John McCain’s Surgery Not Covered By Obamacare

Good thing the Senate has great Health Coverage

Wow, that was close!

John McCain recuperates from surgery, delaying the Senate vote for about a week. Not one Democrat will put their name on the bill, so his vote is as crucial as Chris Christie’s talcum powder. He is lucky he’s exempt from Obamacare.

Ironically, the only reason why the vote can still be scheduled, is because that John McCain has that sweet benefits package Senators get, covering everything from hair plugs to dentures. And thanks to for-profit Health Care (that is only available in one remaining nation in the entire industrialized world) the vote will probably come well before the August recess.

Civilian life has been good to Captain McCain, If  he was dependent on the Veterans Administration, that vote would be delayed indefinitely. Rather than recovering on the couch in front of Judge Judy, he would still be waiting for his name to come up on the list. Hopefully in a couple weeks he could see a Doctor to talk about the surgery. There is also a good chance Arizona would need to hold a special election since VA patients often die while awaiting treatment.

He’s being treated at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. So his recovery is expected to be fast, and free from complications. If he relied on the Obamacare exchanges, he might need to get surgery elsewhere, since many exchange plans are not accepted by the Mayo Clinic.

While it is mandated that Members of Congress use exchanges,  they’re allowed to use the ones offered only to small businesses. Insurers also offer the Senators special small business plans, plans available only to them, plans that are accepted at the Mayo Clinic.

Besides an enormous blood clot, John McCain has something that he doesn’t want ordinary citizens to have: Choice. Choice to avoid the Veterans Administration nightmare, and Choice to stay out of the Obamacare exchanges.

Americans Need Choice

That’s what Ted Cruz wants to offer. One simple amendment to the health care bill that would allow insurance companies to offer plans outside Obamacare. Like it was back in the good old days, before Americans spent a day on hold waiting for an Obamacare professional to guide you through your limited options.

But Senators don’t want to give you choices. Senators are the smartest creatures on the planet, and much better equipped to make those decisions, for us and themselves.

McCain would rather side with Democrats, who think “choice” means something entirely different. Something more consistent with what happens to Veterans who are not viable outside the system. Democrats favor Single Payer, which is essentially, Veterans Administration for All.

This type of hypocrisy, this two tiered system that Government has engineered, separates them from us common folk. It’s one reason why Americans are tired of the Washington establishment. Senators live in a reality that’s as foreign to us as a private subway.

It’s why Donald Trump got elected. For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, Donald Trump was the Declaration of Independence from establishment politics. Americans are so fed up with the John McCains of the world, they would rather send a boisterous reality show star with an itchy twitter finger to Washington, before another establishment politician. And If Democrats think it can’t get any worse, don’t hold your breath (especially if you have ObamaCare). Kid Rock is running for Senate.

You may laugh, but they laughed at Al Franken too. Well, they actually didn’t. At least not until he announced his run for the Senate. And now he’s a two term Senator, on his way to Pension City. With awesome health coverage.


    • Because he would have to wait for the VA to decide and that could take forever and he would also not be able to get the care our veterans deserve but don’t get. It’s a shame that our veterans can commit to years of grueling hard work for our country’s freedoms and come back wounded and broken and can’t get a home, good healthcare or respect. Let illegally immigrants come here and get housing healthcare and education for free. I’m for taking away government employees healthcare and benefits and let them have to use what veterans use they’ll change it quickly.

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