clinton, for the tarmac incident with the ,then, DOJ! The WH leaks and Obama’s involvement precede all other concerns! These are very serious matters, acts of sedition, and could be connected to all of the other concerns!…..

    • I should have read your post before commenting. I said the same thing. Only I added that these distractions are taking the focus on pedophiles. I think hat’s the real reason they concentrate on Russia. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryano’s wife is in on a plot to get Obama into the UN where he can try to lord over our President. He has muslim backers here and in the UN. We need to get them out, now! He and Valorie have a command station. Who are they going to command?

  9. Ryan was a Never Trumper and also allowed Obama to get his Socialist agenda through for 8 years so I say he let Obama have free reign throughout. A disgraceful representative!

  10. Find the movie “Dreams From My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception” directed by Joel Gilbert. This was based on a memoir written by Barack Obama in 1995. Quite an eye opener! Draw your own conclusions, but for me, everything Obama has done and is still doing, was made clearer by watching this movie.

  11. I read where four Republicans wanted the tapping done Let me guess: McCain, Lindsey, Ryano, and… I don’t agree with Ryano that Russia is our adversary. McCain and Lindsey are pushing that so hard because of one reason. And I think it is the reason they want to listen in on ou President and get rid of Sessions! Pedophilia! Why do they cover up for Clintons, Obamas, and even the Bushs? Because they are implicite! Trump and Sessions are taking them down! They are shaking in their boots!

  12. My God, you people are stupid as dirt believing this chit. It came from Briebart, the bullshit shoveler to the ignorant fools. I graduated from HS in 1970 when the US was #2 in education world wide. NOW we are #39 and it shows. It breaks an old mans heart to see how stupid this once great nation has become. BTW Lord Cheeto misspelled tap. He wrote tapp not TAP. But go ahead and have another yellow snow slurpee served up by the tRump propaganda machine.

    • Respect your elders you old fart. Trump has been doing this longer than you, and his kids are even more successful than yours. When you say that “we” are #39 you need to remember that only half of the voters voted for Trump. The other half, the low-IQ ones who show their intelligence (lack of it) by protesting in traffic, shooting cops, getting drugged up and drunk, and even surgically changing their genitalia — those idiots voted for the hag, and they are proud of it too. So be careful throwing those accusations around. If your biggest issue is that he added a letter to the end of a word on a tweet, I think you need to seek counseling.

    • Dude you are about as sharp as a tack, you obviously read the article otherwise you would not be complaint of small stuff. It says obammer was turned down once for the request later asked again. Of course sleaze bag tapped the phones, that’s his style. McCain, Lindsay and Ryan all knew about it as well. Notice how quick Lindsay came out to defend Jeff Sessions as did Ryan. Truthfully they weren’t counting on Trump coming out with this story line. Trump is just fed up with the Washington screw balls.

    • Shall I go into all of your grammatical and spelling errors? Sorry, don’t have the time nor inclination, since you probably are not cognitive enough to understand..

      • Thanks for showing the world that you have nothing of substance to say while trying to assume intellectual superiority. Way to show your lack of intelligence cupcake! Full display for everyone to see! Debate the topic instead of the petty and maybe… JUST MAYBE someone might eventually take you seriously or respect your opinion!

    • Rick,

      Actually the information doesn’t come from Breightbart about the tap. It came from Mark Levine . So, you need to get your facts correct . I do agree with your statement on education. The country has gone down hill in education because of liberal policies. People like yourself make statements that are not true. If you will do your research on mark levin that his credentials are unquestionable. He is a a expert on our country as a constitutional republic. I have a Masters degree and deal in facts. The CIA director coming out saying he knew nothing is trouble for Obama. It’s someone distancing theirselves from a sinking ship.

  13. Obama is still causing divisiveness in our country and it needs to stop him now. Obama wants control back; he can’t accept defeat so he is causing as much trouble as he possibly can. Just like a brat who can’t have what he wanted!!

  14. I don’t understand why anyone would even doubt anything the Communists did. Obozo didn’t have permission, but that doesn’t matter to the Communists/Muslims, they did it anyway and there is no question about it! To understand the Democrat/Communist people/things you only have to look at the kind of people who are and have been Protesting President Trump and his Supporters are filthy animals who have been paid by SOROS. Then if that’s not enough, take a look at the filthy HOOKERS in the D.C., so called, women’s march, that should do the trick! If not, check out the Hollywood ASSHOLES, that’s a SICK MESS. I suspect a big part of the Supporters are SATANIC. NOTHING ANY OF THEM SAY IS CREDIBLE AND IF YOU BELIEVE THEM YOUR IN BAD SHAPE AND PROBABLY ARE MENTALLY UNSTABLE!

  15. Interesting,not surprising, let’s see where this goes and if we have the courage to stand up and drop the hammer. Lowell

  16. There is NO WAY I would interpret what Ryan says here, to be an ADMISSION confirming the existence of wire taps at Trump Tower. When he says “I’ve seen nothing come of that”, I interpret that to be a highly vague, super-generalized reference to the entire process so far, of US government intelligence investigation into the notion that Trump officials as a whole were cooperating with Russian and likely spy agents. This article and people who are assuming Ryan is admitting something are doing the same thing people did in Sweden when Trump made a comment about “Last night”. They are taking candid spontaneous statement far, far too literally. People do not get the opportunity to craft super-accurate responses. Only by repeated interviewing, and added evidence do statements like this take on any clear meaning.

    • Rosen has already denied that. He said there was no “wiretapping” of him or his family. But the pro-Trump people committing here just absolutely refuse the facts even when they are pointed out. Instead, you keep using what you think is logic to come to conclusions. Seems like you would rather for Trump to be in a Tabloid mode rather than treying to run the country.


  18. I think that Trump’s tweets are pretty spot on. The man isn’t an idiot and an accusation like that is pretty definite. Trump isn’t running for election anymore, so the stoking of this fire I’m betting has merit.

  19. I agree with you Phyllis and also Terry-Enough is enough but you can bet nothing will be done but if it happens under Trumps watch, someone will pay!!

  20. Trump is clearly delusional and Paul Ryan is the biggest butt kisser of all time. Your President Trump is a NUT CASE! Stop trying to convince yourself otherwise. This man needs to be put in a straight jacket before he gets someone killed. This is lunacy that anyone would think this is okay. Stop trying to normalize what’s not Normal. He’s not a conservative so he and Paul Ryan have absolutely nothing in common. Anyone that is keeping hope alive that this President will some how be normal should snap out of it!!

  21. Yes he definitely was aware of the wire tap! He said a couple times no information came back proving about Russia! So why do the democrats keep trying to say Russia Russia Russia!!! Bring all the scumbags down Trump!!! Sooner or later the left should see the truth! As for liberals they are list and never will understand lol

  22. I simply cannot believe the Shermanter guy! Where have you been? You undoubetedly do not know that your man Obama is the reason the Terrorists have done so well! He and Eric Holder during Fast and Furious have given these people weapons and lots of money! Obama, your guy has given billions of our dollars to Iran so they can build their bombs! Your buddy Obama has given so much in cash to them and he has practically drained our country to help ISIS, and all the other Terrorists! Yes he was born in Kenya, as he and his wife have said before! Yes, he is Muslim, as I heard him say it himself that he was born a Muslim and he would die a Muslim! He is a real snake and he was Never properly vetted by the Democrats and they knew he wasn’t and they did not care! HE IS THE VERY WORSE PREsident in the history of the USA AND HE HAS THE Country iN a HORRIBLE MESS!!! HE TRIES TO FOLLOW OUR FAVORITE PRESIDENT TRUMP EVERYWHERE HE GOES AND TALK TO OUR LEADERS AND THIS IS SOMETHING THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!! I NDOUBTEDLY TOO MANTY PEOPLE HAVE BURIED THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND AND HAVE NEVER LEARNED THE REAL TRUTH AS THEY GAVE LISTENED TO TOO MUCH FAKE NEWS!!!!!!

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